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Topic: Do you agree?
Posted: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 9:13:13 AM
It has been said (I am not sure where or when ):
"There is no place in the mind of a religious fanatic (extremist) where reason and logic can enter."
This statement has been attributed to the once Emperor of France : Napoleon

I would like to learn if or not you agree, and do you have any stories to tell as to explain why.
I once was speaking with a fundamentalist creationist about dinosaur fossils.
He told me that such things were the result of whirlpools and eddies caused by the Biblical Flood.
My efforts to teach otherwise were futile.
As a Biotech Scientist, I find this troublesome.
Topic: A message from the dead
Posted: Tuesday, September 23, 2014 11:56:10 PM
Hi Dreamy

I do not belive in a 'spirit realm' per se, __ whence the living can communicate with their loved ones. The human mind-brain is a powerful thing. Insane asylums are repleat with individuals speaking with their lost ones and lots of other humanoid hallucinations. Memories of those who have died may be enough to 'conger' one into such notions of mutual communication. And memories have a molecular basis. Sadly,
it (the idea of such contact) is indeed a venue for some to profit from those left behind by death. With Alzheimer's syndrome some are being left behind by elementary disease and bio-decay. Pre-death.

To me, the domain of the microcosmos and the sub-visible is enough (quasi-spiritualism) and such phenomenon as the role of Jungian arcetypes in our psychical processes that might be part of the neurophysiological aspects at sub-atomic levels to make us believe we are more than matter-stuff.

I only thought it an odd co-incidence that images of Robin Williams should pop-up with an image search that correlated with something so unrelated to what we might associate him with. Namely a poet's quote about how the so-called spiritually inclined citizens are being be-numbed to witlessness by their fanaticism. Silly Robin Williams is (or was) more than anti-thetical to such a lot.

Messages from the dead for us might just as well be what's recorded in the history books or songs from Jerry Garcia as far as I am concerned. I am grateful to be alive and have good memories.
Topic: Most interesting field of medicine
Posted: Monday, September 22, 2014 4:47:00 PM
I find microbiological (and micro-physics) FORENSIC LAB SCIENCE to be the most interesting. Sometimes a murder mystery ( or a medical pathology) can be solved by an analysis with an electron microscope. The pollen grains or serology of a microbe can settle the case.
Topic: A message from the dead
Posted: Monday, September 22, 2014 4:38:30 PM
A quote from long dead distant relative of Baruch Spinoza :

“Progress is nothing but the victory of laughter over dogma.”
__ Benjamin De Casseres (April 3, 1873 – December 7, 1945)

I found this quote in a book by Timothy Ferris:
The Mind's Sky, Human Intelligence in a Cosmic Context.
ISBN 0-553-08040-7

The quote appears at the beginning of a chapter designated 'Belly Laughs'
(page 117 in the Bantam Books version given above).

I find this to be an interesting concept. Interesting since, as I understand it, the Bible has been reported to have nothing in it that anyone would describe as 'humorous content.' I suppose the same might be said for the Koran or any number of 'fundamentalist' (potentially extremist) literature.

It is also interesting to note this:
If you do a Google images search for an image of the quote's author, Benjamen De Casseres, … there appears several images of Robin Williams. I do not know why this is the 'case'. One shows Robin at a very young age.
Perhaps it is some sort of message from the other side.
The religious fanatics should just lighten up a bit.
Topic: ToolWiz Care
Posted: Monday, September 15, 2014 6:29:02 AM
Citizens being protected from malware threats should not be a mega-buck non - sustainable for profit business venture. This (probably) only generates more malware ventures IMO. How can we determine who the good guys are from the mega-buck profiteering pirates? It does not have to get worse. There are legit free resources. Some I find useful are listed here and all are free and you can donate to the cause:

[] _ A current up-dated list of rogue security software purporting to serve as malware detection agents can be found via Wikipedia:

If you have been using any service on his list, you should carefully try to remove it from you system.

[]_ This web-site will perform an online scan of a URL or file on your computer and determine if or not the file or web page is listed with as many as 50+ authentic malware detection endeavors:

Use this to check a web page or before you open a down-loaded file.

[]_ <b> Herd Protect </b> is a cloud-based new and beta project which is cloud-based.
It can find suspicious files on your pc and let you determine what to do about them:

[]_ If you use Mozilla Fire Fox browser, _ the add-on utility called
Web of Trust (WOT) will rate many web-sites as you surf the web and provide an indicator in the browser for its rating. Bad web sites prompt a warning before you proceed.

