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Topic: The 6th grade bully
Posted: Monday, May 6, 2019 5:31:11 PM
BobShilling wrote:
progpen wrote:
Trying to say that all of the sudden it shouldn't be allowed is not at all realistic.

Nobody said that!

I am used to the tactics of one Trump-supporting member of this forum who criticises things that have never been said. I am disappointed that you appear to be using the same approach.

LOL, I'll try to live with your disappointment. But in the meantime, you might try being less judgemental of people who don't use the precise vocabulary you seem to require when discussing politics.
Topic: The "Russian Hoax"
Posted: Monday, May 6, 2019 1:51:14 PM

They repeated this cycle—make a joke, perform the joke in real life, watch the media report on the joke as a real menace—with the OK sign. A number of media sites recently claimed that the alt-right adopted it as a symbol of white power, and that ultra-conservative commentators like Mike Cernovich use it as a dog whistle. None of that is true. Cernovich was indeed using it, but only to rile up people convinced that he and others on the far right use it to convey white supremacy. All of this, in the eyes of the trolls, makes the mainstream media look like buffoons.

But as those false symbols add up, it gives people downstream of 4chan, like Infowars' Paul Joseph Watson—a prominent member of the alt-right's relatively mild-mannered sibling the "alt-lite"—a seemingly inexhaustible stockpile of ammunition.
Topic: The "Russian Hoax"
Posted: Monday, May 6, 2019 1:39:53 PM
Hope123 wrote:
Proggy, now Trump wants and extra two years added to his term because he was "robbed" by the Mueller report.

Wake up, FounDit. The demagogue wants more. Your freedom and justice are being eroded a little at a time.

An extremely informative article.

Topic: The 6th grade bully
Posted: Monday, May 6, 2019 1:32:42 PM
BobShilling and Philips daughter, I stand by my words and will continue to do so. I never would have replied in the first place if statements hadn't been made that fighting back is somehow counterproductive. The concept of using nicknames to bring dictators, royalty, and other dangerous people in power down to our level is as old as we are. Trying to say that all of the sudden it shouldn't be allowed is not at all realistic. It has been how us lowly peasants have minimized the terror that people in power have showered down on us and is a coping mechanism that works and has worked for as long as we have lived together in social groups.

There are piss pots with Napolean Bonaparte as well as many other leaders that still sell for a goodly amount at auction. Now, how are nicknames worse than piss pots?

Topic: The 6th grade bully
Posted: Monday, May 6, 2019 2:17:33 AM
Academics can communicate with other academics very efficiently, just like IT people communicate with other IT people well. However, for the most part, they do not communicate well with those outside their group when they talk shop. One of the things I like about forums like this is the ability to read some of those "insider" conversations. They can be informative and even enlightening. But they are not stimulating, evocative, eye-opening, or motivating. There is a time and a place for the academic discussion and then there is the time for the protest discussion and they are not the same.
Topic: The "Russian Hoax"
Posted: Monday, May 6, 2019 1:45:13 AM
Hope123 wrote:
How to Become a Dictator in General Terms

1 Expand your power base through nepotism and corruption. Put loyal people around you and make sure they think as you do. Fire them if they are not completely loyal and do as you say. Put someone loyal to you in a position to protect you from your wrongdoings.
2. Butter up the military. Butter up the gun lobby.
3. Make sure the economy is firing, develop large infrastructural projects that create a lot of jobs and it will strengthen your power base.  
4 Get rid of your political enemies; use whatever means you have to keep others loyal to you - gifts, blackmail etc.
5 Create and defeat a common enemy - the press, the "other", the FBI, the Intelligence, the DOJ, for example, or start a war
6 Repeat your mantra, whether true or not, over and over till others believe
7 Do all this gradually and distract from what the overall picture is

Anyone can compare with the leader of their country to see any similarities.

Thank you Hope. We have been talking about these similarities for a while now and they need to be repeated.
Topic: The "Russian Hoax"
Posted: Monday, May 6, 2019 1:31:36 AM
BobShilling wrote:
progpen wrote:
Pretty much anywhere else in the entire world, people get out and strike/protest/march/boycott with bullhorns, megaphones and pretty loud damn voices and it is almost taken in stride (as a way of getting people's attention).

