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Trump supporters? Options
Oscar D. Grouch
Posted: Wednesday, November 2, 2016 3:47:17 AM

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Trump supporters jump for their candidate...

Posted: Wednesday, November 2, 2016 10:57:56 AM

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This coming from a user with a screen name of "Warped". lol
Posted: Wednesday, November 2, 2016 2:35:26 PM

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This is not only true as boasted by Trump himself, but mild by the Dems in comparison to Trump supporters intimidating voters at the polls, shouting "lock her up", take away her secret service guys, and we've got our guns ready for a revolution if we lose.

I'm sure even shoot the - "c...", has been used many times, as even Trump's own campaign tweeted the "c" word. In the west that is about the worst word for a female one can use.

Trump's whole campaign has been run on violence, vitriol, racism, and misogyny. I'm not generalizing that all supporters are the same, but anybody who supports him should be examining their own character to see where they stand on those issues.
These half truths and lies about a woman are being spread by a misogynistic liar who as a young man admitted on video - saw it myself this morning - that one cannot say he respects women.

As for Hillary putting her country in danger, it seems the best place to be hacked is on government communications.

Hillary is about the only one who has not been hacked. If the FBI thinks there was intent to give information to other countries, then put her away and throw away the key. If they don't, then STFU. They already know there were messages marked C for Confidential, and this is not going to have a different outcome. They don't even have any info. It is all speculation and innuendo as usual.

As well, innuendo about what Putin thinks of Hillary is just that - spread byTrump. Nobody can get into Putin's mind. Besides, she is known as a hawk.

Here's why Hillary is the best choice - many reasons.

Posted: Wednesday, November 2, 2016 3:34:23 PM

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There are several reasons why Trump gained his followers - one - I saw an article this morning that says that the unemployment rate is not as bad as some think it is.

Another is fear - which Trump tapped into and exploited -

"It is intriguing to think that the same era that saw the rise of newspapers, newsletters, and other forms of communication also could reasonably be termed the birthplace of widespread and often groundless fears. The estab­lishment of a concept of public opinion and the desire to shape and feed it is inevitably accompanied by the possibility of rumor, false or half-baked infor­mation, and bias, to which paranoia is a ready response. Paranoia, after all, can be a form of solace, a distorted effort to regain control in the midst of chaos. ..."

Sociologists like Barry Glassner in The Culture of Fear have recently docu­mented how a distinct characteristic of the modern world -- in which tremen­dous fears sweep through large segments of the population, fears of terrorism, fears of epidemic diseases, fears of crime, fears of interloping strangers -- is abetted by an ever expanding web of communications, manipulated by politi­cians and newscasters, liberals and conservatives alike. Certainly the speed with which the flimsiest rumor can become viral is something that has changed remarkably since the end of the eighteenth century, as has the daily increasing number of possible sources of information or disinformation. So­cial scientists have estimated that fear is seven times more likely to spread than any other social attitude."

Delancey Place
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