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Posted: Saturday, October 31, 2015 12:00:00 AM
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Earth First!

In 1980, a group of radical environmental activists formed the group Earth First!, pledging “No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth!” In 1985, the group held its first “tree sit,” in which members sat in and around trees to prevent logging. From about 1987 on, the group turned to direct action tactics and attracted many new members. Though the organization has its roots in the US, chapters have developed in countries spanning the globe. What was the Merseyside Dock Action? More...
Elsayyed Hassan
Posted: Saturday, October 31, 2015 9:08:49 AM

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Earth First! is a radical environmental advocacy group[1] that emerged in the Southwestern United States in 1979. It was co-founded on April 4, 1980[2] by Dave Foreman, Mike Roselle, Howie Wolke, Bart Koehler, and Ron Kezar.[3]

There are Earth First! groups in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Philippines, Czech Republic, India, Mexico, France, Germany, New Zealand, Poland, Nigeria, Slovakia, Ireland, Italy, and Spain.[4]

Inspired by Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, Aldo Leopold's land ethic, and Edward Abbey's The Monkey Wrench Gang, a group of activists composed of environmental activist Dave Foreman, ex-Yippie (Youth International Party) Mike Roselle, Wyoming Wilderness Society representatives Bart Koehler and Howie Wolke and Bureau of Land Management employee Ron Kezar pledged, "No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth!" while traveling in Foreman's VW bus from the El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve in northern Mexico to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Provoked by what they considered a sell-out by mainstream environmental advocates during the "RARE II" (the Forest Service's Roadless Area Review and Evaluation) planning process, the activists envisioned a revolutionary movement to set aside multi-million acre ecological preserves all across the United States. Their ideas drew on the main concepts of the new science of conservation biology, which scientists like E.O. Wilson had developed over the past twenty years, but which mainstream environmental groups had been slow to embrace. All of this came together after a grueling hike, as the men headed toward Albuquerque. "Suddenly Foreman called out 'Earth First!' The next thing you know," Wolke says, "Roselle drew a clenched fist logo, passed it up to the front of the van, and there was Earth First!"[3]
Posted: Saturday, October 31, 2015 7:00:39 PM

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Who Bombed Judi Bari?

FBI Repression of Activists in the '90s

On May 24, 1990, a bomb exploded beneath environmental/labor activist Judi Bari's car seat as she drove through Oakland, California with fellow activist Darryl Cherney. Judi and Darryl were the two most prominent organizers for Earth First! Redwood Summer, a campaign of non-violent logging protests.
For several years before the bombing, Earth First! had spearheaded a growing movement of public protest against the big timber corporations' strip-logging in the redwood region of Northern California. Judi in particular was instrumental in building a coalition of loggers and environmentalists opposed to cut-and-run logging, and in broadening the scope and appeal of the movement. During the month before the bombing, Judi had received a series of written death threats relating to her timber organizing, the worst featuring a photo of her with a rifle scope and cross-hairs superimposed on her face. Shortly afterwards, the bomb exploded in her car.

The bomb nearly killed Judi, and has left her crippled for life. Darryl escaped with minor injuries. But the terror of the event did not end there. Within minutes of the blast, the FBI appeared on the scene and, in defiance of all the evidence, had Judi and Darryl arrested for possession of explosives, claiming it was their bomb and they were knowingly carrying it.

These incredible charges were then trumpeted in the national press, with the FBI and Oakland Police falsely portraying Judi and Darryl as violent terrorists and declaring them guilty of transporting the bomb that had been used to try to kill them. Finally, after eight weeks of public accusations, the charges were dropped because there was no evidence. But to this day the FBI and police have conducted no serious investigation of the bombing, and the bomber has remained at large.

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Posted: Saturday, October 31, 2015 7:22:17 PM

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In nineteen seventy-nine I was a tree hugger, and proud of it.
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