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Topic: company statement and brand positioning
Posted: Saturday, November 17, 2018 6:25:00 AM
Hi I am trying to write a company statement, but I am not sure if it has problems in English. I want to to be error-free:


To lead by example in visual art globally.


1- To effectively inspire artists in Bahrain.
2- To build the best art platform that artists will be aspiring to.
3- To be the ultimate source of art creation for the luxurious customers.

External Values:

- The Highest Standards: We only make quality art.
- Innovation: we strive to create new ways of doing things courageously.
- Immortality: We create things that will be burnt into consumers' heads forever.
- Fulfillment: We understand the customer needs and wants completely in order to fulfill them justly.

Internal Values:

- Respect: Respect all opinions and ideas, and try to develop them into something remarkable.
- Diversity: We embrace different kinds of changes and additions in art as long as they're still art.
- Caring: We love each other, trust ourselves, and respect the team even beyond the working space.

Brand Promise:

To create the best art experience and the most beautiful artistic outcomes for our customers.

Brand Mantra AKA Brand essence:

Elegant Luxurious Art.

Brand Motto:

Do it vilperly (made-up word) or not at all!

Brand Slogan:

Be Vilper (made-up word)

Brand Tagline:

Live Classy
Topic: Voy pal cielo y voy pateando
Posted: Sunday, September 9, 2018 1:33:27 PM

This is a part of Shakira's song "Me enamore":

(Voy pal cielo y voy pateando)

1- I've searched everywhere for the meaning of "pal" in Spanish but didn't find it!
2- Voy Pateando, means literally "go kicking" but apparently it has something to do with happiness. Can you explain it?
3- What is the figurative speech achieved by this sentense?
Topic: Spanish Movies
Posted: Saturday, September 8, 2018 8:08:01 AM
Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

I hoped for many more, but that would do some.
Topic: Spanish Movies
Posted: Friday, July 20, 2018 11:57:41 AM
Hello All,

I am new to Spanish and I want to learn Spanish the way I did learn English because it was efficient.

The way I did it is I turned everything I do to English, I used English as my phone's language (Which I will do for Spanish) and listened to English music and dug deep into their meanings (I could do that as well, and you're welcome to suggest some).

However, What I need from you is Spanish movies suggestions, preferably to be very good so I could have fun while learning!!

Any number of movies is welcome.
Topic: sea turtles came up
Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2016 11:03:37 PM
Romany wrote:
Argman - I know it's confusing - that's why I said earlier about different cultural humour.

But one of the things about verbal humour is that it SHOULD encompass 'other references'. The more layers there are the more amusing it can be. Even if it's just a personal association. And also so more people can smile or find the conversation fun.

So as you've discovered, people interpret things differently - perhaps, to some people, the words evoke a Disney-type scene of turtles all being drawn to the beach...and that's what amuses them. Others might imagine love-sick turtles being jealous.....etc. But everyone understands that he is just saying they made a LOT of noise.

In BE, in fact, these "plays on words" are part and parcel of the English language - playing with words is a national trait in British and Commonwealth countries.

Indeed, that is ART!! Apparently there is no crystal-clear joke on this one then huh Think Eh?
Topic: sea turtles came up
Posted: Saturday, June 4, 2016 6:25:32 AM
pitulush wrote:
Argman, I think we might have over-analyzed it… a little Whistle How about any kind of animals came up to the beach house, no matter how well they could hear? It would still be funny to me. Like Drag0nspeaker, I had no idea about turtles and rhinos and I still found it funny – not in a laughing out loud kind of way, just a… mental smile :D

Maybe that's partly due to how I picture Chandler's delivery – he and Phoebe were my favourites. And as another explanation... maybe the noises were just so unusual they didn't even sound human (an exaggeration, of course) – so the animals "thought" the sounds were meant for them, like a call.