Have you not read/heard of what happens to people who attempt to protest in some parts of the world?

The USA is far from perfect, and, under its present leadership, it is going downhill fast. However, to suggest that the situation is better "Pretty much anywhere else in the entire world" is demonstrably untrue.

If I were an American, I would be extremely worried about the contempt shown by Trump and the Republican party for the spirit of the Constitution. However, as I have suggested in other threads, fighting lies with lies, exaggerations with exaggerations, is not the way forward.

I'm not using lies, nor am I using exaggerations, so thank you for your agreement. We are also extremely worried about the contempt shown for the Constitution, however, we are using words you don't seem to like and that is ok (even good) because getting the word out to as many people as possible and in as many different ways as possible is the objective. You don't have to like the words I use, just as I don't have to like the words you use. But hey, the longer we go at each other instead of those who are harming the US and its citizens the better for them.

And I was talking about protests in Europe for the most part. If I needed to be more specific I'll remember next time. And it does actually make my point that we have to look at places like China, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc. to find countries that treat their protesters worse.

Another Edit: And I just realized that you misread my post. I was not even hinting that the overall situation was better "pretty much anywhere else in the entire world". I was talking about how a country treats protesters.
Topic: The "Russian Hoax"
Posted: Sunday, May 5, 2019 12:16:18 PM
The people who have been hurt by His Holy Terror aren't allowed to get pissed about it because that just "fortifies" his supporters. But then people aren't supposed to not get pissed about it because that just incentivizes his supporters. They are also not supposed to be kinda sorta maybe a bit tee'd off about it because they may as well be wearing a "kick me" sign for being wishy washy and unable to make any serious decisions without their Facebook support group.

One other observation: Pretty much anywhere else in the entire world, people get out and strike/protest/march/boycott with bullhorns, megaphones and pretty loud damn voices and it is almost taken in stride (as a way of getting people's attention). In the US if you do that you are put on watch lists, interrogated as terrorists and bullied into submission with a criminal record that is then used against you at almost every turn for the rest of your life. And now even getting pissed off on an international online forum is tut-tutted and tsk-tsked as they murmur, "oh, how positively VULGAR, can't they act like decent, well-bred, society?"
Topic: The 6th grade bully
Posted: Saturday, May 4, 2019 10:10:17 AM
I see a lot of this going on globally and I believe there is a common thread. Those who are not invested in the issues at hand find it easier to distance themselves and believe that the only response should be an academic treatise, with citations, that will cause eyes to glaze over and attention spans to plummet. Whereas those who are in it up to their elbows know that the "high road" doesn't really matter and hasn't mattered for many years because people have become numb to the monotonous droning of those preaching from the high road, who then refuse to get their hands dirty when action (marching, protesting, boycotting, yelling, cursing) is needed. All the hand-wringing and tsk-tsking when people show their emotions only serve to highlight the fact that those removed from the issues don't have any skin in the game.

There are times and places for everything. There are times for the monotonous droning of legalese laying out the criminal and treasonous activities of the current occupant of the White House. And there are times to just let people know what Captain Sphincter Blossom has done this time to further damage the US and its citizens and give comedians all over the world more material than they could ever have hoped for. If you are not worked up about what the nincompoop has done, that's fine and you can count yourself lucky to have avoided the fallout. But there are those of us with family and friends who are being affected by him and his cult and we choose not to take that ineffectual high road.
Topic: The 6th grade bully
Posted: Thursday, May 2, 2019 1:08:26 PM
BobShilling wrote:
jacobusmaximus wrote:
I fear you are taking yourselves down to his level. Better to remain above all that.

There is also the risk that using such words/expressions of the person who is, after all, the legally elected President of the United States of America, will harden support for him among those who cannot tolerate any disrespect of their country or its institutions.

What I see as the result of this is that one side is censored and the other is not. And the idea that someone who is legally elected president being beyond disrespect does not fly. Obama received more death threats than any other president in US history. To say that somehow now the president deserves respect when before it obviously was not the case is not realistic in my eyes.