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Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 5:39:31 PM
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 5:38:40 PM
Daemon wrote:

(noun) Accumulated facts, traditions, or beliefs about a particular subject.

Synonyms: traditional knowledge

Usage: He had taught the children something of the forest lore that he had himself learned from Tiger Lily and Tinker Bell, and knew that in their dire hour they were not likely to forget it.

Kanji of the Day

シユウ ジュ ならう ならい xí

Jōyō Kanji : 3rd Grade (JLPT שְׁלוֹשָׁה)


Strokes 11-6-5

Frequency 637



❶ learn, acquire, be taught, study

習得 shūtoku learning, acquirement しゅうとく

学習 gakushū study, learning がくしゅう

練習 renshū practice, training れんしゅう

講習 kōshū short training course こうしゅう

独習 dokushū self-study, self-teaching どくしゅう

実習 jisshū practice, training じっしゅう

演習 enshū exercise, practice; military maneuvers; seminar えんしゅう

自学自習 jigakujishū traditional knowledge...lore じがくじしゅう

Not talking Brick wall lore Speak to the hand

そういう事は自学自習の及ばない事だ。 Sō iu koto wa jigakujishū no oyobanai kotoda. Such matters are beyond the bounds of human lore. そういうことはじがくじしゅうのおよばないことだ。

補習 hoshū supplementary lessons ほしゅう

❷ custom, habit, practice, tradition

習慣 shūkan custom, habit しゅうかん

慣習 kanshū custom, usage, tradition かんしゅう

風習 fūshū manners and customs ふうしゅう

悪習 akushū bad habit あくしゅう

奇習 kishū strange custom きしゅう

❸ be familiar with, become attached to

近習 kinju attendant きんじゅ


【nara(u) 習う】 learn, be taught, study; practice

見習い minarai apprenticeship, apprentice みならい

習い事 naraigoto practice ならいごと

言い習わす iinarawasu to be handed down, to have a habit of saying いいならわす

言習わす iinarawasu to be handed down, to have a habit of saying いいならわす

【nara(i) 習い】 habit, custom, practice

習わし narawashi custom, practice ならわし



ケン とぐ yán

established practice

レイ たとえる lì


ヘキ くせ くせに pǐ




learn, be taught, study; practice


copy after, copy from, imitate, follow an example


narau ➳ 


Paul Eluard, Carte postale à Tristan Tzara [postcard to Tristan Tzara] Cologne, 1923
Bibliothèque Doucet, Fonds Tristan Tzara, Paris.
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 5:37:43 PM
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Friday, August 11, 2017 9:46:30 PM
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Friday, August 11, 2017 9:46:08 PM
Daemon wrote:

(adjective) Not of the nobility; common.

Synonyms: ungentle, untitled

Usage: The princess loved the stable boy, but he was of ignoble birth, and her father refused to let them marry.

Kanji of the Day

ダイ tí

Jōyō Kanji : 3rd Grade (JLPT שָׁלוֹשׁ)


Strokes 18-9-9

Frequency 96



❶ title, caption, heading, headline

題目 daimoku title, heading; theme; prayer of the Nichiren sect だいもく

題名 daimei title だいめい

表題 hyōdai title, heading, caption ひょうだい

改題 kaidai change of title かいだい

❷ topic, subject, theme

題材 daizai subject matter, theme だいざい

主題 shudai subject, theme しゅだい

話題 wadai topic [subject] of conversation わだい

題名無し daimeinashi untitled...ungentle...ignoble だいめいなし

Pray Boo hoo! ignoble Eh?

そんな事件は題名無しにある。 Sonna jiken wa daimeinashi ni aru. Such incidents are quite ignoble. そんなじけんはだいめいなしにある。

演題 endai subject of a speech, speech title えんだい

議題 gidai topic for discussion ぎだい

閑話休題 kanwakyūdai to return to the subject かんわきゅうだい

❸ⓐ problem, question

ⓑ counter for problems

問題 mondai problem, question, issue, matter もんだい

課題 kadai task, assignment; problem かだい

難題 nandai difficult problem [question] なんだい

拉致問題 rachimondai abduction issue (esp. of those Japanese abducted by North Korea) らちもんだい

