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Posted: Thursday, November 25, 2021 12:00:00 AM
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Manger Yam

Manger Yam is a harvest celebration of the yam crop observed in Haiti. It is considered taboo to eat any of the new yams before the festival for fear of falling ill or bringing ruin to the yam crop. In Vodoun belief, it is very important for people to maintain relationships with the dead, as well as with each other and the gods, so the deceased are included in the Manger Yam. In the Vodoun service, the priest or priestess leads prayers to the dead and to the gods and offers the first yams to them. After the ceremony, people feast on yam dishes and enjoy music and dancing. More...
Posted: Thursday, November 25, 2021 5:28:40 PM

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New yam festival: The celebration of thanksgiving

Deeply rooted in ancient Igbo culture, is the belief that yam is the king of all crops.

Myth of New Yam Festival

According to an old Igbo myth, there was a time when a severe famine struck. Eze Nri (King of Nri) considered what should be done to remedy the situation.

He later took the drastic course of killing his eldest son, cutting the body into small pieces and burying them.

Strangely, yam tendrils were observed to be growing at the very places where the dismembered parts of the body had been buried. And six months later, the Eze Nri dug up fine large yams from his son’s grave. He cooked it and found it sweet.

And till this day, it is believed that this son of Eze Nri, which is known as Ahijoku, is the god yam.

Another interesting aspect of the festival is the consumption or discarding of old yams prior to the festival day.

And this is done owing to the belief that the New Year must begin with tasty fresh yams instead of the old dried-up crops of the previous year.

Though particular to villages, the new yam festival can also be celebrated in far away countries even in Europe or America; for as long as there is a high chief to bless the yam and the Igbo residents bring yam samples, including rich cultural dances and masquerades, the event is accepted.
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