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Topic: penguin suit
Posted: Saturday, August 18, 2018 5:26:31 PM
Topic: Mohegan Wigwam Festival
Posted: Saturday, August 18, 2018 5:01:26 PM
Topic: Never are voices so beautiful as on a winter's evening, when dusk almost hides the body, and they seem to issue from...
Posted: Saturday, August 18, 2018 8:42:37 AM

Context from: Night and Day


Never are voices so beautiful as on a winter's evening, when dusk almost hides the body, and they seem to issue from nothingness with a note of intimacy seldom heard by day. Such an edge was there in Mary's voice when she greeted him. About her seemed to hang the mist of the winter hedges, and the clear red of the bramble leaves. He felt himself at once stepping on to the firm ground of an entirely different world, but he did not allow himself to yield to the pleasure of it directly. They gave him his choice of driving with Edward or of walking home across the fields with Mary--not a shorter way, they explained, but Mary thought it a nicer way. He decided to walk with her, being conscious, indeed, that he got comfort from her presence. What could be the cause of her cheerfulness, he wondered, half ironically, and half enviously, as the pony-cart started briskly away, and the dusk swam between their eyes and the tall form of Edward, standing up to drive, with the reins in one hand and the whip in the other. People from the village, who had been to the market town, were climbing into their gigs, or setting off home down the road together in little parties. Many salutations were addressed to Mary, who shouted back, with the addition of the speaker's name. But soon she led the way over a stile, and along a path worn slightly darker than the dim green surrounding it. In front of them the sky now showed itself of a reddish-yellow, like a slice of some semilucent stone behind which a lamp burnt, while a fringe of black trees with distinct branches stood against the light, which was obscured in one direction by a hump of earth, in all other directions the land lying flat to the very verge of the sky. One of the swift and noiseless birds of the winter's night seemed to follow them across the field, circling a few feet in front of them, disappearing and returning again and again.

Mary had gone this walk many hundred times in the course of her life, generally alone, and at different stages the ghosts of past moods would flood her mind with a whole scene or train of thought merely at the sight of three trees from a particular angle, or at the sound of the pheasant clucking in the ditch. But to-night the circumstances were strong enough to oust all other scenes; and she looked at the field and the trees with an involuntary intensity as if they had no such associations for her.

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Topic: spongy
Posted: Friday, August 17, 2018 4:20:13 PM

Porous Sea Stone Piece of Rock at the Sea Pumice at the Bank Cloudy Day Holes Pores in a Spongy Piece of Stone Waves on a Sea on a Background Surf

Topic: peg it
Posted: Friday, August 17, 2018 4:16:31 PM

Topic: Chilseog
Posted: Friday, August 17, 2018 3:51:22 PM

Chilseok: The Traditional Korean Valentine’s Day

In a lot of Korean culture and customs we can see strong links to Buddhism, Shamanism and astrology; the traditional festival of Chilseok is one such example. Chilseok is a Korean traditional festival which falls on the seventh day of the seventh month of the Korean lunar calendar, this year falling on August 20. Traditionally, Chilseok is a time where the summer heat starts to pass away and the monsoon season begins; the rain that falls during this period is called Chilseok water. Behind this cooling of the heat and onset of the rain lies a story from Korean mythology that people still talk about today, a story of two lovers.

On opposite sides of the universe lived Jiknyeo, a young woman who was very good at weaving clothes and Gyeonwu, a young handsome herder of cattle. Jiknyeo was the daughter of the heavenly King and she was so beautiful that she was loved by all of the angels in heaven. One day as Jiknyeo was weaving, she looked out of the window and caught a glimpse of Gyeonwu who was living across the Milky Way. The two soon fell in love and with the blessing of the King they were united to marry and live together. The young couple were so in love that Jiknyeo stopped weaving clothes and no longer would Gyeonwu herd the sheep and cows. This upset the King very much and he decided that they should live apart from each other, separated by the Milky Way.

Only once a year were the couple permitted to meet each other, on the seventh day of the seventh month. On July 7th each year, although Jiknyeo and Gyeonwu were excited to meet each other, they couldn’t cross the Milky Way. The crows and magpies of the universe saw the despair of the young couple and would come together to make a bridge so that they could meet and hug. After spending a short time together, the couple would realize that it would be another year before they could meet again and they would both cry. It is these tears which symbolizes the start of the monsoon season.

Traditionally at Chilseok, Koreans would take baths for good health and eat wheat flour noodles and grilled wheat cake. Chilseok is the last time of the year to eat wheat based foods as after the onset of the cold winds, the wheat loses some of its quality. Although today these traditions are not as strong, the story of Jiknyeo and Gyeonwu remains common knowledge to all Koreans. So next time you see rain on the evening of Chilseok, remember that it is the tears of two young lovers separating with the realization that they have to wait one more year to meet again.

Topic: It would be better to give up the notion of writing until you are better prepared ... You must not become a mere peddler of...
Posted: Friday, August 17, 2018 8:53:09 AM

Context from : Winesburg,Ohio 1919.

The Teacher

Kate Swift’s mind was ablaze with thoughts of George Willard. In something he had written as a school boy she thought she had recognized the spark of genius and wanted to blow on the spark. One day in the summer she had gone to the Eagle office and finding the boy unoccupied had taken him out Main Street to the Fair Ground, where the two sat on a grassy bank and talked. The school teacher tried to bring home to the mind of the boy some conception of the difficulties he would have to face as a writer. “You will have to know life,” she declared, and her voice trembled with earnestness. She took hold of George Willard’s shoulders and turned him about so that she could look into his eyes. A passer-by might have thought them about to embrace. “If you are to become a writer you’ll have to stop fooling with words,” she explained. “It would be better to give up the notion of writing until you are better prepared. Now it’s time to be living. I don’t want to frighten you, but I would like to make you understand the import of what you think of attempting. You must not become a mere peddler of words. The thing to learn is to know what people are thinking about, not what they say.”[/b]

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Topic: pearly whites
Posted: Thursday, August 16, 2018 10:00:57 PM
Topic: Dominican Republic Restoration Day
Posted: Thursday, August 16, 2018 9:39:57 PM


August 11, 2016|By Cap Cana News


Restoration Day (Día de la Restauración) — a national holiday that commemorates the commencement of the two-year-long war against the Spanish Colonial Army (on August 16, 1863) that won the Dominican Republic its independence from Spain (in 1865).

There are actually two Independence Days in the Dominican Republic (DR), the first and official Independence Day is the 27th of February celebrating the country’s reclamation of freedom from Haiti.

The Dominican Republic struggled through difficult times in the 19th century, over throwing Haitian rule, quickly after losing independence by annexing itself to Spain. These two Independence Day celebrations are quite symbolic of the DR’s troubled history and their struggles to win and keep their independence.

On August 16, 1863, a new group under the leadership of Gregorio Luperón and Santiago Rodríguez made a daring raid on the capital and raised the Dominican flag on the Capotillo Hill. This action became known as El grito de Capotillo, marking the start of the war.

Topic: garret
Posted: Thursday, August 16, 2018 9:37:14 PM

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