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How Memories Are Stored Options
Posted: Thursday, December 19, 2019 3:47:18 PM

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We may be getting close to understanding how this is done. This is a subject which has long fascinated me. How does a biological unit (or combination of units) like a neuron in the brain store an image?

The eyes of many creatures respond to light as it strikes the retina, stimulating the rods and cones located there. Some creatures, like some birds, can even see wavelengths we can't see.

This gives them, and us, the ability to observe, recognize, and recall images of our environment. This article offers some tantalizing clues as to how this may happen.

The Bizarre Science of Memory

It deals with epigenetics, or ways our genetic code can be influenced in various ways. RNA seems to be key to memory, and in this article on Epigenetics, we see that RNA can spread to other cells and nuclei by diffusion. Perhaps this is how memories and created and stored. I find it fascinating.
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