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My world and life has taken a new turn. Options
Posted: Tuesday, May 17, 2016 7:48:17 AM
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I am a different person today because of the change in me. I am no longer the other man I was. God has changed me to a totally new person. I am outgoing understanding and love everyone I meet totally. I found out that God wants me to serve him, and I will. The world looks totally different with this new me. No more negativity, just pure positive thoughts. Talk about a shock from what use to be, leaves me breathless.

I like the new me it's what I should be and now am, thank God. If I have enemies who do not like me let me know it and I will try to make you my friend and not shove my beliefs down your throat. My atheist friends, what is energy mean in science, I am totally bewildered by that question. I am not the brightish bulb in the package. The word energy to me means power of sorts. The word vibration of energy bewildered me.

The word science means (study of something is philosophy) comes to mind. Some words confuse me. pljames
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