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Do You know About Harmful affects of Marijuana?(24) Options
Paul Watson 3
Posted: Tuesday, May 14, 2019 12:32:21 PM

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Here in South Africa, it is now Legal to smoke ..

There are rules and regulations that come with the newly passed judgement ( That was passed at the High Court, much to my merriment)

Smoke it in and at your home, not in public, no more than personal use, and not a whole plantation...

The way I see it is up to the individual, one should be able to make your own informed decisions, sure if your not an adult, then just like drinking, one needs to be over a certain age before partaking.

When something is illegal, and everyone is jumping up and down about it, it's going to seem way more enticing to some people. When it's not illegal, it also allows for rational debate and scientific studies to be carried out without constant bias.

If I had young adults as kids, and they wanted to Smoke Dope or drink booze... I would want them to rather smoke dope... But I would educate them about the good and the bad side, I would also respect their choice.

I smoked dope for a while, I never liked the way it started to take away tomorrow, I started living in the present... Not a bad thing for some people. But my usual lightning-quick thinking and reactions became rather thoughtful and inward, yet some of my ideas and the way I could put two very obscure things together was amazing. I can still sometimes place a face from a youtube video and 4 years later watch another CNN video and put the two together.
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