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help for a galician song translation Options
Posted: Friday, March 16, 2012 6:18:22 AM
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Hello dear forum users.

Maybe it's not the right place to post ; please tell me therfore.

I'd like to translate a traditional galician song, "Foliada de Nadela" :

Zapatos de chiculate
tenos a miña cadela
pra leva-las ovelliñas
ás feiriñas de Nadela.
Aló ven o gaiteiro
por detrás do pinar
hastra os pinos lle axudan
á gaitiña a tocar.
Indo eu pra non sei donde
vendo eu a non sei quén,
á porta de, xa me entendes...
non me poido acordar ben.
Andivecheste alabando
polos muiños moendo,
que te casabas comigo
e iso era en eu querendo.
A rula vaise queixando,
que lle levaron o niño,
que che mandou facer rula
tanto á veira do camiño.
Algún día ben pensaches
do meu corazón ter froles.
Agora vai ós codesos,
que chos hai nos arredores.

If anybody could help...

Thanking you in advance,


Posted: Thursday, January 16, 2014 2:00:50 PM

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I literally translated the text

Chocolate shoes
My doggie (female, endearingly) have them (this may reffer to the color of her paws)
for guiding the sheep
to Nadela's fair (livestock market)
there the bagpiper comes (bagpipe is traditional folk instrument)
from behind the pinewood,
even the pine trees help him
to play the bagpipe (the pines help with their whispering sound the bagpipe has a tube called roncon that makes continuos mumbling sound to accompany the melody)

going to don't know where
looking at don't know who,
at the door of, you already understand... (she does not want to tell)
I can't remember well.
you have been boasting
in the mills (of grain) grinding
that you will be marrying me
and that would be if I agreed
the pidgeon goes around complaining
that her nest has been stolen.
what made you pidgeon
wander around all by the way? (leaving your nest alone)
you thought you'll some day
having flowers from my heart
now go to the golden chain (to get flowers/love)(golden chain is a very comon bush in Galicia)
you will find then all around

it is too late for me i have to leave. come back tomorrow
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