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Topic: Man at yogurt shop doing his job asked to leave for being black.
Posted: Sunday, November 18, 2018 6:58:51 PM
Ah, I know that Proggie. As I said, people everywhere know that. It's the fact that the lunatics have been able to take over the whole asylum that stymies one!

However, to-day I saw one of the most hopeful segments I've seen on American TV in quite a while. One of the new people who has emerged from the latest elections had a piece on tv today. I have no idea whether she was a Republican or a Democrat - it doesn't matter. And I can't remember which news outlet it was.

But the new representative was explaining how the process works after one has won; what "Fresher Week" is all about for politicians; what they have to do, and learn; hows she's been finding the process etc.

What a brilliant idea! It underscores the fact that processes take place after actions; it demystifies that process for the public; it puts the new politician not just in front of people, but WITH them; it was transparently bi-partisan; - and most of all it didn't make lunatic claims that one side cheated, or was favoured, or was told by a leaker that it was all a plot or a hoax or a conspiracy. Nor did it try for the Guiness Book of Records for the number of lies told per sentence.

It struck me as a ray of unadulturated light in the murk and wretchedness of so much current "news". (And hey, like so many of my sex overseas, each woman elected was like a great big kick in the pants to both the amoral misogynist-in-chief and his sychopantic, morally bankrupt, eggers-on!)
Topic: Man at yogurt shop doing his job asked to leave for being black.
Posted: Sunday, November 18, 2018 7:59:42 AM

It's a lazy, sunny but cold November day here in Brighton. In the street below Brighton citizens saunter past - some are black, some brown, some white - brown babies in push-chairs and prams are pushed by parents or grandparents of every nationality and colour: there are no guns or uniforms except for the high-viz jackets of the "Ask me" people - those whom you can ask for directions, or for information.

Reading about the incident in the OP seems to bring a huge, dark shade down on the innocuous scene before me. It's as though some sort of contamination is settling on the bright streets and people.

For a moment I get a glimpse of how many worlds apart our lives are: a guy's in your shop and you don't know why? You know what that scenario means outside of the USA? It means one of the staff goes up and discreetly asks him!!

Sheesh! The employee asks the guy, the guy explains, the staffer says "You've got a great job then, sitting on your arse all day!" They both laugh. End of story.

The sight of a person of different skin colour does not throw people into a panic, they don't stand around trembling with fear. And they don't call in people with lethal weapons to throw someone out because the colour of the person makes them a boogie-man!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're always being told that we don't understand. That America is different. That we couldn't possibly begin to comprehend how all this fear and loathing is necessary.

There isn't a developed country in the world who doesn't have slavery, colonialism, sadistic treatment of fellow-humans, or shame, as part of their history. In that department the USA is no different: the history of humanity is full of horrific things every culture/civillisation took part in as humanity itself evolves.

The only thing it seems that the rest of the world doesn't understand about America is why they alone can't learn from past mistakes? Or why peace, contentment, and the happiness and well-being of the country is of little importance when weighed up against war, invasion, militarianism, capitalism, or world domination? Or why the only time people outside of America quote the words "Leaders of the free world" or "Home of the Brave" "Land of the free" is as a preface or suffix to the relegation of some incident concerning the lack of Human Rights for most of the American population if they are female, not white, poor, unemployed, sick, gay, non-Christian, children or consumers.

I know - we all know - that it's only a minority of the whole country who support the illiterate thug who is turning the USA into a paraih state. No-one is so naive as to believe that either he or his immoral and horrifically corrupt gang speaks for the whole country. We all know - especially since the mid-terms - that the grown-ups are trying their very best to stop the disintegration into the Banana Republic which Trump and his Trumpeteers are all hell-bent on achieving.

But the fact that, every time one looks at a headline, or watches a news report, even the most fair and bi-partisan commentators keep telling us all Americans are "the leaders of democracy", "the greatest country on earth","a shining, great beacon", "the envy of the world" "exceptional", as if we were all 5 year olds taking part in a "My Daddy's better than your Daddy" conversation...THAT bodes ill for everyone. For years this Nationalistic blindness and smugness has been grumbled about, laughed at, scorned...but tolerated. It's a new country - a teenager in terms of the rest of the world. Teenage gauchness was understood and everyone sat around waiting for it to grow up and adopt a little reality.

