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Topic: gossiping? INDONESIAN users (preferably, Javanese) please help
Posted: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 11:05:09 PM
What's the best word for ngrasani or rasan-rasan in English? Okay, ngrasani is very Javanese, maybe a more common word in Indonesian is ngomongin orang, but I think ngrasani has a much stonger feel.
So what's the best English word for it? I tried gossiping and badmouthing but somehow I don't think they have the same strength as ngrasani. Or do they?

For non-Indonesian users:
What's the best verb for talking behind one's back? The talk is usually about one's flaw, one's mistake, one's fault, one's disgrace, blaming one for one's difficult situation, etc.

Your reply would be much appreciated~! Angel

Topic: as it seem/seems ?
Posted: Monday, April 10, 2017 10:59:23 PM
which is correct: as it seem or as it seems ?

Topic: Is this sentence correct?
Posted: Monday, April 10, 2017 7:15:56 AM
thanks, Jyrkkä Jätkä and sureshot! ^_^

umm,, what about: People said he was a nice guy as he always care about others. ?
I hope it's correct?

Or should it be: People said he was a nice guy as he always cared about others. ?

Topic: Is this sentence correct?
Posted: Monday, April 10, 2017 5:11:21 AM
People said he was a nice guy as to always cared about others.

Is the above sentence correct? If not, could you point out what's wrong?
Is it the use of as to? Or the use of past tense? Or...?

your reply would be much appreciated~ Pray

Topic: trickling stop
Posted: Thursday, March 09, 2017 4:44:35 AM

OOoooh,,, okaaay. I get the picture now. Hahahaaa. Thank you, thar

I get screeching stop; I can easily imagine it's something stopping with a screeching sound. But I didn't get trickling stop because the definition of trickle in this site is basically small flow,, I couldn't imagine something stopping but also still flowing,,, d'oh! I thought maybe trickling stop is like intermittent stop so in a way it's a flow of many stops,,, hahaa,, Anxious

So in short, when an action/movement/occurrence comes to a trickling stop, it means the action/movement/occurrence drops in intensity/speed until it finally stops altogether. Correct?

Topic: trickling stop
Posted: Wednesday, March 08, 2017 8:06:36 PM
I came across this phrase a few times, usually in the form of "....came to a trickling stop..."

What does it mean? What kind of stop is a trickling stop? How does a trickling stop stops (how does it work)?
Could anyone elaborate, please?

Topic: my sentences I made , correct or wrong? thank you.
Posted: Sunday, February 12, 2017 8:49:41 PM
Today I want to try adding some content. A few friends suggested that I record an interpretation of the course without Chinese. I decided to do it right now. I hope you'll like it.

I'm no native or an expert in English, though. I might be wrong myself.

Topic: as if you are/were .... ?
Posted: Friday, February 10, 2017 3:25:01 AM
I've heard that type 2 conditional is also used to express hypothetical / unlikely situations. So when I say "If I were smart enough I would be doing another job" that means I am not smart and I am doing a job that I don't like.
So if I met someone and talked about my current job in a way that suggests that my job was really awesome and I loved it, and then secretly scoffed at myself, I would mumble to myself
"As if my job is cool" or "As if my job was cool" ?

Answers would be much appreciated~!

(or Answers will be much appreciated?)

Topic: she let me ate/eat ??
Posted: Monday, February 06, 2017 9:28:04 PM
a. She let me eat/ate her dinner.
b. The girl let him walk/walked out the door.
c. She let him do/did that to her.
d. The princess let the knight help/helped her.
e. I was watching when he let the girl fall/fell down the cliff.
f. The man lay unmoving, but I knew he was still breathing when I let the monster finish/finished him off.
g. He looked away as he let me inspect/inspected his wound.

I was going to write "She let me eat her dinner." but then I hesitated and googled, and my search for "she let me ate" returned many instances of the exact same form. Now I hesitate even more. So which is correct?
A let B V1 or A let B V2 ?

Topic: someone who sets up a couple
Posted: Wednesday, February 01, 2017 8:25:17 PM
wow, thanks everyone! Pray


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