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Animal expressions in Italian and English Options
Posted: Thursday, September 10, 2009 3:07:12 PM
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Ciao a tutti! I’m reposting Maddalena’s interesting post from Vocabolario Italiano so we could make some comparisons with English.

Italian animal expressions:

occhio di lince (lynx eye) ~ eagle eye, a keen or close watch
testardo come un mulo ~ stubborn as a mule
fare una papera (make like a gosling) ~ make a slip of the tongue
pecorella smarrita ~ lost sheep
muto come un pesce (silent? dumb? like a fish); we have quiet as a mouse

English animal expressions:

free as a bird
happy as a lark
hungry as a bear
busy as a bee
wise as an owl
cute as a kitten (For Elisa :))
like herding cats (~ impossible)
crocodile tears (~ fake tears)
book worm (~ bibliophile, someone who reads a lot)

Please feel free to make corrections and additions. :)

Posted: Tuesday, September 15, 2009 8:04:10 PM
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Hi Primavera!

Speaking of cats, I would add also "to let the cat out of the bag".
Posted: Sunday, October 4, 2009 4:55:23 AM
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the most used are:

cieco come una talpa = blind as a bat
dormire come un ghiro = to sleep like a log
freddo cane = as cold as a witch's elbow
essere come un pappagallo, un copione = to be a copycat
maiale = a litterbug
avere una fame da lupi = to be able to eat a horse
far venire la pelle d'oca a qualcuno = to make someone's flesh creep
far saltare la mosca al naso = to get under someone's skin
non si sente volare una mosca = to be so quiet that you can hear a pin fall
in bocca al lupo = break your leg!
bagnato come un pulcino = like a drowned rat
un vecchio lupo di mare = an old salt
pesce d'aprile! = april fool!
far di una mosca un elefante = to make a mountain out of a molehill
essere un coniglio = to be chicken

if i remember other ones, i'll post 'em 4 u
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