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Article of the Day
BirdsongsDaemon2118Today at 4:53:24 AM
by Adyl Mouhei 
The Domesday BookDaemon3372Yesterday at 10:29:43 AM
by taurine 
Business and Finance
Capitalism Draws Fire, Despite Strong Global Economy Hope123039Yesterday at 11:59:27 AM
by Hope123 
Daily Grammar Lesson
Periods with AbbreviationsDaemon1102Today at 2:14:05 AM
by KSPavan 
English Grammar
Ignore thembihunsedap370Today at 6:34:58 AM
by bihunsedap 
would likeTara2224Today at 6:26:03 AM
by thar 
[stay open until] and [open until]robjen120Today at 6:13:58 AM
by thar 
a sequence of several such operationsTara2444Today at 5:15:17 AM
by Tara2 
[take a photo] or [have a photo taken]robjen015Today at 5:01:04 AM
by robjen 
Do you agree with these two guidelines?DavidLearn17359Today at 4:34:36 AM
by DavidLearn 
multiple uses of "more"robjen125Today at 3:17:23 AM
by Kampong 
Is [over the two previous days] a better choice than [over the past/last two days]?robjen021Today at 2:59:15 AM
by robjen 
[out of] vs [outside of]robjen022Today at 2:18:07 AM
by robjen 
a package of careJigneshbharati025Today at 1:35:53 AM
by Jigneshbharati 
as followsTara2491Today at 1:02:15 AM
by Tara2 
GaloreIslami157Today at 1:02:11 AM
by palapaguy 
to a closeTara2798Today at 12:55:35 AM
by palapaguy 
inverted commasvipin viswanathan354Today at 12:11:24 AM
by tautophile 
I used to/would practice tennis every day in high school.Reiko074109Yesterday at 10:57:21 PM
by Reiko07 
Grammarly correctionsLouisP4107Yesterday at 8:48:24 PM
by thar 
on the top / at the topsapuizait481Yesterday at 5:17:30 PM
by FounDit 
which X is / the X of which is?AIVoitenko134Yesterday at 5:13:19 PM
by FounDit 
''could take'' vs ''can take''ullas84127Yesterday at 5:11:23 PM
by FounDit 
references to/ofTara2661Yesterday at 5:04:51 PM
by Tara2 
Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore...Amybal277Yesterday at 4:59:43 PM
by FounDit 
which suffer moreCarmenex133Yesterday at 4:50:21 PM
by FounDit 
learnCarmenex390Yesterday at 4:38:22 PM
by FounDit 
In bileJigneshbharati483Yesterday at 4:26:20 PM
by Jigneshbharati 
can be able Koh Elaine373Yesterday at 3:26:26 PM
by tautophile 
Went pinkJigneshbharati362Yesterday at 2:20:11 PM
by Wilmar (USA) 
are both concernedTara2791Yesterday at 1:56:04 PM
by Tara2 
*deleted*Tara2263Yesterday at 12:24:24 PM
by Tara2 
passive or past tensevipin viswanathan127Yesterday at 11:16:29 AM
by thar 
Join the adventures of Elsa...Amybal148Yesterday at 10:59:48 AM
by tautophile 
Are there any grammatical errors in the first sentence ? Koh Elaine4149Yesterday at 10:54:19 AM
by Koh Elaine 
involve or involvesKoh Elaine372Yesterday at 10:40:28 AM
by Koh Elaine 
English Vocabulary
The species of energetic concisionTurnpike581Today at 6:33:08 AM
by Romany 
[indigently] or [immensely]robjen224Today at 6:29:36 AM
by Romany 
to call at ... (a station)Kirill Vorobyov118Today at 6:01:42 AM
by thar 
usage of "acquire"robjen022Today at 2:14:36 AM
by robjen 
"the previously"levylee12233Yesterday at 12:35:02 PM
by Romany 
Is "attacked" the correct word?Koh Elaine7231Yesterday at 11:59:01 AM
by Romany 
... now get under the skin of Londononsen5190Yesterday at 11:11:50 AM
by tautophile 
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Articulate Dreamer9,6241,023,314Today at 6:33:02 AM
by anton exobio 
change one letter game
[ Go to Page: 1 ... 417, 418, 419 ]
saachi14,6601,489,466Today at 12:20:22 AM
by srirr 
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kamalraj15,737923,292Today at 12:18:40 AM
by srirr 
Association from the last letter
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Shivanand8,185905,091Today at 12:17:17 AM
by srirr 
Change 3 or 4 of 7
[ Go to Page: 1 ... 362, 363, 364 ]
grammargeek12,7361,536,654Today at 12:15:12 AM
by srirr 
GAME: Change 3 of 6 letters now
[ Go to Page: 1 ... 229, 230, 231 ]
Articulate Dreamer8,061645,708Today at 12:14:00 AM
by srirr 
Association with no common consonants
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kool-wind7,165755,454Today at 12:11:25 AM
by srirr 
A piece of art
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sisikou2,005301,387Yesterday at 2:46:36 PM
by anton exobio 
Express your surprise, wonder, triumph, puzzlement, or pique.
