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Topic: Do you find this racist?
Posted: Friday, February 24, 2017 8:22:24 AM
It was my own son, - aged 31 - who brought the article about the English shop that had pulled the t.shirts. He was genuinely flummoxed.
"Wotha? How on earth is that racist?" he asked. As did a few of the mums in my building.

The thing is that, until they asked me about it, none of them had any idea that the word once used in that nursery room had been changed from the original. The mums all learnt the 'tiger' version, as their children too are learning it.

The t.shirt market is hugely aimed at an under u40 demographic - and none of them had ever heard the 'old' version. As they themselves remarked: "Well we didn't know about it at all until the t.shirts were banned. If they had just let them go on the market, no-one would have been any the wiser!"

So I don't think the tees themselves were racist (the team that designed and made them probably had no idea themselves). It was the BANNING of them that brought a racist undertone to them.

A curious event.
Topic: Dear Member X: DON'T LEAVE TFD.
Posted: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 12:22:59 PM

This is exactly the same behaviour you spread across this forum to render it toxic previously. It led to the loss of our core Forum members. At the time we 'foreigners' thought your world-view unique to you. But we're much more educated now, through America's media and press conferences. And now we - in every corner of the globe - know where it comes from.

So it's more important than ever that you don't get a free pass to utilise the entire site to broadcast your politics.

You've done it on the Grammar thread, the Legal thread, the Religion and Philosophy thread, the Literature thread, the Vocabulary thread and this one. What on earth is 'Cultural' about your topic? What does it add to our collective 'Knowledge'?

We have been getting this sort of thing all day, every day, from your president; which has now rendered you transparent. And yes, I did just show contempt for the man. As does three quarters of your own country, every other First World country, USA's allies and foes.

And yes, we are all aware that your passive-aggressive technique, vocabulary and syntax is completely lost on our Learners; so you prefer to post 'out in the open' as it were, where you'll get endorsement from L2 speakers. Because they don't understand yet the undercurrents in language, and don't know of your adherence to a racist, misogynist, 'alternative facts', christian extremist culture.

But don't keep using Trump tactics outside of the Politics forum, old sport, - we're all too familiar with them by now. You (and Trump) post something non-factual but which wins you a certain sympathy. It's disputed and You( and Trump) both either blame the fake media or ignore it completely. You then go on the attack; with a string of outrageous and completely fabricated accusations and the 'righteousness' of victims. All that was posted originally, therefore, becomes the Truth - even after it has been disputed and proved wrong.

And if anyone ever explains/demonstrates/proves or suggests that you (or Trump) is wrong then fire them, or completely ignore them.

Right? But the thing is that this takes time, gets acrimonious, needs to be considered...if you're dealing with your peers on the Politics thread. Yeah, especially because you tell us we're all your 'enemies'. And send PMs to those sympathetic to you telling them the same thing.

I know you say you don't read my posts. Yet I've seen you sneak in references to things I've said in your "I'm-a fellow-learner' posts disguised as 'some people'. This is, however, what I want to be on record when Admin reads the thread. Exactly as you, I guess, are equally anxious for them to read what you have written.

However, whether you want to or not, the fact remains that the rules of this Forum require you to confine your remarks to the subject in hand. Which is a concept most people can wrap their heads around: they can keep to the subject in hand.

Stop trying to influence people all over TFD with your own brand of politics. Take it to the Politics section.

If that's too daunting a prospect? Then keep it to yourself. Go and have an argument with a person in real life. Then come back and talk about Grammar in the Grammar thread and stop making your example sentences into propaganda.
Topic: (Expression) Did you take your meds?
Posted: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 4:46:34 AM

Peter - I'm on daily meds on account of being do-lally without 'em. Once or twice, when people have said it to me, I've realised that I actually HAVEN'T taken them yet, mutter "Woops!" and thank them for reminding me: but meds never help me to find my glasses!

Topic: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Posted: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 4:32:15 AM

Sarrie - Wilfred Owen is my go-to for WW1 poetry; as Kenneth Slessor is for WW2.

I know it's an unpopular theory on TFD - but, especially coming from an Air Force family, I don't glorify war. Also, with a mother who nursed troops and has a wealth of stories of broken men, and the pain and indignity and horrific loss of the young and all their potential. I always remember her telling me how, all through the nights there would be grown men screaming aloud for their mothers.

