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Topic: Astronomy, Astronomy Software & C/2011 L4 PANSTARRS
Posted: Tuesday, April 23, 2013 8:17:28 AM
Astounding !

Poor skeleton couldn't attend the ball, he had no body to go with.
Topic: Are Humans getting Dumber?
Posted: Tuesday, April 23, 2013 6:57:01 AM
Listening . . . wrote:
Has anyone seen the movie "Idiocracy"? Exaggerated, yes, but frighteningly close to what seems to be happening.

I have. The comparison of the fictional and actual POTUS is fairly accurate. Remember in the movie that stupid President singing before Congress ? Well, there is a video of Mr Obama singing during a speech. Just see for yourself :

Poor skeleton couldn't attend the ball, he had no body to go with.
Topic: Astronomy, Astronomy Software & C/2011 L4 PANSTARRS
Posted: Monday, April 22, 2013 5:06:41 PM
Can you get an image of the Earth as seen from Mars ?

Poor skeleton couldn't attend the ball, he had no body to go with.
Topic: Wanted : Astronauts for one way trip to Mars.
Posted: Monday, April 22, 2013 6:01:49 AM
As to Beagle 2, same as dev sircar, it is a one way trip, why would they want to return it ?

Anyway, I really hope they can pull it off, this an amazing project that I have been following for a year.

Can you imagine yourself your feet on the martian soil, seeing the Earth as a tiny speck of white-blueish light in the night sky ? Damn !

Poor skeleton couldn't attend the ball, he had no body to go with.
Topic: Wanted : Astronauts for one way trip to Mars.
Posted: Sunday, April 21, 2013 5:31:04 AM

"A nonprofit organization that aims to land four astronauts on Mars in 2023 will kick off its two-year, televised search for Red Planet explorers this summer.

The Netherlands-based Mars One will begin accepting application videos in July, charging a fee to weed out folks who aren't serious about their candidacy. The group hopes to raise millions of dollars this way, with the proceeds paying for the ongoing selection process and technology studies.

"We expect a million applications with 1-minute videos, and hopefully some of those videos will go viral,” Mars One co-founder and chief executive officer Bas Lansdorp told on April 10. He was in London to speak to the British Interplanetary Society (BIS) that day."


""We want to be as south as possible for sunlight and north enough for water," he said, adding that the colony would be at a location that is 1.55 miles (2.5 kilometers) lower than Mars’ average ground level, to give the arriving spacecraft more time to land.

The colony will initially have rovers, two habitats, two life support landers and two supply landers. Mars One is designing five types of landers for life support, supplies, habitat and those that land the crew and rovers. The first equipment to be sent to Mars will be a communications satellite, a demonstration rover and a 5,500-pound (2,500 kilograms) supply lander, officials said.

"We have a conceptual rover right now. It is very likely there will be two rovers — one trailer rover and one intelligent rover that does all the advanced tasks,” Lansdorp said. The trailer rover will move landers from their landing point to the settlement, a distance not expected to exceed about 1 mile (1.6 km)."

Interested ? Application process starts in July.

Poor skeleton couldn't attend the ball, he had no body to go with.
Topic: Astronomy, Astronomy Software & C/2011 L4 PANSTARRS
Posted: Sunday, April 21, 2013 5:27:23 AM
Hi Davesky,

I am getting into amateur astronomy these days, what type of telescope do you think is best for a beginner ?

I am thinking about a Skywatcher 130/900.

Poor skeleton couldn't attend the ball, he had no body to go with.
Topic: Complicated women
Posted: Monday, February 18, 2013 1:15:37 PM
Warning : this is a rant and should be taken as such.

*Rant on

I work in a law firm in France and I have to cooperate with women, see, 80% of the staff is female, under 30. Boy, what a pain that is ! Everything is so complicated ! I knew they had some unwritten code that you should obey but never before had I realized how horrendous it was to depend on them professionnally. I have lost count of how many minutes I have lost phrasing and rephrasing interactions with them. Talking to a Martian would be simpler !

Just to ask something from them is like asking them a favor even though you are at work. They must think of themselves as princesses, surely. Sometimes they simply do not return queries or e-mails, acting exactly like a monarch, free to answer or not to answer you. Aloof and all powerful. Does it get on my nerves !

As for their production, it is abysmal. They seem to work seriously but they do not. Most of the time everything is only superficially done. Oddly, complicated concepts just escape them. Most of the time I have to start over entirely what they considered to be done. Worst thing is : they cannot stand criticism ! It seems that criticizing them is tantamount to insulting them.

You cannot argue with them either, for they would not admit that they are wrong. Never. Monarch showing up again ! I am perfect, how would you dare ? Work ethics seem non-existent.

And what about these tantrums ? Some days they are irascible, for no reason. Today the secretary, amicable as an assault rifle. I could have as well have been a dog ! And even if reasons existed, they should not let their emotions wreck teamwork. The notion that they are like children comes to mind often these days ! An intermediate between a 10 year-old child and an adult. A child thinking of himself as God almighty.

With male colleagues everything is simple and straightforward. Time saved. If ever a trouble arises, just have a talk and it is over in a matter of minutes.

Maybe we have got only the wrong ones ? I hope so !

