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Topic: Vaslav Nijinsky (1890)
Posted: Sunday, March 12, 2017 9:11:22 AM
Not that there's anything wrong with that, but ... yikes!
Topic: To be in the weakest camp is to be in the strongest school.
Posted: Monday, June 27, 2016 3:29:12 AM
This poor fellow proves that someone can be simultaneously clever with words, and irrational about ideas.

Just because a billion humans believe in something does not make it true -- especially when there is not a single shred of real evidence to support their claim. Even worse, there are countless reasons, motivations, and evidence to explain why it is false, and surely fabricated by man for the purposes of man.
Topic: One cannot find peace in work or in pleasure, in the world or in a convent, but only in one's soul.
Posted: Friday, May 06, 2016 8:44:08 PM
Rahul Goyal wrote:
Yeah, especially from Maugham

LOL! True, man. True.
Topic: Masters Golf Tournament
Posted: Tuesday, April 05, 2016 5:10:11 AM
Really, TFD/Farlex? This event qualifies as a "holiday?"

Topic: Sacrifice
Posted: Tuesday, April 05, 2016 5:06:45 AM
Due to yet another oversight by the folks at TFD/Farlex, the Article of the Day teaser question is left unanswered in the article itself. I.e., "What religion's practice of animal sacrifice led to a US Supreme Court case?"

The answer is a 1993 U.S. Supreme Court hearing regarding a First Amendment religious free exercise challenge brought by a Florida Santerían church in Church of Lukumi Babalu Aye v. City of Hialeah.

An article from Michigan State University describes the decision, and offers an interpretation:
Topic: It is unsafe to take your reader for more of a fool than he is.
Posted: Monday, April 04, 2016 5:43:57 AM
Maugham is BORING, and is really starting to suck.

Dear Farlex folks, you'll never expand your userbase in a meaninful way, nor prevent the attrition of longtime users due to ennui, if you don't think beyond your provincial Ohioan perspective of the world.

Or, maybe TFD is just a small insignificant position of a larger portfolio of companies and products. I hope you're diversified. Other cerebral websites, such as and and and, are going to put you underground in due time.

I'll give boring ol' Somerset a moment of recognition, and submit that today's Quotation of the Day is relevant with respect to your relationship with us ... the people who set your advertising rates by logging on to your website every day. Think about it.

Here are a few more follies worthy of correction:

1. Ads that suddenly pop up (due to slow loading?) smack dab in the middle of a WordHub game.
2. Legitimate English words of a randy ilk, that you deem unworthy of inclusion as viable answers in WordHub. E.g., "whore." Do you censor it to protect your delicate evangelical sensibilities? You know who else does that? ISIS, the Taliban, et al.
3. The inability to customize my ads; as an American working in the MidEast, the last thing I want to hear are actors screaming to push products and services in guttural phlegmatic Arabic.
4. Slow loading of our customized TFD homepage.
5. Random changes to content, features, layout, or design without warning.
6. No easy way to remove words from My Bookmarks, except by clicking hundreds of teeny-tiny "x" icons.
7. The mysterious disappearance of the MS-Excel icon to download our My Bookmarks wordlists.
8. The inability to download the definitions along with the words from My Bookmarks.
9. Answering inquiries at your leisure, and giving no indication that our constructive comments were heard, considered, acted upon, or even followed-up. (Many companies pay or beg their users/customers for feedback and input. You dismiss it ... at your peril.)

I'll stop now, for fear of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

I encourage other users to append a list of their own grievances to this thread.

Happy Monday! Enjoy your coffee! Anxious (One more for the road: #10 Crappy emoji selection.)
Topic: A nation which has forgotten the quality of courage which in the past has been brought to public life is not as likely to...
Posted: Monday, March 28, 2016 6:05:39 AM
Truer words were never spoken. This year's GOP primary elections say it all. (The Democrats aren't much better.)

If campaign finance reform doesn't happen after this confederacy of dunces gets off stage, it likely never will.
Topic: In a time of turbulence and change, it is more true than ever that knowledge is power.
Posted: Wednesday, March 23, 2016 10:51:34 AM
Stephen Kazoullis wrote:
I am knit-picking,I know, but you cannot have degrees of truth. Something either is true or is no true.

Good point! Similarly, you cannot give one hundred and ten percent. One hundred percent is everything you have.
Topic: The important thing was to love rather than to be loved.
Posted: Tuesday, March 15, 2016 7:56:13 AM
More profound reflections from W. Somerset Maugham ... NOT.

My grandfather imparted more wisdom than this man.

Who knows? Maybe the management staff at TheFreeDictionary/Farlex sit around and marvel at such pedestrian quotations.
Topic: Fashion is the science of appearance, and it inspires one with the desire to seem rather than to be.
Posted: Thursday, March 10, 2016 7:17:43 AM
TheParser wrote:
I once read a quotation (that I cannot find) that takes another POV. It goes something like this:

"The way you dress tells the whole world what kind of person you are."

Interesting. Your quote might even be improved if you combine it with Henry Fielding's idea.

E.g., "The way you dress tells the whole world what kind of person you want to be."

Another obliquely germane quotation by George Gobel during his appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson: "Did you ever get the feeling that the whole world was a tuxedo, and you were a pair of brown shoes?"

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