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All other languages
learn vietnamese Mai Thanh Hien 121,913Today at 5:58:24 AM
by healthline 
Article of the Day
The Predestination ParadoxDaemon2300Today at 8:53:58 AM
by Wilmar (USA) 
StonefishDaemon3557Yesterday at 3:46:18 PM
by NeuroticHellFem 
Business and Finance
Scottish Power will become 100% windprogpen9204Today at 1:46:37 AM
by progpen 
Cultura italiana
ricette italianeMad Bitetto118,049Today at 4:34:35 AM
by veronica25 
Daily Grammar Lesson
Defining Regular AdverbsDaemon1275Today at 6:15:07 AM
by KSPavan 
English Grammar
embrace / lay faithKoh Elaine06Today at 2:43:05 PM
by Koh Elaine 
Is "on" needed?Koh Elaine5118Today at 2:30:11 PM
by Koh Elaine 
Would 2Joe Kim027Today at 1:39:19 PM
by Joe Kim 
WouldJoe Kim3113Today at 1:33:55 PM
by Joe Kim 
Is "embrace it" correctly used in the sentence?Koh Elaine376Today at 12:50:10 PM
by Koh Elaine 
A vs TheAmybal282Today at 11:40:43 AM
by NKM 
Box set Amybal274Today at 10:25:58 AM
by renee talley 1 
Description Amybal167Today at 9:55:09 AM
by renee talley 1 
Comma after "by that time"oxfordpeter6130Today at 8:12:45 AM
by oxfordpeter 
Un vs non prefix Jigneshbharati287Today at 7:43:30 AM
by Jigneshbharati 
Punctuaion in sentences containg direct speech.BobShilling6175Today at 7:03:44 AM
by BobShilling 
TakeTara25154Today at 5:49:07 AM
by Tara2 
Grammar Amybal298Today at 4:49:41 AM
by Amybal 
degenerate rockprince274Today at 3:59:46 AM
by thar 
a man he didn't know how to deal withazz152Today at 3:53:39 AM
by thar 
pronunication of the drug BenepaliJigneshbharati5144Today at 1:58:26 AM
by Jigneshbharati 
James A.Michenertomcomstockiv296Yesterday at 9:33:13 PM
by Drag0nspeaker 
English Vocabulary
Need help with writing an essayHahn2309027Today at 1:56:44 PM
by Hahn2309 
If you liked Twister, you'll love Typhoon!onsen3136Today at 7:35:38 AM
by onsen 
vicious streakGökhan SANCAR255Today at 2:44:46 AM
by Gökhan SANCAR 
Change 3 or 4 of 7
[ Go to Page: 1 ... 350, 351, 352 ]
grammargeek12,3071,500,209Today at 2:40:12 PM
by Schlook Inside 
GAME: Change 3 of 6 letters now
[ Go to Page: 1 ... 223, 224, 225 ]
Articulate Dreamer7,872621,354Today at 2:36:20 PM
by Schlook Inside 
Change Two Letters game
[ Go to Page: 1 ... 476, 477, 478 ]
Maura16,7152,145,678Today at 2:34:12 PM
by Schlook Inside 
change one letter game
[ Go to Page: 1 ... 390, 391, 392 ]
saachi13,6891,440,070Today at 2:32:53 PM
by Schlook Inside 
⬆ Count up ⬆
[ Go to Page: 1 ... 124, 125, 126 ]
black alonso4,402218,166Today at 2:28:11 PM
by Schlook Inside 
Pictures of Yellow
[ Go to Page: 1 ... 10, 11, 12 ]
MelissaMe39226,725Today at 7:01:25 AM
by March Hare 
[ Go to Page: 1 ... 417, 418, 419 ]
kamalraj14,661871,660Today at 6:48:10 AM
by anton exobio 
Association with no common consonants
[ Go to Page: 1 ... 189, 190, 191 ]
kool-wind6,667727,731Today at 6:21:26 AM
by Jyrkkä Jätkä 
double consonant game.
[ Go to Page: 1 ... 188, 189, 190 ]
Khalid Sami6,621709,145Today at 6:16:45 AM
by Jyrkkä Jätkä 
Idiom of the Day
soaked to the boneDaemon4317Today at 10:31:24 AM
by Hope123 
sounding boardDaemon0199Today at 12:00:00 AM
by Daemon 
In the News
Mysterious 'ghost' radio emissions have been found - and no one knows what's causing themDaemon057Today at 5:00:00 AM
by Daemon 
Knowledge and Culture
For Hope123 (and anyone interested) - Some unusual historyDrag0nspeaker6153Today at 2:33:06 PM
by thar 
Help with essay for my collegeJuliane Beich159Today at 10:45:53 AM
by Hope123 
Why Trump is going to lose in 2020.Chazlee15471Today at 7:50:15 AM
by Hope123 
Quote of the Day
Curiosity is natural to the soul of man, and interesting objects have a powerful influence on our affections.Daemon6308Today at 2:21:14 PM
by mudbudda669 
Science and Technology
It's Later Than We ThinkHope12329883Yesterday at 6:05:04 PM
by Hope123 
This Day in History
Loma Prieta Earthquake Disrupts World Series (1989)Daemon3340Today at 8:55:36 AM
by Wilmar (USA) 
Today's Birthday
Mae Carol Jemison (1956)Daemon3318Today at 2:41:38 PM
by dave argo 
Oscar Wilde (1854)Daemon5559Yesterday at 3:38:30 PM
by ibj_ldn 
Today's Holiday
International Day for the Eradication of PovertyDaemon3233Today at 6:34:43 AM
by KSPavan 
Word of the Day
dropsyDaemon2425Today at 6:18:51 AM
by KSPavan 
constellateDaemon2737Yesterday at 6:52:24 PM
by monamagda 
Word Trivia
heapDaemon082Today at 12:00:00 AM
by Daemon 
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