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Compromise illusion Options
Posted: Monday, September 9, 2019 12:25:02 PM

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What does "compromising illusion" mean in the following?

By compromising illusion, theatre-in-theround subverts the artistic hegemony the proscenium countenances.
Posted: Monday, September 9, 2019 12:48:22 PM
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It means that the person writing it is a bit of a tosser who uses jargon that is totally unnecessary!!

What it means is that in theatres with a permanent stage there is the back of the set, the sides of the set...and then the open stage (which can be closed by drawing the tabs (curtains) ), is known as the "4th wall". So in a conventional theatre the audience is "looking in" at something that is happening.

But with Theatre-in-the-Round the stage is right in the middle of the audience so that the audience are not "observing" - they are part of what's happening on-stage. So one gives up the illusion that one is spying on the action; instead one has the illusion of being involved. I don't at all see any "compromise" in that. One is simply swapping one kind of theatrical illusion for another.

In my 2nd year of Theatre Studies, one of our set books was written like this. We went to our tutors and asked them to translate it...and they all admitted that, in actual fact, they found it a pain in the neck to try to read and couldn't be bothered (like us!) 'translating' every page into communicative language.

We all protested and the book was withdrawn. It and its ilk were never used again. Because this isn't 'good' English: it's tortured English!
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