This could also be of some interest

Or this short video of sounds made by another "happy couple" (tortoises)

I know that it could be just (turtles came up to the house saying 'what the hell is going on!!') kind of thing, but I want to make sure that it has no other references whatsoever!
Topic: sea turtles came up
Posted: Friday, June 3, 2016 10:45:00 AM
Drag0nspeaker wrote:
Hi Romany!

Is it really a thing 'everyone knows' that sea-turtles and rhinos are deaf? Anxious

Have I been missing out all my life?

I wouldn't have understood either this joke or "The rhinos came to see what was happening."

I guess the British version would have to be "Even the doorposts complained."

This is my point, if it is not "very well known" OR is "factual" then it is hard to crack a joke like that, even if it is not meant to be taken literally and strictly.

All the examples Romany's mentioned are very much related and understandable, but the last one is a little complicated when you don't know that information (which is an analysis from us from the first place !!!), don't you see....
Topic: sea turtles came up
Posted: Wednesday, June 1, 2016 2:48:58 PM
pitulush wrote:
Hi Argman, I found this info:

"Turtles don't hear well because they lack the ear drum or tympanum that other species have. This doesn’t stop them from being able to pick up lower or deeper sound frequencies and vibrations, both in the water and on land. Meanwhile, the organs in a turtle’s ears do help them: They help them to feel changes in water pressure that can warn them of the presence of predators."

"Sea turtles appear to hear best between 200 and 750 Hz and do not respond well to sounds above 1,000 Hz. To determine the hearing capabilities in an adult green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas), researchers obtained a behavioral audiogram for an older female green sea turtle, “Myrtle”, housed in the New England Aquarium’s Giant Tank exhibit. Based on her responses, it was concluded adult green sea turtles hear best between 200Hz-500Hz.

The opening into a sea turtle’s ear is covered by thick skin, known as the cutaneous plate, which is a ring of scales that are similar but smaller than those on the rest of the head. Below this skin is a fatty (subcutaneous) layer. The thick skin and a fatty layer make it difficult for the turtle to hear well in air, but provide good tissue conduction for underwater sound to the middle ear and inner ear."

So maybe there are some specific sounds that turtles can hear and that could influence their behaviour (for instance, acting like a call sound, like you said in your 2nd interpretation, I guess). But that's irrelevant since they didn't actually come to the house, it's just a joke, and I doubt that Chandler is an expert in turtle physiology anyway :D So he probably just means that the two lovers, whom everyone in the house could hear during the night, were making really loud and over the top or even unusual noises while they were enjoying each other's company – and he's exaggerating it (implying even sea turtles could hear them and followed the sound) in order to make a point in his characteristic witty way. I think it's a hyperbole, like "It was so cold, I saw polar bears wearing jackets".

I'll start to explain my point from your last sentence: "It was so cold" is the reason why "saw polar bears wearing jackets", so it is very obvious. But the intercourse mourning sounds has nothing to do with laying eggs (unless it is it, and I don't know about it)! i.e. It would be more related to say that the turtles were sexually excited and making out to achieve the hyperbole you talked about, right? That's why it was just an assumption I made to confuse me more with the first assumption.
Topic: sea turtles came up
Posted: Saturday, May 28, 2016 4:36:06 PM
how did you understand it like that FounDit?
Topic: sea turtles came up
Posted: Friday, May 27, 2016 7:07:15 AM
Friends sitcom. Season 3 Episode 25


[Scene: The beach house, the next morning. Chandler and Monica are in the kitchen eating breakfast.]

Rachel: (entering) Well! Is everybody else having just the best time?! Well, I assume the happy couple isn’t up yet. Did you guys hear them last night?

Chandler: Oh, yeah, I don’t know what they were doing, but at one point sea turtles actually came up to the house.


I am not sure what Chandler is referring to here, but I have three interpretations:

1- That the turtles was angry from the sex noises and they came to demand silence.
2- That the sounds they were making sounded like a summoning technique for those turtles.
3- That I am wrong, and it is something totally different.

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