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Teluu6817,695Yesterday at 1:55:00 PM
by anton exobio 
Don't mess with the press
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Luker432620,268Yesterday at 10:53:56 AM
by black alonso 
[ Go to Page: 1 ... 13, 14, 15 ]
kamalraj51597,367Yesterday at 9:56:44 AM
by Hope123 
Random Sentence Game
[ Go to Page: 1 ... 71, 72, 73 ]
Zurwyn2,542432,413Yesterday at 9:40:00 AM
by jacobusmaximus 
Idiom of the Day
happen byDaemon173Today at 2:24:48 AM
by KSPavan 
think (someone) hung the moon and the starsDaemon6248Yesterday at 1:22:00 PM
by monamagda 
Knowledge and Culture
Public Example of Misogyny that Affects All Women
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Hope12337764Today at 6:17:36 AM
by Lotje1000 
Traditional dishesAliya1114116Yesterday at 8:29:04 PM
by thar 
Philosophy and Religion
Hapless Sick persons.Ashwin Joshi6159Yesterday at 9:36:55 PM
by hedy mmm 
Quote of the Day
Few are the hearts whose happy lot it is at once to recognize in each other's voices the partner intended for them by...Daemon4119Today at 6:25:13 AM
by Adyl Mouhei 
To found principles of government upon too advantageous an estimate of the human character is an error of inexperience, the...Daemon9587Today at 6:14:43 AM
by Doodle Snackers 
When I read a book I seem to read it with my eyes only, but now and then I come across a passage, perhaps only a phrase,...Daemon7360Yesterday at 2:43:47 PM
by jsejr 
Science and Technology
Is the Earth Flat?Bedells252,775Today at 12:09:42 AM
by Ashwin Joshi 
Graphene Oxidezacharyweiner634234Yesterday at 11:52:52 PM
by Ashwin Joshi 
Site Features
Grammar lessonsAliya111163Yesterday at 5:31:26 PM
by lazarius 
This Day in History
The January Uprising Begins (1863)Daemon4104Today at 5:01:37 AM
by Adyl Mouhei 
Today's Birthday
Johan August Strindberg (1849)Daemon392Today at 6:13:05 AM
by Adyl Mouhei 
Today's Holiday
Australian Open TennisDaemon187Today at 2:23:58 AM
by KSPavan 
North American International Auto ShowDaemon3288Yesterday at 1:31:01 PM
by monamagda 
Vocabulario del idioma español
Uso de (of adjetivo-sustantivo)ALEJO1015Yesterday at 7:11:15 PM
by ALEJO1 
Word of the Day
duperyDaemon4170Today at 6:11:24 AM
by monamagda 
embonpointDaemon6664Yesterday at 12:01:33 PM
by monamagda 
Word Trivia
tobaccoDaemon024Today at 12:00:00 AM
by Daemon 
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