But Trump's laid bare the bleeding, immovable corpse of good-governance, aspirational leadership, honour and truth. And to keep slapping us all in the face with this fantasy of World's Role Model, is going to cause more and more anger, division and lack of respect across the globe for the most violent, confused and out-of-step country in the free world.

The majority of Americans may get their country back if they can make (very public) changes. But respect? Remember we don't think calling someone Sir or Ma'am shows respect: we have to FEEL respect before we give it.

In order for a change in government to change the downward spiral, leaders will have to fight too for the regard their warm, fuzzy superiority made them feel was their unquestioned right.

And now I'm going out into the sunshine to mingle with the people around me, secure in the knowledge that the streets are not armed fight-grounds filled with threat, hatred, animosity or "Law givers" with the power to shoot one.

Topic: "Is that a fire alarm?"
Posted: Sunday, November 18, 2018 5:49:39 AM
Goodness! I hope someone can answer - I have no idea what the name of that actually is! I can make people know what I mean by describing it, but not by using a particular word for it.

It will be very interesting to find out what the real word is!!
Topic: He shaked the door handle.
Posted: Sunday, November 18, 2018 5:47:22 AM
bihunsedap, ("he SHOOK the handle" - past tense of "shake").

I'd just say "Don't do that - you'll break it." or "Don't do that - it might break."

If the idea that it might break doesn't seem important to him, THEN I'd probably add something to make him see what that would mean:

"Don't do that. You might break it - and then we wouldn't be able to get into the house for a drink or something to eat." ( see Mummy, or to go to the loo... or whatever would seem important to him.)
Topic: Word for room for testing
Posted: Sunday, November 18, 2018 5:36:13 AM

Though two posters say that the name of a room where one rests is a "restroom" I disagree.

One can take a rest in any room one chooses - your bedroom, a public reception room, even your own office. There are no rooms, any longer, set aside just for people to go to to rest. As Thar explained, the only usage of the word "restroom" is in America - and even there it doesn't mean a room where one rests - it means "toilet" or "lavatory".

When I was a small child some women's loos - especially in towns in cities - used to have an area with some comfy chairs and even, sometimes, a place to lie down. Looking back, this was in the days when breast-feeding was considered something shameful, to be done only behind closed doors. Often too, pregnant women in town for shopping etc. could take off their shoes and relax for a little while. Except for private clubs (golf-clubs etc.) the concept of a restroom no longer appears on any town planning documents.

If we need to take a quick break we may say "I'm going to have a 10 minute break in my office." "I'm going to my room to rest a while", "I need to lie down on the couch for a rest."

There is no specific place in home, office or shopping malls where one just goes to have a rest.
Topic: a deep snow
Posted: Friday, November 16, 2018 6:19:39 AM


It wasn't here in the UK - where I live in the south we don't have more than a couple of days of light snow that never settles for more than a day or two.

But two years ago spent a couple of weeks up in the mountains in Bulgaria - it was like some Disneyland fairy kingdom!

I think I could manage the cold much better if it were cold and crisp like that here - it's cold with dreary, grey rain in winter here without the compensation of snow-balls and lacey trees, and smooth folds and shapes in the landscape. Can understand why you miss it so.
Topic: This explores...
Posted: Friday, November 16, 2018 6:12:24 AM

No, you can't use "it". Same problem...What is "it"?
Topic: 90% of voters say they have or will vote in the US midterm elections
Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2018 6:55:30 PM
Progpen - "...the most hideous problem is that the obstacles are there on purpose, not by accident or mistake."

Sadly, that's something that a lot of very disapointed people around the world have discovered, about so much of the "Checks and balances" said to be in place in order to protect people in America.
Topic: Oops...heh,heh,heh
Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2018 6:33:50 PM

I was listening to a Creationist woman who called in to The Atheist Experience the other day: "Oh you guys just think your precious scientific method is the only way to prove something! And anyway, what's the scientific method ever done for me, personally...?"

The article in the OP and others like it, should be spread more widely in the public forum so that more people like her realise the utter fatuity in what she said.
Topic: code and nods
Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2018 6:03:20 PM
Ah go on, women, smile!Angel

It was only a joke.Boo hoo!

Haven't you got a sense of humour? Brick wall

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