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Topic: 처음 뵙겠습니다.
Posted: Monday, October 11, 2010 7:20:38 AM
DAMN! you are Taiwanese????? I'm Korean living in Taiwan now~

I live in Kaohsiung, southern part of Taiwan, right?

Where do you live?
Topic: 한국어 배우는 사람 없어요?
Posted: Monday, October 11, 2010 7:07:55 AM
며칠 전에만 대답하셨군요! would look better if you change it in this way: 며칠도 안되서 바로 대답을 해주셨군요!

배웠으니까 이젠 이런 한국어 실력이 생겼어요 => 배우다 보니까 이 정도의 한국어 실력이 생겼어요.

인터넷 약자도 구어체 약자도를 쓰는 짜증스러운 버릇이 있나봐요.
=> I don't quite understand what you are saying here. uhm... I guess you were trying to say, "인터넷 줄임말도 말할 때 줄여쓰는 거랑 똑같은 걸 쓰는 버릇이 있나봐요."

I think it is okay to use 일상생활에서의 줄임말 (daily life shortcut) on the Internet. Of course, there are some words that only used on Internet.

And 짜증스러운 버릇?? I don't think you will consider it as 짜증스러운 버릇. were you saying like "annoying habit" ?

I can see that you learned 짜증스러운 as a annoying, but those are not the same thing in Korean.

짜증스러운 is more like "irritating". So 안 좋은 or 좋지않은 would be better, I think^^

얘기할 때 맞는 말을 빠르게 생각하며 말하는 뜻이에요 => 얘기할 때 맞는 말을 빨리 생각해서 말하기가 힘들다는 뜻이에요.

Again, your Korean is just good enough to talk with Korean people without difficulties!

I'm also feeling the same thing that you are feeling that speaking is much more difficult than writing.

I'm learning English and it's been a year and half. I'm very lazy which is a big panelty in terms of learning a new language, you know...

Anyway~ You Korean is fantastic! I don't have much time to come on this website, but I will try to come often to check if you have posted a new one. If you don't know something or have something to clarify, then just comment on here~

P.S. Sorry for calling you 'guy'!
Topic: 한국어 배우는 사람 없어요?
Posted: Wednesday, October 6, 2010 8:49:23 AM
Hey, manqchilo! Your Korean is amzaing! I've never seen a guy who can speak Korean up to this level that you do.

well, just let me get down to your questions.

암튼 is supposed to be 아무튼. That is a proper language. But I guess you already know that and did it intentionally, just like internet shortcut! Impressive!
이제 도와주시고 있는 분이 없나요? I think you are trying to say this, 이제 저 좀 도와 주실 분이 없나요? or 이제 저 좀 도와주세요.

It is hard to answer to your 2nd question, because I don't get what "을/ㄹ텐데" means. If i remove "/ㄹ", then it will be "을텐데". right?

and I guess 을텐데 is used with "했" in front of, like "했을텐데".

"했을텐데" can be interpreted in this way; "would have p.p" or "might have p.p."

I'll give you an example sentence to help your understanding.

Would have p.p // might have p.p: 내가 너였다면 그렇게 하지 않았을거야 (= If I were you, I wouldn't have done it like that.)

Do you know that would have p.p and might have p.p are pretty much the same in Korean?

I don't know my anwser has helped you somehow. I hope you will not loose interest in Korean, because I know, it is hard!

fighting!! (It is Konglish to say, "Go!" or "Cheer up!")
Topic: korean movies please..
Posted: Wednesday, October 6, 2010 8:35:23 AM
Hi, I'm korean living in Taiwan

Well, Since you like Cha Tae Hyun,

I would recommend this moive to you, "과속스캔들"

I don't know how to call it in Eng, so I don't think you can't find it on torrent or sth.

If you know any Korean p2p site, and have a ID, that would make the work easier to find that piece.

Anyway, I hope you can get to watch that moive. Also there are many good moives that Cha Tae Hyun acted.

I'm sorry for jae hi movies because I don't know much about him, I've heard of him though :)

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