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Does age influence female inmate violations? Options
Intellectually esurient
Posted: Sunday, March 6, 2016 8:42:55 AM

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I am currently conducting a live research project. The project will determine if the age of female inmates influences their ability to violate rules. I have already asked a series of interview questions to various staff throughout a correctional facility, in order to obtain opinionated responses through common themes. I will next conduct observatory research to compare how closely staff opinions formulate to the reality. The younger population of female inmates that are being studied are 30 years old and below and the older population is 31 years and above.

Based on your opinions or knowledge:

Do you find that younger inmates or older inmates will have more rule violations?

Why do you think that one or the other will violate more rules?

What control variables may factor into why one age category may violate more rules than the other?

-Thank you for taking time to read and answer this post!-
Posted: Sunday, March 6, 2016 9:09:05 AM

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My first instinct is that chronological age seems a rather problematic factor - and 31 a rather arbitrary cut-off.

People in society mature at different rates under the best of circumstances. But people entering incarceration action for the first time must have different experience from those who have already spent a considerable time there. Or those who have been in and out all their adult lives.
And what does 31 represent? A median point in the data? Some sort of life stage below 31 which is different from that above 31?

Sorry about critiquing your research method without answering your question. I don't mean to be negative, if it comes across that way. Just giving the questions it provoked in me. And also for not then answering your question, but I don't think I am a representative sample for your study. My perceptions are not applicable!
Posted: Tuesday, March 8, 2016 9:33:23 AM
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I'm with Thar on that point; The age of the inmate might be insignificant compared to the amount of time she has spent incarcerated. People can become institutionalised and thus less trouble to the prison staff who might be more willing to allow concessions. Then again, there are some inmates who have committed themselves to a life of solitary confinement through wilful disruptive behaviour. A parallel study might be useful.
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