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"Lui" e "esso" Options
Posted: Tuesday, June 1, 2021 10:58:20 AM
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The following sentence (taken from an esoteric text), where two points that I consider problematic are italicised : « Creare qualcosa di fermo, di impassibile, di immortale, tratto in salvo, vivente e respirante fuori delle "Acque", sussistente fuori dalle "Acque", libero: e in esso, a guisa di un uomo piu forte che prenda per le corna un toro furente, resista e lentamente duramente riesca a piegarlo sotto di sè, in lui dominare cotesta natura cosmica - tale è il segreto di nostra Arte » has been translated as « To create something stable, impassive, immortal, something rescued from the "Waters" that is now living and breathing outside of them, finally free; and then, like a strong man who grasps a raging bull by the horns, slowly but relentlessly subjugating it, to dominate this cosmic nature in oneself—this is the secret of our Art » ;

« In esso » was thus skipped. It cannot possibly refer to « qualcosa », can it ?

« Lui » is not a reflexive pronoun. Could it possibly refer to « qualcosa », too ?

Grazie in anticipo per qualsiasi avviso informato.
Shirley Marie Bradby
Posted: Wednesday, June 1, 2022 3:24:29 PM

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Yes, you appear to be correct in defining it as "qualcosa" (here it is not a "qualcuno") but "qualcosa".

Consequently, "e in esso" -- and it is inside this [qualcosa] -- that takes on the form of a man (lui) -- it is there -- where the "natura cosmica" [cosmic nature] lives and exerts itself --- "which is the secret of our Art."

This is because scientifically speaking, energy cannot exist if it is not generated from a source /someone /something.

Here that something "qualcosa" is (as usual, I might add) -- personified -- and this time as "lui" -- other personifications are God, deities, human beings/man/woman/child, or animals that assume human characteristics -- but I digress! :)

In any case, in order for energy to be generated, there must be a source; therefore, it is the Energetic entity that generates and dominates Energy (our cosmic nature), which can be used to create art. In fact, here it is expressed as ... "which is the secret of our Art".

Sorry, I apologize! I wanted to write a more succinct reply! :) Nevertheless, I hope that I have been of some help! Stay well. Stay safe. Stay blessed!
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