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Topic: Looking for word that means Naturally Easily Recovered/Remedied or Easily Healed/Cured. Quickly Repa
Posted: Monday, January 28, 2019 8:54:48 AM
Thanks for the replies everyone. Regenerate, or in the adjective case, Regenerative or Regenerateable, while an option seemed to connote "automation" a bit too much. It's definitely in the correct vein however. I am wanting to sell and to give the sense that an end user can fix damage or critical errors they've created with ease. The product won't fix itself however. It can be tinkered with more than most and will certainly break just like any similar product but it's unique selling point is that it can be dynamically corrected without and deep knowledge or years of experience that would normally be required.

Resurgent is an interesting choice. I think the meaning is closer to what I want, if a bit epic.

Resilient doesn't work for me since as I noted it connotes too much of imperviousness to damage in my opinion even though the technical definition seems to be perfect.

I am oddly still leaning toward "elastic" at this point. I have also considered Pliant, curative, remedial, amendatory, and reformative. I actually liked reformative the most of those in terms how I believe it comes off, but for me of everything, I think elastic is still the winner.
Topic: Looking for word that means Naturally Easily Recovered/Remedied or Easily Healed/Cured. Quickly Repa
Posted: Sunday, January 27, 2019 2:20:32 PM
Hello, All,

I have been looking for an English word that means possibly "quickly and easily recovered by nature" or "has an inherent ability to bounce back or be repaired, possibly even by design, after damage". I don't mind if the word has connotations of mechanical or even biological nature. As a note I am not looking for a synonym of "robust" or "durable" as that connotes an ability to withstand damage or catastrophic change. Moreover I find the words "resilient" and "adaptable" to also connote imperviousness a bit too much (despite online definitions of resilient describing what I seek). More something that exudes "effortlessly remedied or cured".

I suppose I am looking for a synonym of elastic or elasticity but one that connotes a sense of repair with ease as opposed to just returning to an original state. However thus far, elastic has been the closest in my opinion.

Many Thanks!

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