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Topic: Donald J.Trump: Tough Guy Extraordinaire!
Posted: Monday, February 26, 2018 5:15:35 PM
The recent mass killings in Florida have left a lot of people wondering what, if anything, they may have done if they were faced with such a situation. Run? Hide? Throw things at the shooter?

Well, for one world-leader, the answer is clear. He would have run into the school, even if he did not have a gun to protect himself. Using only his keen wit, and his fingers pointed in such a way that they "looked like" a gun from a distance, this person was willing, after the fact, to rush into the school to protect everyone in harm. "No way," I hear you all shouting out loud. Who would do such a thing? Risking his own life to protect others takes more than courage. It takes more than bravery. It takes a person who throws caution to the wind simply because "There are people who need me." Well, wonder no more. This man is Donald J. Trump.

According to an article from, our fearless American leader, Mr. Donald J. Trump, states " I really believe I'd run in there, even if I didn't have a weapon...." That is right everyone.Using only his good-looks, or his wonderful personality, or his gun-shaped fingers, Trump would have rushed into the school shouting "Bang, Bang, you're dead bad guy," and the shooter would have fallen over dead.

Sleep well, everyone. Donald J. Trump is on the job, and he is keeping us all safe!

Topic: Proof that no one, not even his staff members, respects Trump, or Americans.
Posted: Sunday, September 17, 2017 12:49:19 PM
Y111 wrote:
TheParser wrote:

The bottom line: He and I are nobodies. The way my enemies are trying to get me banned, you would think that I was a SOMEbody!

I think they take all these forum talks a bit too seriously. Or maybe you too? Your posts often seem humorous to me, but I may be mistaken. Anyway, I have enjoyed them. Angel

Finally, we agree on something. I think that Parser's comments are also very "humorous." He is like a circus clown. Since you are from Russia, which has a well-respected and long line of clowns, then I am sure you know more about them than I do. So, your opinion will obviously mean more to Parser than anything I could say. Please tell him that you, as a Russian clown expert, think he would make a fine addition to the Russian Circus.
I am sure that such comments coming from a current clown, which we all know you are, will thrill Parser!

Topic: Proof that no one, not even his staff members, respects Trump, or Americans.
Posted: Sunday, September 17, 2017 11:29:38 AM
Y111 wrote:
Chazlee wrote:
Yet, the problem is that you pretend that you are not doing exactly what you know you are doing.

Even if it's so, why is it a problem? Different people play different games. Why would he do it like you? Are you his role model? You do what you enjoy doing and he does what he enjoys doing. That's only logical, isn't it? Why would he do what you enjoy doing or vice versa? You have to give him a reason for that. That would be a constructive approach.

You need to learn how to read, or at least understand what you are reading. I am not playing a game at all, yet he is. That is the point I was making. He pretends to be upset when people he angers write negative things about him, but I don't. You're not too bright, are you? (BTW, that is a rhetorical question. Based on what you have written, I already know the answer).

Topic: Proof that no one, not even his staff members, respects Trump, or Americans.
Posted: Sunday, September 17, 2017 9:55:41 AM
TheParser wrote:
Chazlee wrote:
[1] I think I kind of like you. [2]If I really told you what I think of your political views, I would get banned from this site again, perhaps for life.

Hello, Chazlee:

[1] I think that I kind of like you, too.

You just seem to be a misguided person.

My enemies, on the other hand, believe that they are the only correct individuals in the world. Their attitude: How dare anyone disagree with us?

[2] Wow! We do have something in common.

Since I joined a few years ago, my enemies have been trying to get me banned. (Well, actually one of my enemies joined after I did.)

They obsess over me 24/7.

They parse (!) my every word, hoping to find something incriminating so that they can run crying to the administrators.

So far, the administrators do not feel that I have violated any forum rules.

On talk radio, some people say that they have changed from "liberal" to moderate.


They had some "unpleasant" experiences with some individuals during the recent flooding in Texas and Florida.

I have always said that one's political stance depends on one's experiences -- or lack thereof.

It is possible that one day you, too, may decide that moderation is the wisest choice.


Parser, We are two very different people. The ban which was given to me, was earned by me. I deserved it, and although I didn't and don't care about it, nor do I care that what I said upset people, at least I can see my own fault in causing it. However, you write things which piss people off, like I do, but then you blame others for being upset, although you know that what you are writing is making people angry.

