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Topic: from a mile away
Posted: Saturday, November 16, 2019 6:27:42 AM
They see you coming from a mile away

Posted by David FG on November 08, 2005

In Reply to: They see you coming from a mile away posted by Bob on November 08, 2005

: What does it mean when someone says "would they see you coming from a mile away"?

: Thanks.

It means that you are easily duped (this might be regarded as a compliment, I suppose, in that you are charmingly trusting). It means that someone wishing to deceive would recognize you as 'deceivable' very easily.
Topic: Surin Elephant Round-Up
Posted: Saturday, November 16, 2019 6:23:37 AM
Surin Elephant Round-up

The Thai people love elephants. There is a popular belief stating that the shape of Thailand is similar to an elephant's head. The local Asian elephant is easily domesticated. It is used as a mean of transport or help in hauling of logs.

Surin is a small town located in the northeastern Thai province of I-San. It is 480 kilometers northeast of Bangkok. The people of this town have their own festival dedicated to elephants which are held on the third Saturday in November. It is known as the Elephant Round-up. The festival was first held in 1960. It lasts for two days. In 2014 the festival is organized on the 15th and 16th of November.
Topic: merely the refuge which the ingenious have invented, when they were supplied with food and women, to escape the...
Posted: Saturday, November 16, 2019 5:19:22 AM
What is Art? and/or What is Beauty?

The following answers to this artful question each win a random book.
Art is something we do, a verb. Art is an expression of our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires, but it is even more personal than that: it’s about sharing the way we experience the world, which for many is an extension of personality. It is the communication of intimate concepts that cannot be faithfully portrayed by words alone. And because words alone are not enough, we must find some other vehicle to carry our intent. But the content that we instill on or in our chosen media is not in itself the art. Art is to be found in how the media is used, the way in which the content is expressed.

What then is beauty? Beauty is much more than cosmetic: it is not about prettiness. There are plenty of pretty pictures available at the neighborhood home furnishing store, but these we might not refer to as beautiful, and it is not difficult to find works of artistic expression that we might agree are beautiful that are not necessarily pretty. Beauty is rather a measure of affect, a measure of emotion. In the context of art, beauty is the gauge of successful communication between participants – the conveyance of a concept between the artist and the perceiver. Beautiful art is successful in portraying the artist’s most profound intended emotions, the desired concepts, whether they be pretty and bright, or dark and sinister. But neither the artist nor the observer can be certain of successful communication in the end. So beauty in art is eternally subjective.

Wm. Joseph Nieters, Lake Ozark, Missouri
Topic: Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus (42 BCE)
Posted: Saturday, November 16, 2019 5:14:45 AM
Tiberius Claudius Nero was born on 16 November 42 BC. In 39 BC, his mother Livia divorced his father and married Octavian, the future emperor Augustus in 27 BC. Tiberius had a brilliant military career and with his younger brother Drusus helped carry out the expansion of the Roman empire along the Danube and into modern-day Germany (16 BC - 7 BC, 4 AD - 9 AD).
Topic: The Pan-American Highway
Posted: Saturday, November 16, 2019 5:07:35 AM
The scenic Pan-American Highway is the longest road in the world stretching around 15,000 miles from Alaska in North America all the way down to Argentina in South America.

Last year we finally ditched our comfortable lives in LA and set out on a journey of a lifetime to travel across the Pan-American Highway for 15 months.

We learned so much along the way about things that can help you make this trip easy (and things that can go horribly wrong).
Topic: Hoxne Hoard Found in Britain (1992)
Posted: Saturday, November 16, 2019 4:19:02 AM
Eric Lawes and the tale of his search for a lost hammer captured the national headlines for a time when he discovered treasure in East Anglia in 1992.

Eric’s quiet life on the Suffolk-Norfolk border took on another dimension when his metal detector revealed what became known as the Hoxne hoard. He had actually been helping to look for an old lump hammer that had been dropped in a field near the village of Hoxne (pronounced Hoxon), where he had lived for much of his early life. But he found much more than he had bargained for. A wise and persistent metal-detectorist, Eric, who has died aged 92, knew exactly how to deal with his amazing trove, which was recovered intact and is now available for all to see in the British Museum.

The Hoxne hoard was a priceless Roman “treasure chest” of 14,780 gold and silver coins, plus 200 exquisite items of jewelry, ornaments, and tableware, all part of the accumulated wealth of the very affluent family of Aurelius Ursicinus. Eric was rewarded with £1.75m for his find, and although there was no legal requirement to do so at the time, he shared the cash 50-50 with Peter Whatling, the tenant farmer on whose land he had been searching.

Eric enjoyed the brief fame and fortune that accompanied his huge slice of luck – and which brought him several unaccustomed trips to London as well as the chance to meet Prince Charles. But he was a quiet countryman at heart and handled it all with equanimity.
Topic: Predicate Pronouns and Case
Posted: Saturday, November 16, 2019 4:03:15 AM
The subjective case is sometimes called the nominative case. A noun or pronoun is in the subjective when it is used as the subject of the sentence or as a predicate noun. A predicate noun follows a form of the "be" verb, and it renames the subject of the sentence.
Topic: rumpus
Posted: Saturday, November 16, 2019 3:54:32 AM

A noisy disturbance; a row.
"He caused a rumpus with his flair for troublemaking"

Synonym :

Topic: Freudian slip
Posted: Friday, November 15, 2019 5:39:21 AM
Freudian slip

An unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings.
Topic: St. Leopold's Day
Posted: Friday, November 15, 2019 5:35:42 AM
St. Leopold’s Day – is a school holiday in Vienna. St. Leopold’s Day is a regional holiday and thus is subject to the laws of the Austrian provinces (it is only a holiday for schools and authorities).
St. Leopold is the patron saint of Vienna and Lower Austria.

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