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Lord Mayor's Show Options
Posted: Saturday, November 14, 2015 12:00:00 AM
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Lord Mayor's Show

The second Friday in November is Lord Mayor's Day in London, the day on which the city's Lord Mayor is admitted to office. The following day is the Lord Mayor's Show, a series of civic ceremonies held since 1215 that culminate in a parade to the Law Courts. Today, the Lord Mayor rides from Guildhall to the Law Courts in a scarlet and gold coach drawn by six matched horses. Accompanying the coach is an honor guard of musketeers and pikemen in period dress, as well as many bands and numerous floats decorated to reflect the interests or profession of the new Lord Mayor. More...
Posted: Saturday, November 14, 2015 8:23:19 AM

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Celebrate the 800th Lord's Mayor's Show featuring a parade with everything from vibrant samba dancing to military marching bands, as it winds its way through the heart of London.

The Lord Mayor's Show dates back to 1215, when King John granted a charter allowing the citizens of London to elect their own mayor. Every year since, the newly elected Lord Mayor of the City of London has travelled from the City of London to Westminster to pledge allegiance to the Crown.

These days, the parade is more of a celebration than a show of loyalty. Join in the fun as around half a million people turn out to watch as the colourful procession travels across London. This year's event will have added significance as it marks the 800th anniversary of the charter, so expect plenty of special events and activities.

After the procession, a fantastic fireworks display lights up the sky over the river Thames.

The iconic golden Lord Mayor's Coach can be seen at the Museum of London during the rest of the year.
Elsayyed Hassan
Posted: Saturday, November 14, 2015 9:46:15 AM

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The Lord Mayor's Show is one of the best-known annual events in London as well as one of the longest-established, dating back to the 16th century.[1] The 'Lord Mayor' after whom the show is named is the Lord Mayor of the City of London, a city and ceremonial county within Greater London and the historic centre of the wider metropolis. The City is also London's main modern financial district, widely known informally as 'the Square Mile'.

A new Lord Mayor is appointed every year and the public parade that is made of his or her inauguration reflects the fact that this was once one of the most prominent offices in England. The position of Lord Mayor has a role within the City and is entirely distinct from the position of Mayor of London (a role which has existed only since 2000), namely the elected head of the Greater London Authority.

Lord Mayor David Wootton and some of his entourage emerging from the Royal Courts of Justice, at the end of half-time during the 2011 Lord Mayor's Show
The Lord Mayor's Show is centred on a street parade which in its modern form is a light-hearted combination of traditional British pageantry and elements of carnival. On the day after being sworn in, the Lord Mayor and several others participate in a procession from the Guildhall, via Mansion House and St Paul's Cathedral, in the heart of the City of London, to the Royal Courts of Justice on the edge of the City of Westminster, where the new Lord Mayor swears allegiance to the Crown. Until 1882 the procession went to Westminster Hall.[2]
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