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How to explain the unexplainable? (for football fans) Options
Posted: Thursday, January 21, 2021 3:39:14 PM

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Yesterday, the most famous football club in the world, Real Madrid, lost (1:2) a Spanish cup match to a third tier club, Deportivo Alcoyano. Not only that, Alcoyano scored the winning goal playing with 10 players. (An Alcoyano player got a red card 10 minutes before the end of the extension time).*


This reminded me of Brazil's loss, at home soil, to Germany, 1:7, in the 2014 World Cup.

I remember reading somewhere that the Brazilian player David Luiz (the guy with big curly hair) was asked if could explain Brazil's loss and he said: "How to explain the unexplainable?"

That's life. Things sometimes just happen--unbelievable and unexplainable.

*) In fairness to Real Madrid, all the mach statistics, except the score, were in their favor.

'Once in a lifetime': Alcoyano rock Real Madrid as worlds collide (The Guardian)
Posted: Thursday, January 21, 2021 11:16:26 PM

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Most famous Club in the world? I'll give you Top Five...
But you've an interesting point. The Beautiful Game can be quite the harsh mistress and the most obvious one-sided matches can flip anytime between kick-off and Stoppage Time. Sometimes a brilliant Manager pulls a 180°, a newly signed wunderkind or a senior player playing the best game of his life!

We can go deeper and add Chaos Theory aspects, but that's a bit much. Often, it's the Match, the Venue, Supporters, Players, dressing room vibes, Subs, even the weather. Hubris and doubting your opponent is another example, similar to King Darius II vs. King Alexandre III of Macedon or numerous examples throughout Military History. Maybe it's psychological and physiological? Maybe that "one play" hits so hard, it shatters concentration and any smooth, fluid and naturally dynamic properties suddenly fail to materialise. A Club might take advantage of this and hammer it home or, they may play it safe and park the bus, ensuring that they do everything to maintain their advantage.

It's very similar to a Political Campaign & a Debate. You can coach your Candidates and Teams, but a simple error or oversight from anyone can ruin the foundation and every hour of prep vanishes. Now it's up to your opponent. Do they capitalise on this, do they realise they have an opening, are they prepared or are they too concerned with Static talking points/pandering to the Base to notice this "gift"? It happens more often than most people assume. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you're torn asunder.

And this is what makes Life so wonderful!

Be well,

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