*Rant off

Poor skeleton couldn't attend the ball, he had no body to go with.
Topic: Written Work.
Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 4:22:20 PM
Here is an edited version :

While Americans and Japanese show unshakable loyalty to their employers and choose work over life, at the expense of their efficiency, most Europeans work to live and get better results.
The comparison between American, Japanese and European workers gives a surprising result : excessive overtime is detrimental in the long term and no one benefits from it. This is what the American and Japanese approach to work teaches us.

In America and Japan, extreme dedication to the employer is a cultural phenomenon that shares similarities.
America was founded by Protestants who had to build nation and country, work was the only way to get a better life and therefore took a central place in the mind of the American people. In today's America 80% of US worker work between 40 and 79 hours a week and only take 15 vacation days over a year. Working time is constantly on the rise.
A growing portion of the American workforce work so hard that a term has been coined to describe the trend : workaholism ( from the contraction of work and alcoholism ), which describes and excessive dedication to the job to the point of the anihilation of the employee's personnal life. Unheard of in Europe, workaholism go beyond the realm of trivia, in the United States there is even a national day for it, the National Workaholics day held on July 5th so that workaholics can get some rest.

The Japanese also had to get working to rebuild their nation in the wake of World War 2. At the time it was common for every able-bodied Japanese to work 24/7 to brick up the Japanese economy, often for no pay at all. Culturally, the Japanese worker also demonstrates an extreme dedication to the employer that echoes the Japanese feodal code of Honor which views failure as the sign of social inadequacy and uselessness.

These characteristics combine to produce the most extreme worker on the planet. The term workaholism is not relevant in Japan. Workahocyrrorism would describe the situation better. Simply put, the Japanese are working themselves to death.

A new word has entered the Japanese dictionary : karoshi, which means death from overworking. According to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, «  sudden deaths of any employee working an average of 65 hours per week or more for more than 4 weeks or on average 60 hours or more per week for more than 8 weeks may be karoshi”The word came into use in 2002 after a chief engineer working on behalf of the Toyota company died from heart failure after he had worked an average of 65 hours a week for 3 years without taking any break. Karoshi causes close to 9,000 deaths a year in Japan. The Japanese Government also implemented a system to compensate the widow and children of the deceased worker.
Private initiatives are also emerging. Toyota has set a maximum yearly overtime duration of 360 hours and on certain days leaving the office at 5 :30 is compulsory. Theses measures do not appear to be well-accepted, workers engaging in a more balanced life-style are often vilified.

Both in Japan and America, this extreme loyalty to the employer does not yield positive results. Exhausted workers do not work at their maximum potential and deaths occurring because of karoshi are detrimental to the Japanese, humanly and economicaly. Europeans have a healthier approach to work and life in general. Indeed, corporates events are quasi non-existent and even to propose them would be viewed as a form of slavery. Workaholism would also be frowned upon, and Karoshi is nowhere near to happen.

In contrast to American and Japanese workers Europeans are not loyals to their employers to the point of cancelling family and friends events for work. There is a strict fencing between private life and professionnal life. In contrast to America and Japan, the European worker does not consider his boss as a friend or as surrogate father. Europeans have a functional view of the workplace where one's role is limited to one's function. There is no notion of loyalty and trust. In Europe, it suffices to do your job and head home once it is done.

The belief that more worked hours produce more is also outdated. In the West the job market has changed, more and more people work in the service/ intellectual services sector. The brain is a delicate machine that needs to be paused and subjected to varied activies otherwhise creativity and efficiency quickly decline. Rebooting the brain to its maximum potential takes more than a massive caloric intake, it is no simple muscle.

Having a job is a necessity if one is to survive today, but too much work can simply ruin your life. In the United-States 50% of married couples with one workaholic partner wind up divorcing. We need not point out the wreck that Karoshi has brought to Japanese families. Surveys also show that the social isolation that constant working creates makes things go for the worse as there is no one to tell that you that you are going too far.

If you feel that work is spilling out on your private life, that you cannot get off the Outlook machine from home, that your thoughts are always preoccupied by ongoing or upcoming projects then maybe is it time to take a step back. Give yourself a well deserved rest and compartiment your life between your professional self and yourself. This one step back may well take you three steps forward. The French are the most productive workers on the planet despite working the least amount of hours per year in the world. Studies have found that working more than 40 hours a week is unproductive. The French and the other Europeans knows how to work smart, because they know what to prioritize. Life, family, friends, spiritual developpement and well-being come first.

In short, Americans and Japanese live to work while Europeans work to live and this appear to be the key to true, long-term performance.

I would like the native/bilingual eye to tell me what does not sound idiomatic. There may be typos here and there, I will take care of them during the final stage.

Poor skeleton couldn't attend the ball, he had no body to go with.
Topic: Written Work.
Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 4:03:25 PM
@ Kool-wind.

Well, I am not making it up :

Most productive people on the planet indeed.

Now, everything statistical/economical is arguable.

Thanks a ton for your posts guys !

Poor skeleton couldn't attend the ball, he had no body to go with.
Topic: We're borrowing 46 cents out of every dollar we spend
Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 4:26:29 AM
uuaschbaer wrote:
Not being in a position to offer a comprehensive analysis of US politics I'll just say: don't do what the mad europeans are trying to do. For god's sake stay away from designing a perfect life with minimum standards and maximum allowances (you should at least have this and can't do that...), be wary of politicians talking about fairness and sharing and rights, and keep the mud throwing because it's so much better than placency.

My thoughts, exactly.

Poor skeleton couldn't attend the ball, he had no body to go with.

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