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Forex Trading Options
D. Kirk
Posted: Saturday, October 26, 2019 5:20:34 PM
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Hi friends,
Hope you are good, I have decided to trade forex online, but some folks claim it is a scam, yet I have watched videos of others who have become successful through forex trading. fact I wanted to know if anyone is into forex here or may have heard about the experience of others in Forex. Or it is just difficult to make it in forex.
Many thanks.
Posted: Sunday, October 27, 2019 4:19:52 AM

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Hi there. There is plenty of people who are advertising themselves as currently experiencing incredible gains derived through participation in Forex trading. They are enticing other people usually in the way as below - although the examples given are not exactly related to Forex, they can give you at least vague idea what some people are doing, there:

Hi I have to tip about @invest_as_warrenbuffet I wrote to him and he helped me invest my first $ 1000 which is now worth $ 2300 in just 2 weeks
Why waste your time on monthly salary when you can make up to $3,550 within a week,you don’t send money to anyone,ask me how?

The examples above I took from Harvard Business Review Instagram account. To clarify, on HBR Instagram account, other people are posting their responses to the articles published by HBR. There is a substantial number of posts not responding to the content of an article published by HBR but alluring potential investors.
I am suspecting that similar occurrences are strongly probable on YouTube and anywhere else. I say to you, do not do it.

If you are truly interested in Forex trading, there are some reliable ways to do it. I can write that some time ago Deutsche Bank in London was organising courses related to money-market deposits, Certificates of deposit, gilts. I think that some investment banks in London can still be organising courses. Some banks in Switzerland, too. The participation in any course run by a reputable organisation can be beneficial to you, only. Do not waste your time on any courses organised by so-called Institutes of Directors or the like because they are of low quality. Instead you can learn more participating in ACCA course. The Association of Corporate Treasurers seems to be also worth to consider.
Wilmar (USA) 1M
Posted: Thursday, December 19, 2019 9:23:25 AM

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Exercise caution.
Posted: Thursday, December 19, 2019 11:04:03 AM

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The point is that nobody is actually creating anything - any money that one person makes is money that another person loses. It is not a gold rush where some people 'make money'. It is a gambling den where the house always wins and the schmucks get cleaned out.
I think people forget that, in the hype.
Basically, you are assuming that you are better at gambling than international brokers with automated systems, constant access to the best information and a lot of money to roll with. And you think you can take their money. Really? Do you think that? Really?

The only way you can take someone else's money is if there is someone else who is just as delusional, but a slightly unluckier gambler.
Even if you wanted to take their money, do you want to? Do you feel proud at the end of the day? What did you contribute to the world today? You took the savings from some other poor soul who thought they could get rich through forex. Congratulations.
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