[]_ PC WORLD magazine has an article relevant to this thread:
Topic: Does this sound natural to you?
Posted: Sunday, July 29, 2012 4:28:00 AM
I think it would sound more natural to use two sentences:
> There have been many receipts collected (or 'turned-in'). The most recent is dated
Topic: 'germs', 'bacteria' and 'virus'
Posted: Sunday, July 15, 2012 3:32:17 AM
It is more common to say 'viral' agent when discussing the virales.
Also, one should note there also exists the biological entities known as the 'prions' which are even smaller and more phenomenal than the viruses.


These are implicated in 'Mad Cow' disease and several other neurological scenarios.

Indeed, the pathogenic 'microbes' can include the bacteria, viruses, prions, and various mycological (fungal) species, algae, and an array of single-cell parasites...
all of which may be sub-visible to the naked eye.
Alas, tis true: it can be the tiny things that can get you.
Topic: Buying a new computer
Posted: Sunday, July 15, 2012 2:59:15 AM
Most new desktop systems are similar in quality due to so much competition and mass production in the market.
However, in order to make a profit the 'innards' are often less than A+ components in my opinion.
Note that in shopping at web sites that have customer reviews, you cannot always trust the testimonials that may be given.

I've owned several HPs which are OK for general use. I did have some hassles with their tech support ... telling me I had to buy a new HP monitor to get my crashed system to work ... this is not true. Any standard monitor should work or even better imo... a digital tv with HDMI connection. After that I lost confidence in HP.
Always purchase the 'restortation CD' from the company for your product. This will permit a clean re-install,_ if the system gets compromised in any way a restoration CD can make it as good as new.
The best way to get a new pc imo... if you are in any way tech savy to build you own...especially with a desktop system.
You save $ and can get a great system without all the commercial 'bloadware' that is customary.
And the components can be of a higher quality than any commercial system might have.

> has all you need to know to to put the parts together step by step.
>And has what you'll need and even highly rated 'barebones' kits.
>The Motherboard company will have an owner's manual to also guide you in configuring everything just like you like it. I recommend Asus motherboards with an Intel processor (i3,i5 or i7).
Your custom pc can vary in cost from just a few hundred dollars to as much as you want to spend ... gamming systems may get into more than $800.
Once up and running, you will be satisfied you built it yourself and know every detail data-bit about it.
__ Hope this helps!
__ JHG

Topic: Science!
Posted: Friday, September 18, 2009 8:42:41 AM
Anyone exploring the Scientific Method might find the 'Project Tuva' series of interest.
This is a set of lectures given by Richard Feynman a Nobel Laureate Physics professor and author of a book on Quantum Electronymics. The series is presented via the microsoft website which has acquired the rights to present them to the public on the web:
Topic: pagan.
Posted: Thursday, August 20, 2009 6:03:14 AM
To me a 'pagan' is anyone who tends to find 'organized belief systems or organized religions' as more destructive than creative.

As human emotions may be generalized into a dichotomy of the modalities of 'the reverential-verses-the-terroristic' in perception ism ... (or parasympatho-mimetic versus sympatho-mimetic neuro-response), ... This is to say, that as we explore the world, the extensional domain of being,... or 'nature' we discover stuff that we revere and stuff we fear.

Pagans tend to revere Nature in all its glory, bliss and bestial terror,.. from awesome sunsets to hurricanes. Pagans are extentionalized with respect to Nature and, as such, pagans are 'proto-scientific'. The psychical constructs of paganism via Alchemy, Astrology, ... and other ancient formulations have formed the foundation of the Scientific Method over many centuries of exploring nature and codifying phenomena. It has been a history of superstitious thinking becoming evermore precisely objective.... "The Energy-Event".

Non-pagans and the 'devout adherents' to a myriad of alternative belief orientations tend to revere alternative human-generated constructs and 'inherited' dogmas, or world-views. They allow other humans to tell them what to believe and are more word-centricized. They are intentionalized with respect to Nature by psychical constructs... "The Word".

Many adherents to formalized faith-based systems are simply put... 'biology-phobic'. (During the Victorian Era, it was even considered by some un-Christian to even use the word 'organism' in polite conversation).

Both pagans and non-pagans can get neurotically and even pathologically all entangled in various forms of ritual behavior.
Fortunately, in the USA, citizens are protected by a Constitution that gives us the freedom to both know and believe as our conscience dictates.
We are free from 'religious tests'.

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