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Uses of "Voi" and "Avete" Options
Posted: Saturday, October 6, 2012 4:50:06 AM
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Ciao a tutti!

Can somebody help me? I'm a beginner learning italian.
I'm confused with the phrase "Voi quante tazze avete?"
I translate it on google translate and the result is "You have how many cups"
well, it makes sense but when i translate VOI and AVETE, they mean the same and now i'm confused in their basic usage or application.

And why is it that in the phrase "Voi quante tazze avete?", why are they both used when they just have the same meaning? I know it's not redundancy in Italian language but i would like to know the reason.

Here is another sample i'm confused with regarding "Voi" and "Avete"
"Voi avete dei fiori azzurri" I understand it as "You You the blue flowers"
I'm thinking that Avete has something to do with the word "have"

Also, how was it different from "Lei/Lui quante tazze ha?" Is the gender the only difference?

Posted: Saturday, October 6, 2012 9:02:49 AM
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Voi and avete haven't the same meaning. Don't trust too much google translator. Voi is you and avete is have. You have = voi avete. In Italian language the second person singular and plural are both translated with you. So:
You have = tu hai
You have = voi avete
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