I believe you are fully aware that what you write is upsetting to some people, but then you act like you are a victim when people react in the way you wanted them to react. This is why I said that you are someone who likes to stir things up. Yet, the problem is that you pretend that you are not doing exactly what you know you are doing.People are not "picking on you," and you know it. You want to get the reactions you are getting. I also want reactions from people like you, but I do not pretend I do not. It brings me pleasure to piss people like you off.

When I write something which I really feel about that idiot Trump, I fully expect and look forward to people, like you, trying to defend that bloated moron called a president. I get pleasure from attacking Trump, and the icing on the cake is knowing that I am also upsetting his supporters, like you.

You also have an inflated sense of yourself. I do not believe that people on this site "obsess over (you) 24/7." Instead, people are trying to have discussions, and you jump into the conversation and what you write causes people to get upset. You have every right to do that, but it is strange that when your overwhelmingly stupid comments cause people to respond negatively to you, then you whine about what is written to you. Again, you are hoping for such a reaction from others, and then when you get it, you whine and cry.

Parser, you and Trump seem to have a lot in common. He is a crybaby, who far too often makes idiotic statements. However, there is one big difference between you two. You are, like I am, a general nobody who few people pay attention to or care what we say. He, on the other hand, is a world leader, whose comments offend people, and who makes America look quite bad. And that is the reason that I will always take every opportunity to write things which attack him.


Topic: Proof that no one, not even his staff members, respects Trump, or Americans.
Posted: Saturday, September 16, 2017 3:21:16 PM
TheParser wrote:
Buzzito wrote:
Your hatred does not really qualify a dignified response.

To be fair (and I am 100% fair), Chazlee is actually a pussycat compared with the "Notorious Three" of two females and one male who have long considered this forum to be their private playground. You are welcome IF you kowtow to their "brilliant" ideas.

Their every post is dripping with deep, irrational hatred and hysteria about President Trump and the United States.

As they say, "You can judge a person by the enemies he makes."

To have the "Notorious Three" hate President Trump so insanely proves that he must be doing something right.

Parser, you are a trip. I think I kind of like you. You like to stir things up. I can appreciate that, since I also enjoy doing the same thing. The problem is that we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, and if I really told you what I think of your political views, I would get banned from this site again, perhaps for life.

You say things which you know will get a reaction from certain readers. You just called me a "pussycat." If this was on a different site, I would say I like p_______ and I like cats! (Sorry, if this offends your 80 year old ears. It's best not to put those easy to comment upon comments in front of me).

Now, I must get back to my place under the rock with Buzzito. (He invited me to join him under a rock in another post, and, well, it is lonely out here. I'm sure you understand).

Topic: Proof that no one, not even his staff members, respects Trump, or Americans.
Posted: Saturday, September 16, 2017 11:15:08 AM
Buzzito wrote:
You funny Chaz, Goooooo Trump! BTW, go crawl under a rock with your HATRED! Your hatred does not really qualify a dignified response.

Buzzito, I finally figure out why you support Trump so much. Both of you have some really strange looking stuff on the top of your heads.
Topic: Trump thinks the Internet needs to be shut down, and Scotland Yard is incompetent.
Posted: Saturday, September 16, 2017 7:54:43 AM
TheParser wrote:
Buzzito wrote:
You seemed to be FULL of HATRED for Donald Trump.

Spot on!

To be fair, however, (and I am always 100% fair) that individual does not hold a candle to three other individuals who(m) many of us refer to as the "Notorious Three" (Two females and one male).

The two females really know how to hate. The male considers himself to be an expert in smoking out haters.

If you read these forums for just a few weeks, you will easily identify them.

Oh, have you heard? Ms. Hillary has just said on TV that President Trump is "a clear and present danger" to the country!

To the best of my knowledge, no losing candidate has ever been so irresponsible in public. It is truly shocking -- and very sad that she simply cannot accept what happened on November 8, 2016. What a horrible lesson for our youth.

Parser, maybe if Trump quit talking about Ms. Hillary, as you call her, then she would stop talking about him.
As for any horrible lessons for the youth in America, nobody is a greater teacher in that department than the current president.
BTW, I am kind of hurt that you said my hatred can't "hold a candle" to others. I work very hard to be the very best hater of certain people that I can be.

Topic: With Trump in office, how long will it be before America loses all political allies?
Posted: Saturday, September 16, 2017 2:25:47 AM
After his recent decision to tell the world his thoughts about what happened recently in London, Trump has managed to, once again, upset another world leader.

According to a recent online article, "U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May criticized President Donald Trump for speculating about the bombing that took place on a London train this morning."

May said "I don't think it's helpful for anyone to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation...The police and the security services are doing the work necessary to discover the full circumstances of this cowardly attack that's taken place, and to identify all those who are responsible."