Wilfred Owen found nothing 'sweet' about war, but endeavoured to bring it: the fear, the boredom, the occasional black humour,the filth, the horror. He wanted all the people who went round distributing white feathers or who encouraged warfare to understand what it meant.

I often wonder, had he survived, what would have been his fate? Would he have been lauded as a modern poet and writer? Would he have been slammed and derided? Would he ever have adapted to Civie life again? Useless questions...but he has been 'alive' to me since I first eased a book of my parents off the shelf and discovered him there.
Topic: Sake
Posted: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 4:14:40 AM

Thanks Priscilla,

I didn't know that, either. So all these years of ordering Sake, one was just asking for any old booze? I guess they must be used to us dumb foreigners, huh?

You are so very right too that it's not until we actually get to countries that we find out how much of what we 'know' is faulty!
Topic: (Expression) Did you take your meds?
Posted: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 3:24:40 PM

If this honestly IS a post directed at learners, perhaps it might be helpful to say that the question is usually a jocular one?

When you're flapping around looking for your glasses and they're on top of your head, for instance, someone might say something to that effect. It's another way of saying "Silly-billy" or "You daft thing!".

The poster had posted exactly the same post within a few months of each other. I did see someone saying "Did you take your meds to-day?" understood it was referencing the double-post, and thought nothing of it.

I'd thought perhaps it might be an AE/BE thing so I looked up the phrase on American sites and nowhere - even Snopes - could I find any reference to it even being derogatory; let alone something so dreadful one dare not speak its name.

Of course, in English a lot of meaning is referenced by the tone in which something is said. Perhaps, in a spoken exchange it could be said nastily. But then one can make even the sentence "I love you" sound nasty - and that certainly isn't a phrase I'd advise anyone to avoid!
Topic: Advanced learners: Did someone insult you?
Posted: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 8:25:57 AM

Brick wall Brick wall
Topic: "Which variety of English should I learn?"
Posted: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 8:16:47 AM

Hey Maryam's Dad -

Nah, don't worry, I think we all know you well enough to know when you're being serious and when not!

Actually, my father - due to a stint in Liverpool as a child after his parents died - was able to speak very broad Scouse. My mother and I had never guessed until one night when I brought a new boyfriend round who was from Liverpool. Suddenly my father started speaking this 'foreign' language my mother and I didn't understand! He and my friend weren't providing a single sentence we understood!! I always remember how weird it was, sitting at my own dining table and thinking that the person who sat at the head of it wasn't my father at all!
Topic: American authors walk on eggshells in 2017 America
Posted: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 8:07:13 AM

Hi Gary & Brett,

I went researching this 'new' American tool. It's just fact-checking, really. It's the part of the the narrative one usually researches oneself by meeting with, talking to, getting to understand the group, or clique, or individual about whom one is writing. This, to me, is the sort of authorial task which give authors insight.

From what I gathered, it's mainly YA writers who are concerned with it? Skipping a stage in the process of producing a m/s, is up to the writers themselves, however. There's no rule - or even advice that I could find - urging people to do this.

It makes sense that it's mainly YA writers who take this path: from what's going on in American Universities at the moment with umpteen different pronouns and categories and ways of dividing people from each other; I should imagine young authors who are not yet in touch with the real world must feel overwhelmed.

Personally, I'd kinda stick to the old, old mantra of 'write what you know about'. If you're going to write a book about people/cultures with which you're unfamiliar, then just be prepared to do tons and tons of research! If you couldn't be bothered with the slog, by all means hire someone to take short-cuts for you. If you just want to make money or get 'famous' then hey, do what you gotta do.

But the difference between a good book and a rubbish book is vast, and the competition fierce. I think established writers are all too aware of this, and cutting corners WILL, eventually, work to cut one out of the race. If you don't trust yourself to be able to express yourself without unintentionally upsetting swathes of people, then I rather think I'd advise a YA to wait a while. Concentrate on things they DO know about and leave The Great Novel until they've built up their self-confidence and experience.

Also - as one gets further in one's career one learns to trust one's Editors and advisers or else find new ones. I think a writer who had to resort to using a 'sensitivity reader' would be a huge red flag to any serious publisher though, don't you?
Topic: Hang in
Posted: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 3:47:41 AM

Coag - Applause Applause

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