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"I feel like" vs "something feels like" Options
Trish Rodgers
Posted: Monday, November 26, 2018 8:29:53 AM

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I've been working on the small research for the speaking club, and foud a phrase that sounds a bit confusing to me:

So, the phrase is as follows:

"The world feels like it has slowed down and users find themselves in a dream-like state."

Is it correct to say "The world feels like ....?" I just thought that the phrase "I feel like" means I would like to do something, or I want something.

Does not the phrase in the article mean, that the world wishes to do something?
Posted: Monday, November 26, 2018 9:42:28 AM
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Hi Trish -

I can see how this must have confused you.

The sentence uses "feels like" when it should have used "as though". This is another usage of "feels like" which is perfectly valid: e.g.

"It feels like Xmas!" (Something exciting has happened and it feels to you as though Xmas has come early)
"The fabric used is so soft it really feels like cashmere." (It feels as though it is made of cashmere.)
"We feel like we were only married yesterday." (We feel as though we were only married yesterday.)

So yes, it's an incorrect usage here - but the phrase/idiom itself does have this other meaning. Native speakers don't all speak as they do in text books. Also, this is a site where grammar is the least of people's worries! The usage reflects the way many people use this phrase and those reading it would not feel any confusion.
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