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Topic: Why did Trump say his dad was German? He lies so much he doesn’t know the truth?
Posted: Thursday, April 4, 2019 6:35:46 PM

For him it seems to be in the truest sense of pathological - he feels an urge to lie.
And since his followers let him get away with so much for so long it has become the norm.

And it's Oringes, not Oranges ;-)

A fruit that has yet to be lied into existence.
Topic: State of the Union - healthcare costs
Posted: Thursday, February 7, 2019 1:17:31 PM
Pam Archer wrote:
Kirill Vorobyov, capitalism has failed in this area.

That is not quite right. Capitalism has done exactly what it is designed to do - maximize profits.
That in some areas it also produces lower prices is just a side-effect. It works when the demand side is flexible, if you charge too much customers walk away or eventually you get competition.
Health care demand is not flexible. Your kid has cancer ? That'll be $10 million, thank you. What, selling your house only brought you $500k ? We'll give you a discount and take that, thank you. What, still too much ? You can always walk away...
Same applies to utilities, demand is not flexible (or do you just go without water/heat/electricity if they jack up the prices too much ?) and that's why they are regulated. And the hurdle of entry for new competition is very high.
How this plays out can be easily seen looking at internet providers in the US (in many many markets).
Unless you're lucky enough to live in an area where a new competitor entered by laying fiber you have a choice between the local cable provider and the local phone-line owner (DSL). They are near universally hated, be it TimeWarner, Cox or Comcast on the cable side or AT&T or Centurylink on the DSL side. They have a duopoly and it shows. Their customer satisfaction scores are extremely low yet they rake in the cash year after year. Why ? No competition because of high barriers for entry (and also bribing of politicians to keep competition out). And let's face it, internet access has long gone from a nice-to-have to pretty much a necessity. Want to go find a job or study without internet access nowadays ? It should by now be regulated like a utility.

Pam Archer wrote:
Our previous administration thought it was a good idea to mandate that all Americans have health insurance.

How else would the whole system work ?
Would you prefer if people got to choose if they get car insurance ? "Yeah, I know I destroyed your car. But I don't have insurance and also no money. So I guess you're just out of luck...". That was actually very prevalent in the US not too long ago. That's why many people had/have uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance on their own policy. Essentially paying other people's car insurance.
Or get insurance only once you need it ? "Hello, I got in an accident yesterday, could I please get a policy starting 2 days ago ? Yes ? OK, thank you..."

Since 1986 the US had this law
(The claims of incidences about US hospitals asking about your ability to pay before they treat you is mostly from before that time)

The only way to make non-mandatory health insurance work is to do away with this law. And to tell people "you have the freedom to choose not to have health insurance, but in case of need you absolutely and totally are on your own and have to pay for your own care !!"
I don't think many countries would do that, apparently not even the US.
And if you make it voluntary but with a backstop - then it's just the usual: privatize the profits, socialize the losses.

Pam Archer wrote:
Who benefited? Big insurance companies of course!! The "Affordable Care Act" didn't make care affordable at all.

Yet it slowed the rate of increase
"Republicans say the average family health insurance premium has increased by $4,154 under President Obama. That’s right — and it’s a much slower rate of growth than under President George W. Bush."
I don't think much more could have been achieved considering the total opposition of Republicans to a plan that used to be one of their own, just because it came from 'that black devil'. And opposition from corrupt politicians in his own party.

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