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Topic: Please kindly suggest some legal English books.
Posted: Tuesday, October 3, 2017 11:31:41 AM
Thank you very much Харбин Хэйлунцзян 1
It sounds a good book for beginner like me.
I will try to find this book here. :)))
Topic: Please kindly suggest some legal English books.
Posted: Tuesday, October 3, 2017 4:26:58 AM
Hi Everyone.
I am trying to improve my English skills especially writing and reading in legal term.
Could you please suggest any materials such as textbooks?
For your information, my English level is in the intermediate level.
Some told me to start with "Professional English in Use Law". Is it good for the beginner in legal English learner?
Actually my short goal is to be able to understand some legal agreement and draft agreement in English.
Any advice are welcome. Thank you ^____^
Topic: phrases from a HB fiction
Posted: Monday, August 1, 2011 11:27:02 AM
Dear Marissa La Faye Isolde

With my honest, I don't mean in that way even less.
After I read your first couple sentences, then I looked back and re-read many times where I did write to make you think I assumed you like that.
I still have no idea. But I have to say apologise you if I made you felt uncomfortable. It might because my English skill isn't enough.
Thus, what I wrote didn't reach out my respond.
I am trying to push it better than now. I hope you won't mind my innocent mistake.
When I had recently applied here, I had thought about this situation before.
Do I have ability enough to communicate by using only English? I hesitated for about one month? I'm not sure exactly.
Then I said to myself, nobody knows without trying. Then, I found there are some people understand my language here.

So I keep to be in this forum and study English more. I even told my father that someone here understand my language.
And they have tried to help me. They taught me and gave me notice in the way I've never recieved before even my English teachers are native or in my textbook
- sure in my language not in English. Good luck to me. (Don't think I am blaiming my teachers. I just say the truth.
I think they may teach us as English very day user not the English specialist. So they just taught a general English.)
Poor me, I am trying to study and practice hard but it seems to reach from the star too far from a success.
I think, expecially these days, I made a lot of mistakes here. Brick wall

By the way, I've already finished this fiction today. When I were reading it, I found that I should have to write I will be waiting for the rest in stead of *the left.
Is this the mistake that made you felt I assume you wrong? I'm sorry. I didn't assume anything, just recieve your information.
You answered me only about ahat my heart like it was a Styrofoam cup mean.
So I wrote I would be here waiting for the rest answers. Thank you Marissa La Faye Isolde for the vivid explanation。It's totally clear.
I meant you explain me clear so I understand what the author wanted to pass the message to me.

I never think it can mean in the another way like you told me before.
I meant if you won't tell me this part (Another one will always be handy, exactly the same. Its purpose is functional;to be used for the service for which it was made,
and has not other value except for which it was made.
) I wouldn't know it has some hidden sense like this.

I hope you understand I didn't mean any negative opinion to you-the one who helped me understand English.
How can I do such a bad trait to you?

With warm regards,


P.S. I didn't graduate from major in English. Most of who graduated from my major are not good at in English.
I can say that I am one of those majority.
Topic: Double genitive
Posted: Sunday, July 31, 2011 1:20:16 PM
I'm so sorry.
Topic: Double genitive
Posted: Sunday, July 31, 2011 1:09:05 PM
I got those two statements part 1 from a English grammar book.
The author just wrote them at the beginning as a attractive advertisement for students to take a look in the topic of double genitive, of course I buy because I've never seen this structure before, then the author explained about it but didn't recall these two statements to explain again. After I read it all, I go back to review again but I still don't understand. I've just known that both of them are not correct.

A friend of mine can be your only friend but one of your friends is one of many.

Could you please let me give you what the author wrote?

A friend of mine.
That hat of hers.
Those plans of theirs.
What is the difference between He is my friend and He is a friend of mine? The first is more specific and could mean that he is the only one I have.
The second is more general and shows that there are many others.