出題する shutsudai suru set a problem しゅつだいする

宿題 shukudai homework しゅくだい

五題 godai five problems [questions] ごだい

④ [original meaning, now archaic] forehead


【dai 題】 title, caption; topic, subject, theme

題を付ける dai o tsukeru entitle だいをつける

作文の題 sakubun no dai subject of a composition さくぶんのだい

【daisuru 題する】 entitle



セイ ショウ xìng

name (inscribed by maker)

メイ míng


シ うじ -うじ shì zhī


閑話休題 kanwakyūdai

閑話休題 'to return to the subject' means “we have been engaging in idle (閑) talk (話) and have stopped (休) the main topic (題), so let’s get back to the subject”


dai ➳ 


Hannah Höch, Sans Titre (Untitled) 1920
photomontage, 30 x 23 cm, collection particulière
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Friday, August 11, 2017 9:45:52 PM
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Monday, August 07, 2017 6:26:13 PM
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Monday, August 07, 2017 6:25:57 PM
Daemon wrote:

(adjective) Lacking in cunning, guile, or worldliness.

Synonyms: artless

Usage: His ingenuous delight in it was a delight to her, and a new and mutual love-thrill was theirs—because of a flower.

Kanji of the Day

ザツ ゾウ zá

Jōyō Kanji : 5th Grade (JLPT שְׁתַּיִם)


Strokes 14-8-6

Frequency 820



❶ [also prefix] miscellaneous, various, sundry, motley

雑多 zatta miscellaneous, various ざった

雑誌 zasshi magazine, journal ざっし

雑用 zatsuyō miscellaneous business ざつよう

雑費 zappi miscellaneous expenses ざっぴ

雑貨 zakka sundries, general cargo; miscellaneous goods ざっか

雑文家 zatsubunka miscellaneous writer, miscellanist ざつぶんか

雑木 zōki miscellaneous trees ぞうき

雑歌 zōka miscellaneous poems ぞうか

雑所得 zatsushotoku miscellaneous [sundry] incomes ざつしょとく

❷ⓐ [original meaning] mixed, blended

ⓑ mixed up, disorderly, confused, intricate

雑種 zasshu mixed breed, hybrid ざっしゅ

雑居地 zakkyochi mixed residential quarter ざっきょち

雑然とした zatsuzen to shita promiscuous, disorderly ざつぜんとした

無雑作 muzōsa artless...ingenuous むぞうさ

Whistle Boo hoo! ingenuous Shhh

彼女は髪を無雑作に束ねている。 Kanojo wa kami o mu zōsa ni tabanete iru. She is doing her hair ingenuously. かのじょはかみをむぞうさにたばねている。

複雑な fukuzatsu na complicated, complex, involved, intricate ふくざつな

混雑した konzatsu shita confused, disorderly; congested こんざつした

乱雑な ranzatsu na disorderly, confused らんざつな

繁雑な hanzatsu na complicated, intricate, confused はんざつな

錯雑 sakuzatsu complication, intricacy さくざつ

❸ coarse, rough, low class, ordinary

雑草 zassō weed ざっそう

雑音 zatsuon noise, jarring and grating; jamming; interference ざつおん

雑巾 zōkin rag; mop ぞうきん

雑木林 zōbokurin grove of mixed trees, copse ぞうぼくりん

雑言 zōgon foul language, abuse ぞうごん

雑兵 zōhyō ordinary soldiers, rank and file ぞうひょう

雑人 zōnin low-call people ぞうにん

粗雑な sozatsu na coarse, rough, crude そざつな


【zatsu 雑】 miscellany

雑な zatsu na coarse, rough, crude ざつな

雑の部 zatsu no bu (=zō no bu) miscellany ざつのぶ


雑魚 zako small fish, small fry; lesser fry ざこ



ショ shù


コウ まじわる まじえる まじる まざる まぜる -かう かわす こもごも jiāo


サク シャク cuò


zatsu ➳ 


Exposition Dada Max Ernst, page 1
Paris: Au sans pareil (The unparalleled) 1921
Text by André Breton
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Monday, August 07, 2017 6:25:38 PM
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Thursday, August 03, 2017 8:56:30 PM

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