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Topic: Ignore them
Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 5:22:55 PM
bihunsedap wrote:
There were many flies on the table.
My son was doing homework and kept telling me the flies.

How to tell him ignore the flies in natural way.

You could say, "Just ignore them". Or,
"Pay no attention to them."
Topic: as follows
Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 5:20:19 PM
Tara2 wrote:
Why is it "as follows" not "as follow"? (I think I once asked this question here but I can't find it)
"The plan of the chapter is as follows"

Because "plan" is singular. One thing follows another (the plan), but many things follow others (plans are to fallow).
Topic: on the top / at the top
Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 5:17:30 PM
sapuizait wrote:
thanks for the replies, here are some examples:

"FIG. 1. Mutations introduced into L-Pro of BYV. The diagram on the top shows a genetic map of the mini-BYV variant, with the boxes representing coding regions."

"The diagram on the top shows the cambium zone with the developing xylem and phloem. Green highlighted area indicates developing xylem and phloem. "

"On the inset some nonuniform solutions are plotted vs the space variable which correspond to particular points of the bifurcation diagram: on the top a periodic solution, underneath odd and even localized solutions."


"Eight ESTs representing clones from the same poppy gene. The diagram at the top shows the assembled unigenes, with the depth representing the number of overlaps at each position."

"The diagram at the top of the figure presents the rationale used to present the sequence data. All the sequences are shown in the 3′ to 5′ orientation. "

"Chromosome numbers are indicated at the top of each chromosome. Genes are marked in Abbreviations."

When you have page, either on the internet or a book, and there are charts/diagrams/figures, etc., using "at" the top is the most common way to refer to the first one. If there are only two, then you may say the second one, or the one below.

Otherwise, they are usually listed in some kind of order with numbers or letters.
Topic: which X is / the X of which is?
Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 5:13:19 PM
AIVoitenko wrote:
Which is correct:
1. The square, which sides are bigger, is...
2. The square, the sides of which are bigger, is...
Thank you.

Number 2, but I would change "bigger" to "longer", or "greater in length". The word "bigger" doesn't really fit unless you mean "thicker".
Topic: ''could take'' vs ''can take''
Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 5:11:23 PM
ullas84 wrote:
''Mr Heathcliff certainly does not look like a farmer.
His hair and skin are dark,like a gipsy's ,but he has the manners of a gentleman.
He could perhaps take more care with his appearance, but he is handsome.
I think he is proud ,and also unhappy.''

Wuthering Heights ,by Emily Bronte

what about ''can'' ?
Does it work in this sentence instead of ''could'' ?

''He can perhaps take more care with his appearance, but he is handsome.''

And if yes , what is the difference between the sentences which are with ''can'' and ''could''?

Using "can" is saying it is possible, but that isn't what the speaker wants to convey. It would sound more critical, as if saying, "He can, he just refuses to do so". Using "could perhaps" is more gentle, making it sound like a suggestion, so it isn't so demanding in tone. It's similar to, "I think he could do that, but he is still handsome anyway".
Topic: inverted commas
Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 5:05:51 PM
vipin viswanathan wrote:
I am reading an article from the webpage. He uses inverted commas frequently.

Physicians told my mom to give me "more sugar". She acted as if "doctors orders" were so special that they should be carved into a plaque.

I don't find any reason to put those terms in inverted commas. Why he uses it?

It's simply a way of putting more emphasis on the words when writing, in the same way you would if you were to speak them. The words "more sugar" said with emphasis indicates how strange that might sound, and "doctor's orders" said in this way emphasizes the idea that those orders are like a commandment from God.
Topic: Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore...
Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 4:59:43 PM
Amybal wrote:
Hi, is there anything wrong in these sentences?
I would only add a few commas and one article.
Short summary
Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu star as the captivating crime-fighting trio who are masters of disguise, espionage, and martial arts in this Charlie's Angels 3-Movie Collection .

Long summary
The most glamorous undercover Angels are back in Charlie's Angels 3-Movie Collection. In Charlie's Angels (2000), three beautiful, talented, tough girls are given the task of finding a kidnapped software genius. In Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, the three girls investigate a series of murders which occur after the theft of a witness protection profile database. In Charlie's Angels (2019), the three Angels lead a dangerous life as they work as private detectives for an agency in Los Angeles.
Topic: references to/of
Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 4:55:43 PM
Tara2 wrote:
Shouldn't 'to' be 'of' here?

"thus, our primary focus in this chapter is on recovery specifically, and we leave concurrency to Chapter 16 (though references to concurrency will inevitably creep into this chapter from time to time, especially in Section 15.4)."

An Introduction to Database Systems, 8th edition, C J Date

No, using "to" appears quite correct, I think. When you "refer" or "reference" something, you are directing attention back to that subject. So "referencing to" would be accurate.
Topic: which suffer more
Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 4:50:21 PM
Carmenex wrote:
I would like to know if the expressions in bold are correct in the following:
I suggest:

In the last couple of days, I have conducted some analysis, the results of which will be to help X identify which asset segments they should focus on in the next five years. This involved critically analyzing two articles on the future of savings and the expected increase in global private wealth and its impact on Y. The first article states that savings accounts represent a type of investment more stable and secure than other savings products, such as T and Z, which suffer more market volatility. The second article says that, while this year has seen a decrease in average global GDP growth and in the total volume of ..., the forecast(s) is/are very positive for the following years, with average global GDP growth expected to increase to X% within Y years, and global wealth reaching $W in Y years.

I don't know if the second article has only one forecast, or if there are more than one. You will have to make that decision.
Topic: learn
Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 4:38:22 PM
Carmenex wrote:
FounDit wrote:
Carmenex wrote:
Hi, I would like to know if the expressions in bold are correct in the following:
Your first sentence basically says you are excited by the opportunity to enrich yourself personally and professionally.
If you're sure you want to convey that I suggest:

I feel that the excitement of being involved in such a(n) important endeavor is further enhanced by the opportunity to get to know and network with other people, since networking can result in a mutual personal and professional enrichment.

A more "other" oriented approach might be:
I feel that the excitement of being involved in such a(n) important endeavor is further enhanced by the opportunity to know and work with other people for the mutual personal and professional enrichment of all involved. To that end, I would introduce myself to all the members of my team and outline my background. I would also mention what skills I have developed so that it would be easier to identify how best I can contribute to the team.
In order to build stronger ties, I would also offer to volunteer by helping the other members of my team outside of my assigned work commitments. In this way, I can better assist them in their work.

Hi FounDit, and thank you for your suggestions. Only a question: in the last sentence I actually mean:
In this way, I can better (get to?) know them and learn their approach to work.
What do you think about it?

You can use this also, but I would reorder the words just a bit to sound more natural.

In this way I can get to know them better, and learn their approach to work.