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please help me with english/arabic translastions-phonetical Options
Posted: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 11:08:41 PM
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I am trying name some straight Egyptian Arabian horses, and need help. I need arabic words, phonetically spelled out in English letters.

I have a female that I want to give a pretty sounding name that has to do with swans. She is grey in color. Any arabic suggestions? Her mother's name is Cygnet (baby swan) and we've called her Swan since she was tiny. Does the arabic language have a word for swan? If not, something graceful?

I also have a male that currently is called Sassafrass, (his mother is Hasamar, sire is Saareef). His color is a dark bay (Dark brown body, black mane and tail) Sassafrass is a spirited fellow, so needs an arabic name with a little pizazz.

and another male Andy, who's mother is Royal Obsession and father is Saareef. Andy was so named when his mother almost abandoned him (little orphan andy came about at that time). He's a bay as well (dark brown body, black points). He's sweet, and was finally loved by his mother, but now needs a real arabic name. Any suggestions for this little guy?

Anxious help?
Posted: Saturday, December 25, 2010 8:28:18 AM
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Actually I've a very little knowledge about horses but I'll try to help.
Well for the female the word swan means (بجع Baga) and the last letter ع is not phonetic in English so I guess it won't be suitable, but maybe because she's grey you can call her Shhba'a
شهباء but also there is a little phonetic problem with the last letter and I can't express it in English.
Shhba'a means white colour the white land (because ice) or (The tough strong female) or (Very powerful army)and also it's the title of Haleb city in Syria and the pronunciation in English is rather close to the Arabic but as I said there is a little problem in the last letter pronunciation.

If she got red or blond mane, It might be better for her to be called Sahba'a صهباء which means the blond girl, or cold night or wine or the best camels
Yet we still have the same phnetic problem in the last letter.
But the word grey in Arabic means Ramady رمادي,yet if you want to call her that name it'd be Ramadya (because she's female)but it's not completely good name, no girl carries that name besides it usually indicates to grey hair and senior citizens.
Yet It has no phonetic problems between English and Arabic but I don't think it's nice name.

I entered the site of Bani Tamim tribe (An Arabian tribe) and their was a subject about horses names and here is the site
Also note they use strong names because horses are connected to battles and bravery.
for non ohnetic problem I found this:-

For Sassafrass and since it's young male you can call it El-Yaseir اليسير (The horse is owned to Abo Nodeir El Saady El Tamimy) which he had mentioned it in his poems, it means the little or the few
but then I found another stronger name El Mokaser المكسر (Owned by Saiad El Faoars "Otaiba Bin Elharth El Yarboee El Tamimi") and it means (The breaker) but also the title of his owner (Saiad El Foarse صياد الفوارس seems good to me it means the (knigts hunter)

For Andy I suppose El-Yaseir اليسير which I had mentioned before is good for him, yet Webal (Adversity) is the horse of (the owner Damra Bin Gaber El Rababy El Tamimi) and of course it's adversity for it's enemies only.
I hope this little information was enough somehow and thank you for reading.
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