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Topic: Would spending more money on schools improve educational achievement?
Posted: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 9:12:17 PM
Topic: Affordable technology in education
Posted: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 12:32:54 AM
Romany wrote:
Nappypoet - I think that, provided you have a good laptop (with external speakers?), the mini projector would really be all that was needed. You can then project PPTs, short clips, visual representations in place of flash cards etc.

However, if I were you, I wouldn't stress too much about technological aids - even though we've come a long way, setting up, correcting problems, juggling about etc. often wastes quite a bit of valuable lesson time. Actively engaging students, rather than them being passive receptors, is still I believe, the best way to go.

Thank you Romany. I do really want to cut down on time having to prepare charts that would only be used once and always having to use the chalk-and-talk method. I also think that it would benefit my students so much to see actual videos and illustrations that would aid their learning. I have seen a few mini projectors online but uncertainty has prevented me from going beyond that. My currency exchange is 1US to 2.7 EC (Eastern Caribbean dollars) so the average mini which costs, lets say, 250US would be 675 EC. That is alot of money for me to personally spend for something that may end up useless in the long run. Useless, in that, it may not even be bright enough to show in our very bright, airy and open classrooms here. I also can't help wonder if that money might not be better spent on purchasing other materials. Hmmm the summer vacation is soon coming to an end and I am eager to improve my teaching in the coming year by 200% if I possibly can :) The journey continues...
Topic: Affordable technology in education
Posted: Thursday, July 26, 2012 6:36:56 PM
I am a returning first year teacher working in the Caribbean, on one of the smallest island nations, Grenada. I teach both Math and Science at the high school level and would love to introduce technology into my classes. I, like other high school teachers in my country, do not have my own room and must go from class to class. I therefore need a lightweight option to using multimedia. I think a mini projector will be useful but I would also like to know what else I can use. One thing is for sure, since this is coming out of my own pocket, "cringes", I need a VERY affordable plan. Any advice, anyone?
Topic: Latin in schools
Posted: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 6:28:19 PM
Thanks Matija I do hope I can get some good news from you soon. I have looked at your past posts and they have also been of help.
Topic: Latin in schools
Posted: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 6:24:52 PM
Thank you IMcRout you have certainly gone beyond expected. Your contribution is certainly appreciated!!!
Topic: Latin in schools
Posted: Sunday, September 11, 2011 6:18:35 PM
I have sent this to some persons but posting on this forum I believe may provide valuable info:

I am from the English speaking Caribbean and I am helping a debate team with the moot "Be it resolved that Latin should be reintroduced as the basis for all languages in schools". The team is proposing or is agreeing with this statement. I have seen some info on this forum but can anyone give me any more suggestions of arguments, counter arguments and sources where I may be able to find material that will help in the preparation of this debate. Thanks in advance.
Topic: Don't send your kids to college
Posted: Friday, February 11, 2011 11:01:25 PM
Read this:

The original article:!-%22Its-a-Scam,%22-James-Altucher-Says

I saw this post a few days ago and thought it was really interesting for two reasons.

One: I am in my last semester of undergrad and I am still asking why I risked bankruptcy and financial debt to gain a bachelor's degree. Was it really worth it?

Two: Do I bury myself even deeper by going into grad school and pursuing my masters/doctorate?

What do you think? I am referring to your thoughts on the article rather than on my "two reasons" but feel free to comment!!!
Topic: Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller
Posted: Friday, October 22, 2010 5:05:42 PM
HWNN1961 wrote:
I enjoyed it fully when it was required reading during my sophmore year in High School. We listened to a recording of the play. I can definately say that this play imitates life to a very authentic degree.

I saw a recorded theatre production of it on youtube. I have to watch it. I started and I found it interesting already, though I read the entire play already. There is something fascinating about seeing how that particular director and the actors interpreted the script.
Topic: Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller
Posted: Friday, October 22, 2010 5:03:04 PM
worldsclyde wrote:
I haven't read it in over 30 years but I remember much of it clearly. It was profound to me but I wasn't sure it would mean the same to someone not from the USA.

I know what you mean. Though sometimes I think the American dream is really every man's (or woman's) be successful, to be comfortable, to be happy. The means and ends may be different but I think the concept is the same. I am from the Caribbean, and trust me, it's very much like that. That is why most of us end up going after degrees we cannot afford and placing ourselves in debt to achieve so much.
Topic: Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller
Posted: Friday, October 22, 2010 4:17:31 PM
I am reading the above mentioned book in my Drama class this semester. I find it fascinating more because it looks at human relationships and personal struggles as opposed to the theme of the American dream. Have you read the play or seen it and what has been your impression of it? Who are your most and least favorite characters and your best and worst scenes? Who is Willy Loman to you? and What did you think of his end?

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