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User Name: rbn
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Joined: Sunday, March 21, 2010
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Topic: A magnetic pole
Posted: Monday, April 5, 2010 12:05:20 AM
yeah, but where do the dancers stand or sit upon some supposed singularity. For truth sake you cannot tell me that all poles become one, not than you can lie again to me about universe expanding otherwise while ignoring blue shifts in light, dear physicist. how many dimensions do you comprehend? 3 or maybe 11, i think it limitless and eternal

if you belive in Big Bang, you are pretty much myopic

Topic: Prostitution
Posted: Sunday, April 4, 2010 11:49:37 PM
so what is the reason?
Topic: Are we as a species weaking our gene pool?
Posted: Sunday, April 4, 2010 11:37:54 PM
in the long run we as a species are destroying everything without remorse and for 'personal' gain.

Topic: Sushi
Posted: Sunday, April 4, 2010 11:18:19 PM

Topic: Prostitution
Posted: Sunday, April 4, 2010 11:09:51 PM
usureous men and women, don't be an idiot
Topic: Marriage: Biological Perogrative or Pointless Social Construct?
Posted: Sunday, April 4, 2010 2:41:47 AM
at least you won them over with a swing vote PH

sounds like grounds for impeachment, you left your humor on the 158, people could use such a loss against you

peterhewett wrote:
RBN Oh so full of composure and perspective. My clue, composure and perspective? Well now who is it here getting uptight? Rockville... no never been there.

My composure and perspective are my constant companions, they never leave my side and I am unanimous on that. I sometimes get befuddled by Pythonesque comments however.

Comedy of errors? Ah but whose 'that is the question'
Topic: Marriage: Biological Perogrative or Pointless Social Construct?
Posted: Sunday, April 4, 2010 2:14:30 AM
peterhewett wrote:
Ah RBN so we now have a copy cat... you cannot be serious... surely? Is this satire or true belief ... I cannot work it out. I must have left my sense of humour on the 158 bus.

Did you leave your clue there too? and perspective? and composure? Maybe they bugged out on the last train to Rockville?

This thread is turning more and more into a comedy of errors...

Topic: Marriage: Biological Perogrative or Pointless Social Construct?
Posted: Sunday, April 4, 2010 1:34:18 AM
Geeman wrote:

7. Married people are humorless idiots unable to recognize even the most obvious jokes for what they are. Their lives having been turned into a pathetic parody of pleasure, they lose their sense of humor in a morass of subjective stupidity. As their own lives transform into a hideous caricature of true human interaction throttled by the constant presence of a passive aggressive enabler, their jovial nature dies in a pit of despair and isolation--just as their hopes and dreams for the future did.

So with that said, I now pronounce you humored and winey.

Shucks, but I like tuna and garlic with wasabi...I shoulda bought that gal a beer instead of her buying the first two rounds.

Thank you for reminding me that I serve no other purpose than being a vessel of a navel with no other reason than collecting lint and subsequently discarding it, somewhere. The floor seems to suffice, the fireplace, the trash can but it is a bit too far. Shucks, the cat isn't interested in it. The neighbor's dog seems aloof to the entire thing. I'm not sure I want to live so long as to knit my own sweater let alone those darn socks. Oh look, I flung lint on the wall, is it art?

Besides, I don't even like beer, I'd rather have wine or cognac or a hot toddy and dream of despair. Why not? In reality, over 50% of single women are diseased noncurable, and 40% of women married or nearly so, coupled with a steady 30% more or less of men. Tell me now, who is really being 'unfaithful'? Most women I meet I tend to wonder what's really crawling and breeding and festering up inside that hole?

Topic: Are we as a species weaking our gene pool?
Posted: Sunday, April 4, 2010 12:56:35 AM
An excellent question. You raise question concerning fitness and fecundity and the concept of natural selection. My somewhat uninformed opinion is thus. As long as economy may support caring for those who pass deleterious traits that is all well and good. If the economy collapses, then of course natural selection takes over once again. There are great minds who never would have lived to provide such beauty and wonder had not others cared for them. There are also numerous people who were destroyed by society or their local community and thier voice snuffed out such that no one knows what they may have stated or otherwise given. Then there are those with great minds who were destroyed by those more mediocre, perceived as threat for lack of better reason.

Not to be a cynic, but in a pack of dogs, the pack will destroy or ostrasize a perceived weak member. Then again, much to their chagrin and surprise, sometimes they find that animal not so weak as imagined, who in turn refuses to leave and instead slays such a mob without remorse or pity.

Topic: Marriage: Biological Perogrative or Pointless Social Construct?
Posted: Sunday, April 4, 2010 12:08:58 AM
Hmm, perhaps maybe so.

I never really considered myself a cynic much, but, in some regards given a 'bohemian past' and such, I suppose the descript term may very well apply to some extent,

good gracious great god almighty jumping jehoosaphats, why is there more lint in my navel?

peterhewett wrote:
Well thanks for you good wishes RBN, but it is a little unwise of you to assume nobody else loves me. Perhaps we can at some stage have an upbuilding exchange... who knows.

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