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Posted: Tuesday, June 29, 2021 2:26:07 PM

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Why is it such a big deal about teaching students the truth? North and South American were invaded and people genocide, there was such thing as slavery, and racism IS the number one theme to A LOT, if not all, of America's problems today.

If anything, this just proves that there are secret societies because those secret societies can't kill a third of America's population. The "minorities" are now the MAJORITY.

I am grateful to never have had to experience racism, but I'll admit to have expressed being racist at some point in my life, but there, I admitted it and moved on from it. I didn't pass it on to the generation after me. And I know that generation came out disliking police officers.

And I am trying to figure out why the face of Congress has not changed. I looked up a couple of Representatives and the majority have been in office for 12, 8, 10 years. There was one who was serving his 13th term. How many years has he had the same seat in Congress.

The strongest country in the world is beginning to collapse. And either our own country will turn on us or worse, another country will. What happened to being a union? Whether a tactic - to separate us from forming a stronger union -

Or not, either way we need to set all of our differences aside and really get along because we can't for example, survive an "aliens invasion" or a "zombie apocalypse" individually. Together we have a better change.

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