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Does anyone recognize this quote from Mandelstam? Options
Posted: Friday, February 22, 2019 8:52:53 AM
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I'm looking for the source of these two quotes. One is definitely Mandelstam, the other probably also Mandelstam. By source I mean the Russian title(s). Does anyone recognize these lines?


People who are hungry, who are sick,
Will kill, will suffer cold, will hunger.
And in his famous grave
The unknown soldier will be laid.


Our only kin is what is in excess.
Ahead lies no downfall, but a misstep,
And wrestling for sufficient air
Is not a glory that impresses others.

And overstocking consciousness
With half-waking routine living,
Do I have no choice but to drink this slop,
And eat my own head under fire in battle?
Winter Fox
Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 4:59:47 PM
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The both quotes are from Mandelstam's poem The Unknown Soldier (Стихи о неизвестном солдате).
The first quote in Russian:

Будут люди холодные, хилые
Убивать, голодать, холодать,
И в своей знаменитой могиле
Неизвестный положен солдат.

And the second:

Нам союзно лишь то, что избыточно,
Впереди — не провал, а промер,
И бороться за воздух прожиточный —
Это слава другим не в пример.

И сознанье своё затоваривая
Полуобморочным бытиём,
Я ль без выбора пью это варево,
Свою голову ем под огнём?

Here's it in Russian and in English translation (but this variant of translation differs from yours):
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