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Topic: Legalize It!
Posted: Sunday, September 29, 2019 5:49:34 AM
arthbard wrote:
I'd tend to agree that the war on drugs hasn't done much to curb the availability of narcotics, but has allowed criminals to siphon easy money from potheads. It seems like it would be more constructive to try to regulate drug sales as a non-illegal industry.

And, marijuana, in particular, is pretty tame as far as drugs go. I wonder if part of the public's reticence to legalize it is mostly due to the fact that its supporters are, well,, and it's a little hard to take them seriously. (I'm not a pothead, by the way, but I do, so I don't know that my opinion helps the cause.)

Not all supporters are "potheads" I've used it as the only really effective way (a friend used to grow me a plant high in CBD and low in THC) I've found without terrible (and I mean REALLY AWFUL) side effects. Do I mind a mini- head change? No but I'm no "pothead." Its FDA Approved (not that that means anything) for children who have seizures! It works more than (I also read someone say) "minimally" as medicine. Big Pharma will tell you its effects are minimal but it helps everything from anxiety to epilepsy to even osteoporosis! My mom read studies from other more progressive countries bc she is allergic to the main med for osteoporosis and wasn't about to get injections that side effects beyond 2 years of use were unknown! So the studies showed that it helps heal broken bones in half the time and she's taken CBD oil along with diet & exercise and her bone density has improved so much the doctors cant believe it - at least the ones still controlled by Big Pharma and the FDA. And if some ppl want to just br potheads so what? They are not hurting anyone. It's ridiculous how something natural, harmless and non addictive (at least physically unlike opioids) can be so crucified by so many ignorant people. It is sickening. Legalize it!

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