I hate to admit this, but with his constant idiotic comments on Twitter, perhaps Trump is right and the Internet should be shut down for awhile. If that is not possible, then perhaps someone in the White House can surreptitiously unplug his personal computer, and tell him "Sorry, Mr. President, the computer has a virus and crashed." Then put a golf club in his hand, fuel up Air Force One, and fly Trump to Mar-a-Lago, where he can have fun on the golf course, and the good folks in England can conduct their investigations without any interference from the "bloated American King Trump."

Topic: Place to release
Posted: Saturday, September 16, 2017 1:52:39 AM
almo 1 wrote:

Hey almo 1, Don't knock it 'till you try it, but you won't try it if you're smart.

Topic: Trump thinks the Internet needs to be shut down, and Scotland Yard is incompetent.
Posted: Saturday, September 16, 2017 12:59:35 AM
Buzzito wrote:

Chazlee's comments bleed hatred. Many comments here do and it is sad. When someone disagreed with President obama, people called them racists --- so twisted, impulsive, with such poor insight and judgement. Some claim people are afraid of losing their position in society because they are Caucasian males. That seems to me a further example of hatred. But you asked, why are people supporting Trump? Because he is our President and needs our support. You will not agree, but many of US think he is doing many good things to help our country. I don't like everything he does, but I have the maturity of character to admit that. So many people had this blind trust and love for obama that they could not resist name calling of those who did not like him (8 years of that Hope was insufferable and painful). Trump wants to build The Wall ---we sorely need. He wants to stimulate the economy by not spending like a drunken sailor as obama did, but by reducing corporate taxes and repairing our infrastructure that Union construction spoke of in their publications (I received) in the 80s. The Dems have become corporate America based as they have been for greater than 20 years by negotiating NAFTA and causing the loss of numerous jobs of hard working Americans-- thus allowing outsourcing. Trump wants to resolve our immigration problems. My brother in law is waiting to immigrate legally, unlike those who abuse our laws. Why should he have to wait longer? Maybe he won't have to, any longer than currently necessary due to Trump's position on this subject. The man wants to Make America Great Again and not divide us further as the demagogue obama did. I like that, and Trump for other reasons as well. Still, let's go Trump! And, I am proud to be a citizen of the USA and for what we stand for!

Hope123 wrote:
Prime Minister May rebuked Trump for his tweets.

No hating involved, Wilmar and Buzzito.Just pointing out that Trump does not know how to "Win Friends and Influence People" - and Countries - even though Dale Carnegie was supposedly his friend. He only heard the "Win" part, applied it to money, and wants to win at all costs to everybody but himself. It doesn't matter who he hurts - small business owners he refused to pay, women, anybody who disagrees or competes with him, other countries etc.

It would be interesting to know your reasons for still supporting him. You never say. Just "Go Trump". You never say where to and we have some suggestions. Whistle Whistle Whistle

Buzzito, Based on the comments you frequently make, I've been wondering if that thick white line under your nose is a mustache, or a line of cocaine you have not finished sniffing. You sound like a coked-out drug addict.

You claim that Obama spent money like a "like a drunken sailor," while seeming to be unaware that Trump's continual trips to his own private Shangri-La, Mar-a-Lago, has and continues to cost the American taxpayers a fortune so the president can play golf, while some of his family members jet off around the world, with government protection, to make business deals which do nothing but make Trump a bigger fat-cat than he already happens to be. Still, other Trump family members continued to live in splendor in Trump Tower well after Trump made it to the White House, which cost the taxpayers a ton of money since those family members needed round the clock protection in NYC.

Trump sends out Twitter messages which make it appear that he knows Scotland Yard has not been acting proactively to prevent terrorists from attacking London, because they must have been sleeping on the job and dropped the ball which allowed this most recent tragedy to occur. (Hey, Buzzito, everyone knows that London is a quaint little village in the English countryside, and not a bustling metropolis jam-packed with tourists, local folks, and immigrants like NYC is. So, that is why Trump believes that there was no good reason that Scotland Yard could not have prevented this most recent horrible event from happening).

I am sure that Scotland Yard keeps Mr. Twitter lover Trump up to date with everything they are doing so they can then sit and wonder when he will decide to let everyone in the world know what they are doing to prevent terrorism from happening in England.

In reality, there are two people on this planet that I am positive Scotland Yard will never let know fully what they are doing: One is Kim Jong-un, and the other is Mr. Donald J. Trump.

Ok, Buzzito, I am done, and you can now go finish that line of coke under your nose!


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