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Ten reasons why not to watch Ravan Options
kisholoy mukherjee
Posted: Friday, June 18, 2010 6:13:29 PM
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1. Bogus script. Predictable and weak.
2. Overtly dramatic
3. pathetic acting by Abhishek, as usual. The role was for a character artist, not some unsmart ruffian like him, all he can do is imitate his father.
4. Disgusting as ever, Aishwarya Rai. Her throw of words is the most ugly and irritating
5. terribly unrealistic emotions at times despite the false cloak of realism
6. Mani Ratna-ism smeared all over it...his typical melodrama and taste for overacting, over the top emotions and sentiments in scenes which demanded just the opposite.
7. Violence and rawness was excessive to the point of artificiality.
8. lack of depth of the story...nothing much unfolds at all. Pretty much Ram Ravana and Sita...colorful characters of Hanuman (Govinda) and Bibhishan (Veera's brother) totally neglected.
9. Unnecessary use of sexual overtones to attract audience, something that juvenile or sub mediocre directors would do
10. There are much better movies of this type to watch
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