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Topic: Compare experiences
Posted: Friday, November 2, 2018 8:17:29 AM
Okay, thank you for your explanation!
Topic: Compare experiences
Posted: Thursday, November 1, 2018 7:16:47 PM
Hi, guys!
I saw a sentence like "on this forum you can compare experiences with others".
At first I thought it means "exchange experiences", but don't know.
It seems to me like it could mean compare your feelings or knowledge or something with feelings and knowledge of other guys from the forum. It is weird, though.
Please, make it clear for me. Thanks to everyone in advance :)
Topic: a fulfilling career
Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2018 7:46:41 AM
Hi everybody.
I saw this expression - a fulfilling career - a lot of times in sentences like "how to find a fulfilling career", "ways to a fulfilling career" and so on.
But I can't really get what exactly does it mean?
First thing. Fulfilling. A fulfilling career is a career which helps me realize all my abilities, or is it just a career that gives me satisfaction like "this is it, this is what I wanted", or is it both of those? "I realized all my abilities and this is what I wanted, this is it". Or it means something else?
Confused about "career" as well. Is it just a fulfilling - whatever it means - job or profession, or is it the whole way from a low position to a higher one in this profession?
Maybe, guys, there are synonyms for this expression? What I see is this: a fulfilling career = a job that I enjoy (still the reason of this enjoyment is not clear).
Anyway, thanks to everyone for the help!

Topic: Another confusing sentence
Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2018 4:25:21 PM
Well, guys, since I just wanted to hear what native speakers think, what you both said is pretty enough for me. Thank you very much.
Topic: Another confusing sentence
Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2018 3:54:29 PM
Hi, everybody!
I was translating this user manual for one mixer and couldn't understand one thing.
It's hard to get it without the context, but I'm just asking you to look at this sentence and say whether it makes any sence or not. I'm not sure that it was written by an english speaking person.

It's about mixing raw materials in this mixer. It's a big mixer, not for food.

"Raw materials should not be full barrels, it is best to 9 into the full. It can't be more than half of the perspective window in order to avoid the mixing quality".

The first thing is "to 9 into the full". I thought that it means that if you work with raw materials you shouldn't fill the barrel completely - it's the main camera where all this shit is mixing - but fill only 9/10. What do you think it means? Does it mean anything anyway?

The second sentence I don't get totally. I don't know what's a perspective window. You shouldn't bother to understand it, too, but just check out one thing. "In order to avoid the mixing quality". It means to avoid mixing in the mixer, right?

So my question is do those sentences make any sence at all? If yes, could you, please, rephrase them?

Thanks to all very much! :)

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