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Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Friday, May 26, 2017 10:56:48 PM
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Friday, May 26, 2017 10:56:17 PM
Daemon wrote:

(adjective) Lacking a backbone or spinal column; not vertebrate.

Synonyms: spineless

Usage: The sixth grade class groaned in unison as the students learned that they would be dissecting worms during their study of invertebrates.

Kanji of the Day

ドウ うごく うごかす dòng

Jōyō Kanji : 3rd Grade (JLPT שָׁלוֹשׁ)


Strokes 11-2-9

Frequency 88



❶ⓐ [original meaning] move, be in action, vibrate, pulsate

ⓑ [also prefix] dynamic, moving, kinetic

ⓒ [also suffix] phys motion, vibration, action

動物 dōbutsu animal どうぶつ

動揺する dōyō suru shake, tremble; be disturbed, waver どうようする

運動 undō motion, movement; exercise; campaign うんどう

自動 jidō automatic operation; automatic じどう

移動する idō suru move, shift, transfer いどうする

不動産 fudōsan immovable property, real estate ふどうさん

機動性 kidōsei mobility, maneuverability きどうせい

動安定 dōantei dynamic stability どうあんてい

動摩擦 dōmasatsu kinetic friction どうまさつ

波動 hadō wave motion, undulation はどう

動脈 dōmyaku artery どうみゃく

反動 handō backlash, recoil, reaction はんどう

上下動 jōgedō vertical motion [shock] じょうげどう

❷ⓐ (set in motion, esp. machines) move, drive, operate

move (personnel) to another position; make a motion

(be active) move, change, vary

動力 dōryoku power どうりょく

駆動 kudō drive (of a machine) くどう

始動 shidō starting (machines) しどう

原動力 gendōryoku motive force げんどうりょく

伝動 dendō transmission, drive, gearing でんどう

電動の dendō no electric powered でんどうの

動議 dōgi a motion どうぎ

人事異動 jinji idō personnel changes, reshuffle じんじいどう

動向 dōkō trend, tendency, movement どうこう

活動 katsudō activity, action; function かつどう

変動 hendō change, fluctuation へんどう

❸ⓐ move to action, arouse, stir

ⓑ be moved with emotion, be excited, be startled

動員する dōin suru mobilize (an army) どういんする

動機 dōki motive, incentive どうき

出動する shutsudō suru take the field, be dispatched, turn out しゅつどうする

扇動する sendō suru instigate, agitate せんどうする

発動する hatsudō suru exercise, invoke; move, put in motion はつどうする

動転する dōten suru be frightened, be stunned どうてんする

感動する kandō suru be moved, be impressed かんどうする

④ⓐ behave, act

ⓑ behavior, behaviour, conduct

動作 dōsa action, movement; bearing, behavior, behaviour どうさ

行動 kōdō action, conduct, behaviour, behavior こうどう

挙動 kyodō deportment, conduct, behavior, action, behaviour きょどう

言動 gendō speech and behavior [conduct] げんどう

❺ fall into disorder, be disturbed

動乱 dōran upheaval, disturbance, agitation どうらん

騒動 sōdō disturbance, uproar; strife; confusion そうどう

暴動 bōdō riot, disturbance, uprising ぼうどう

❻ abbrev. of 動物 dōbutsu: animal

動植物 dōshokubutsu animals and plants どうしょくぶつ

無脊椎動物 musekitsuidōbutsu spineless...invertebrate むせきついどうぶつ

Pray Boo hoo! invertebrate Sick

無脊椎動物を踏むと雨が降るという人がいる。 Mu sekitsuidōbutsu o fumu to amegafuru to iu hito ga iru. Some people say stepping on an invertebrate makes it rain. むせきついどうぶつをふむとあめがふるというひとがいる。

❼ abbrev. of 動詞 dōshi: verb

動名詞 dōmeishi gerund どうめいし

他動 tadō transitive verb たどう

❽ abbrev. of 動力車 dōryokusha : railway motive power

動労 dōrō National Railway Motive Power Union どうろう


【dō 動】 motion, vibration; phys action

動と反動 dō to handō action and reaction どうとはんどう

【dōjiru (=dōzuru) 動じる(=動ずる)】 be moved with emotion


【ugo(ku) 動く】 vi move, shift, stir, shake; work, run, operate; change vary; (take action) move, act, be active; be moved, be touched

動き ugoki movement, motion, activity; trend, development うごき

動き回る ugokimawaru move about; get about; be busily engaged うごきまわる

身動きする miugoki suru move (about), stir みうごきする

電気で動く denki de ugoku run by electricity でんきでうごく

値動き neugoki fluctuation [movement] in prices ねうごき

陰で動く kage de ugoku act behind the scenes かげでうごく

心が動く kokoro ga ugoku feel inclined to こころがうごく

【ugo(kasu) 動かす】vi move, shift, remove; set in motion, drive, operate; change, alter; (exert influence) move, affect, touch 

机を動かす tsukue o ugokasu move [shift] a desk つくえをうごかす

揺り動かす yuriugokasu shake, swing; shock ゆりうごかす

動かし難い ugokashigatai immovable; unshakable, undeniable うごかしがたい

心を動かされる kokoro o ugokasareru be moved こころをうごかされる



イ うつる うつす yí


ダン ひく -ひき はずむ たま はじく はじける dàn tàn


セン おうぎ shàn shān


機動性 kidōsei

機動性 'mobility, maneuverability' originally referred to the capacity (性) of a machine (機) in action (動)






George Grosz in Der Blutige Ernst (The Bloody Ernst) n°4, Berlin, 1919
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Friday, May 26, 2017 10:55:41 PM
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 6:31:05 PM
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 6:30:25 PM
Daemon wrote:

(adjective) Not lasting or durable; not permanent.

