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Topic: Going/go
Posted: Wednesday, May 15, 2019 12:01:52 AM
Thank you.

Can I also hear other opinions?
Topic: Forget doing
Posted: Tuesday, May 14, 2019 11:59:33 PM
You know this "forget +doing" construction, which means forget having done something, seems not making sense to me again.

How about these:
1. I like jumping - is this "I like having jumped?

2. I forget closing the door - closing the door isn't having closed, isn't it? And you can forget doing; why doing suddenly becomes past when it is with forget?

Topic: Going/go
Posted: Tuesday, May 14, 2019 8:02:09 PM
1. We have to cancel our going.
2. We have to cancel our go.

Do you think both mean the same? If not, what would be the difference?
Topic: Swear of
Posted: Tuesday, May 14, 2019 11:49:05 AM
What do you swear(oath) of?

Do you use "of" too? What does this mean with "of"
Topic: The with a name
Posted: Tuesday, May 14, 2019 1:23:38 AM
OAA is a name

1. The OAA develops...
2. OAA develops...

What is the difference?
Topic: Meaning of a sentence
Posted: Sunday, May 12, 2019 7:06:20 PM
There have been plenty of moments, after I’ve poured my blood into a piece, convinced it was my finest work, sure to be liked and shared and explode across the internet only to have it published

I don't quite get the green part. Does it mean he expected a lot but all he could do was publishing?
Topic: Walking path or walk path
Posted: Saturday, May 4, 2019 6:40:09 PM
Walking path or walk path.

To mean a trail in a park, which version is correct?
Topic: Had gone, would be
Posted: Saturday, May 4, 2019 6:38:41 PM
If I had gone to that path, we would be stuck there right now still.

Does this make sense?
Topic: Would
Posted: Saturday, May 4, 2019 6:37:14 PM
Thank you.

Can I also hear from others? What do you think about "if you agree, I would fly to the sky" sentence; do you go through the same process like FounDit that you might add more sentences to make it clear, or you don't much understand?
Topic: Would
Posted: Friday, May 3, 2019 1:27:25 PM
FounDit wrote:
Joe Kim wrote:

1. Indicates the future in the past
2. Imagined statement in present

Do you agree the second meaning?

The example might be:
2-A. I would give away money, but I have none for now.
2-B. If you agree, I would fly to the sky.

Do you think the meaning and examples for that meaning are relatively correct?

I would say that is true. (I imagine now, in the present, that what you have written is true).

Thank you.
Then, do you absolutely think the example 2-B is correct? Usually "if" is used, it has to be the past verb, and I used the present verb.
What others think about this as well?

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