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legitimate words not included in word hub game Options
Posted: Monday, June 19, 2017 10:37:00 PM

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I guess I need to start a list. There are many English words, and foreign words included in English usage, that are not included in your Word Hub game (old version). Many times it feels like whoever made your dictionary for the game is not a native English speaker, because Asian words are often included but not other foreign words which are now part of English. Last that I heard, the New Oxford English Dictionary was something like 5 volumes?

For instance English has absorbed words from a variety of foreign languages, including German, Yiddish, Spanish, French and others.

I wanted to add "anno" as in Anno Domini, Latin for "in the year of our Lord", which has been in common usage for nearly 1,000 years. Anno simply means "year", and ought to be included.

There are many other terms not accepted, even though many Scrabble and Boggle type games accept them. They are not proper nouns, or abbreviations either. Or they might be medical terms, or other scientific terms also... It is little quirks like that which make me feel a non native English speaker has made the dictionary. No offense against such a person, but it does make the game frustrating. Other people have noticed, and will not play your game. This is the only word game on the computer which I enjoy. I wish there was a downloadable version to put on my laptop. It is the ONLY computer game that I play or enjoy.
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