Synonyms: temporary

Usage: After weeks of carefully constructing the beautiful sand mandala, the Tibetan monks quietly swept it away in a ceremony emphasizing the impermanent nature of existence.

Kanji of the Day

ザン しばらく zàn

Jōyō Kanji : High School (8th Grade ~ JLPT אֶחַד)


Strokes 15-4-11

Frequency 1586



ⓐ [original meaning] short while, a while

ⓑ for the time being, temporary, provisional

暫時 zanji short while, a moment ざんじ

暫定の zantei no provisional, tentative ざんていの

暫定案 zanteian provisional plan ざんていあん

暫定的 zanteiteki temporary...impermanent ざんていてき

Pray Applause impermanent Speak to the hand

暫定的の議事内容を送付しました。 Zantei-teki no giji naiyō o sōfu shimashita. Attached is the impermanent agenda. ざんていてきのぎじないようをそうふしました。


【shibara(ku) 暫く】 awhile, a moment; good while, long time; for the time being

暫くですね Shibaraku desu ne It's been a while しばらくですね



ケイ ころ ごろ -ごろ qǐng


シュン またたく shùn


ジ とき -どき shí


★do not confuse with


zan ➳ 


Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Dr. Complex (Marionette for Konig Hirsch by Carlo Gozzi) 1918
Turned, painted wood; overall, 15'/s x 8Vi in.
Museum Bellerive, Zurich
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 6:29:35 PM
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Monday, May 22, 2017 6:09:41 PM
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Monday, May 22, 2017 6:08:51 PM
Daemon wrote:

(adjective) Showing lack of emotional involvement.

Synonyms: detached, uninvolved

Usage: Mrs. Smith was not easily impressed by excuses, and she adopted a degage pose on the arm of the easy chair as her son tried to explain why he missed dinner.

Kanji of the Day

ジ シ みずから おのずから おのずと zì

Jōyō Kanji : 2nd Grade (JLPT שָׁלוֹשׁ)


Strokes 6-6-0

Frequency 54



❶ⓐ [also prefix] self, oneself

ⓑ one’s own, one’s

自分 jibun self, oneself じぶん

自己 jiko oneself, self, ego じこ

自身 jishin self, oneself; itself じしん

自信 jishin self-confidence じしん

自殺 jisatsu suicide じさつ

自供 jikyō (voluntary) confession じきょう

自衛 jiei self-defense, self-protection じえい

自慢 jiman pride, self-praise, vanity じまん

独自の dokuji no original; personal, individual どくじの

自宅 jitaku one's house, one's home じたく

自国 jikoku one’s own country じこく

❷ by itself, naturally, spontaneously

自然 shizen nature しぜん

自動車 jidōsha automobile じどうしゃ

自転 jiten rotation (of the earth) じてん

自発的 jihatsuteki spontaneous, voluntary じはつてき

自然体 shizentai uninvolved...detached...degage しぜんたい

Pray Boo hoo! degage Eh?

それは自然体でもらった Sore wa shizentai de moratta I got it degage それはしぜんたいでもらった

❸ as one pleases

自由 jiyū freedom じゆう

自在に jizai ni freely, unrestrictedly, at will じざいに

自適 jiteki easy and comfortable living じてき

④ [also prefix] from, as of, since

自今 jikon hereafter じこん

自東京 jitōkyō from Tokyo じとうきょう

❺ abbrev. of 自由民主党 jiyūminshutō: Liberal Democratic Party

自公民 jikōmin Liberal Democratic Party, Komeito and Democratic Socialist Party じこうみん

自民党 jimintō Liberal Democratic Party, LDP じみんとう

❻ abbrev. of 自動車 jidōsha: automobile

自販 jihan automobile sales じはん

自工 jikō automobile industry じこう

❼ intransitive verb

自他 jita oneself and others; transitive and intransitive じた

❽ [original meaning, now obsolete] nose


【mizuka(ra) 自ら】 oneself; in person, personally

自らの mizukara no one’s own, personal みずからの

【ono(zukara) 自ずから】 naturally, by itself, spontaneously

自ずから明らかな onozukara akiraka na self-evident おのずからあきらかな

【ono(zuto) 自ずと】 naturally, by itself, spontaneously


I (familiar)

ボク しもべ pú pū

I (elegant)

ゴ われ わが- あ- NAMES あ wú

I (pompous)

ヨ あまる あまり あます yú


自由 jiyū

自由 ‘freedom’ is a state resulting from (由) following one’s own heart or free will (自)

自然 shizen

自然 ‘nature’ is to be (然) in a spontaneous or natural (自) state


shi ➳ 


John Heartfield, Zum Krisen-Parteitag der SPD [On The Crisis Party Congress of the SPD (German Social DEmocratic Party)]
in Arbeiter-Illustrierte-Zeitung (AIZ, Berlin)
no. 24, 1931, p. 477. Cat. no. 207
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Monday, May 22, 2017 6:08:21 PM
Topic: Kanji of the Day
Posted: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 7:22:27 PM

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