Did I misunderstand again? I think what the author wrote is different but once again I may read it wrong.
By the way thank you very much for your explaination,Jyrkkä Jätkä
You care enough to give me the illustratations. About Picasso's picture of Picasso, how can I interpret it?
Picasso's picture of Picasso or Picasso's picture of Picasso? I think they are same, right?

excaelis Thank you for your clear my point. I already go back to re-read but I still don't know why it is same as you said. I'm not good at the English complex sentence, thus I will figure out it.

jmacann Yes, I compleately agree with you.
That's why the author said to avoid ambiguity -'s can be helped. Well, I understand what the author taught me but
actually like you guys gave me examples -'s hardly is used in the sentence to avoid ambiguity. Then, how can I
know? However you and others here already taught me. Thank you very much.

rvw I'm sorry. part3 is not from Wikipedia's description of the double genitive but Wikipedia's description of English uses.

thar Did you mean I should I avoid this? Yes, I do. It's too complicated to understand and even create this kind of structure.
Actually, I am trying to distinguish when of and 's is used properly.
For example a dollar's worth, worth of dollar and dollar worth.
Then, it brings to these confusing questions.
Topic: Words
Posted: Saturday, July 30, 2011 3:22:06 PM
是啊d'oh! 。我要说这个 但是我没学过这个生词
老师 我做这些句都没对。 但是他还没介绍我。你帮我 给我some hints in English, of course :P, please。

1. 这 妈妈 的 从家里 给我 照片 一张 是 来 送
这是从家里妈妈 送 来 给我的 一张 照片.

I was learnt from some paragraph (yue du), it said 是 and 的 can be use together for focus or underline the statement. But I don't know where I should place 的 in the sentence.

2. 是 她 从美国 的 来 一个 留学生
她是从美国来的一个 留学生

3. 那个 的 红上衣 穿 留学生 是 同学 我
那个穿红上衣 的留学生 是我同学

4. 跑步 正在 操场 的 是 我 朋友 美国人
正在操场 跑步的美国人是我朋友

5. 我 前边 在 坐 那个 女 学生 的 英国 是 人

After I have done this exercise, I guess the pattern of Chinese grammar in case of genitive can be like this.
...(v+obj. which are used for modifying noun)...的 + main noun
Am I right?

你应该回答我 when你有空的时。

听说,今天在日本有tsunami 台湾离日本不太远。 请你保重。(bao3 zhong4).
Topic: You are positive?
Posted: Saturday, July 30, 2011 2:16:44 PM
Thank you both of you very much.
Topic: Double genitive
Posted: Saturday, July 30, 2011 2:09:45 PM
1. I don't understand these below two statements. Please explain what they mean.

She is a sister of my grandmother's.
He is a good friend of my father's.

2. Is there any significantly different meaning between "a friend of mine" and "one of my friends"?

3. The English construction in -’s has various uses other than a possessive marker. Most of these uses overlap with a complement marked by "of" (the music of Beethoven or Beethoven’s music), but the two constructions are not equivalent. The use of -’s in a non-possessive sense is less prevalent, and more restricted, in formal than informal language.

I got it from wikipedia. Do I misunderstand? I think it said this sentence means -'s is more restrict and used in formal lauguage. Then, why does it said less prevalent? I mean the word which is used in formal language is supposed to more prevalent than less prevalent and also restrict. Besides, from the context I can't assume that of is used in case of informal language. Am I right?

Topic: You are positive?
Posted: Saturday, July 30, 2011 1:48:52 PM
What does "you are positive?" from this below context mean?
Is it same as confident?". Does it involve about positive thinking (I mean no bias on the victim)?

"I'm sending you a photograph as we speak. Please tell me if you recognize the man in it."
I handed the phone to Win. He pressed a Home key and then found the photograph. I took a good hard look, but I knew right away.
"It's probably him," I said.
"The man you hit with the table?"
"You're positive?"
"I said probably."
"Make sure."
I took a longer look. "I'm assuming this is an old photograph." The guy I hit today is at least ten years older than the one in this picture. There are changes-the head shaven, the nose is different. But overall, I'd say I'm fairly posivitive."

Topic: Lying sheet, shoot someone dead versus shoot someone alive
Posted: Saturday, July 30, 2011 1:34:06 PM
After you revealed me the trick, it works now. hahah
Go back to the topic. Yes, it's a serious insult. I don't expect this is his gentleman behavior.

To second part, again I say yes. It's hard to explain but I understand yours. Thank you very much.

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