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Topic: Trump and Syria: looking back
Posted: Saturday, October 19, 2019 3:14:20 AM
Bloodybeef, you missed the Iraq intervention in 2003 by the US, joined by the UK (and others if I'm not mistaken). Not so calm in the '00s either.
Topic: Advice for learning English Vocabulary
Posted: Tuesday, August 27, 2019 5:39:46 AM
An English teacher of mine once had given us this piece of advice on how to choose books to read: Do not read a book which has more than five words you don't know per page. Well, this was for choosing books to read on summer holidays when I was at pre-intermediate level. (And one could set a different limit for new words per page.)
Now I simply read the book twice - the first time without looking up the words I don't know, trying to guess their meaning from the context; and the second time using a dictionary. This strategy works best with non-fiction; it is not fun reading a crime novel, or any novel, a second time in the same week/month.
Interestingly, I am usually able to guess the meaning of words easily when I am reading a modern novel, but not so much when I am reading a biography or a book on WWII.
Hope this helps...
Topic: A funny quote about English spelling
Posted: Friday, March 22, 2019 12:10:54 PM
thank you Jyrkkä. for me, the fun part in learning a language is proverbs, idioms and phrases. maybe someday I give Finnish a try :)
and thank you too, lazarius. I do play the spelling-bee, though directly on the dictionary page - and it really helps.
Topic: A funny quote about English spelling
Posted: Friday, March 22, 2019 9:43:22 AM
it turns out it is not Finnish; the cue is from the Latin script above the jaunty one:
"International Chalu Union (ICU) is the largest Malayalam comedy platform, founded in 2007."
from their website

and back to English spelling, regardless having all those inconsistencies is fair or not, it certainly made things difficult for me and I guess for other foreign students alike - especially those whose native languages have completely different sets of influences than that of English.

this is frustrating at times and seldom funny, but what can you do, you sweat when in sauna!

adapted from the saying "hamama giren terler" in Turkish (hamam is Turkish bath) - I wonder if there is a similar saying in Finnish...
Topic: A funny quote about English spelling
Posted: Wednesday, March 20, 2019 9:10:09 AM
Romany wrote:

What amused me was the quote by Merriam-Webster - whom many people look to as being knowledgable about the English language.

"That quote, ascribed to Andrew Jackson, might have been the motto of early English spelling."

I actually did let go a great bark of laughter at that statement - its funny on about three different levels! (Though rather sad that Merriam-Webster let it go through!)

Dear Romany,

Can you please explain what exactly amused you? Being a non-native speaker, I fail to see what is incorrect in the quote - even after 40 years of learning and using English...

Thank you in advance.

P.S. Maybe I should have started a new topic in the grammar section, but I'm new in posting on the forum and have no idea how to use a quote from one topic to start a new one, and also not sure if that is even possible.

Topic: Do We See Reality as it Is?
Posted: Tuesday, August 7, 2018 11:27:58 AM
Just wanted to share an experience(?) of a friend of mine, related to senses and dreams, hope you all find it amusing :)

On a winter night, she was hearing a loud noise in her dream and she was thinking that this is the sound from the radiators in the room, evidence(?) of the central heating system pumping at maximum capacity. So in her dream she was happy about this sound because it meant the room was warm. Then her husband woke her up, asking how she was able to sleep with this loud noise coming from the concrete breakers outside!

(Of course, the real question here is why there was road repair work so late!)
Topic: Shiki Shiki Baba
Posted: Friday, May 4, 2018 1:56:42 AM
Yes, it is a funny, happy song, meant only to entertain Dancing - no cuss words in the Turkish version.
You are sure to have a good day listening to it! Angel Angel Angel
And I thank you for reminding me of it, I had not listened to it in a long time.
Wish you a nice day, jeans&sneakers! Angel

Topic: Shiki Shiki Baba
Posted: Thursday, May 3, 2018 12:13:28 PM
I believe it is half in Azeri and half in Uzbek. The Turkish spoken in Turkey, where I am from, is closest to Azeri. Unfortunately, I was able to understand only a few bits:

ölerem sensiz: I die without you
bana naz etme: don't be coy with me (coy here meaning "flirtatiously shy")

In the title, baba means father in Turkish but the "shiki shiki" part is meaningless, at least in Turkish.
Oyna means dance (imperative: Dance.) but "liki liki" is also probably meaningless.

I am familiar with a Turkish version back from the 1980s, link below:

In the Turkish version half the lyrics are meaningless and the rest is about love: the singer is talking to the girl he is in love with, says that he loves no one else and that he wants to be with her, etc.

I understand there are other versions but I have no idea which might be the original one or what the original song is about. Here is a link to yet another version:

By the way, this song was used in a really funny Turkish movie also from the 1980s and the poster shown in the Turkish video is from that movie. Here is a link to a scene where the actors are pretending to be in a shuttle bus (dolmuş in Turkish) and the "driver" sings the song, well, part of it...

I hope this helps.

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