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Dr. Bach medicine or religion? Options
Posted: Saturday, September 28, 2019 10:47:43 PM

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In the book Heal Thyself, Dr. Bach talks about the diseases of the physical bodies and how the root cause of disease is dissociated with the Soul to, what he calls man as, personalities. His method of natural remedies has been used for almost 130 years, after his death. I suggest reading the book, it might make a difference on how we look at physical pain, and moral pain, as well. He also taking about parenting and children and how we raise these little souls really makes an impact in the world. It is drawn out, but the message, to me, is as if he is trying to tie religion to science. How the soul and the body is in one of itself with the soul setting our ways while the body obediently follows the direction of our Higher Self. He brings up strikingly fundamental principles as far as understanding the nature of disease. Unity being one of them and using it's principle in the context of Love as another principle to understand disease. He associates the kinds of ailments to the mental state of the root to be the cause of you discomfort. Very interesting book.
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