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Topic: Birthday of Kim Il-Sung
Posted: Sunday, April 15, 2018 5:16:26 PM
The birthday of kim il sung ought to be a day in which the civilized world frees the North Korean people from the heinous kim family.
Topic: DACA youth Stay or Go?
Posted: Monday, April 2, 2018 8:57:53 AM
IF they stay, only them. Maybe their parents. No one else. No grandparents, brother or sister who await to migrate here. THAT IS IT! My brother-in-law has waited to do it the legal way for years, and HE is the one at the end of the line. No one likes to be displaced while waiting in line. Build the wall, extend the legal process of immigration to cover more applicants from other areas of the world also. Not just the Americas ---that is UNFAIR. People talk about fairness, it is completely irrelevant if you are not allowing people from other areas of the world. Also, why is that that refugees are not afforded the opportunity to relocate somewhere close to their country of origin. Seems to me, the world turns a blind eye and then, they criticize US here in the USA.

People accuse one another of racism, and insensitivity etc. Yet, how many other countries welcome immigrants on the scale the USA does? People in other countries act the same way many of us here do. There is a limit to how many we can take. Our environment suffers, the poor suffer as limited resources are doled out to persons, on an even larger scale than the coffers are prepared to do. No one talks about the environmental impact, not one I have heard. What about the fundamental causes of the migration in the first place? Is it a manner of expelling people from the countries they are coming from and their government pats than on the behind as they walk out the door? Poverty, crime, terrorism etc? How is the rest of the world responding to these problems?
Topic: Immigration flip flop.
Posted: Monday, January 29, 2018 10:53:24 AM
Sad, but apparently the Democratic leadership has chosen to change positions on the illegal immigration issue. Years ago, President Obama, Diane Feinstein, and Chuck Schumer have all changed their positions on illegal immigration. President Clinton spoke like a real Democrat, sticking up for the American worker (not that he did by signing NAFTA and GATT). So did the others here aforementioned. Alas, it must not be politically expedient or going to get votes, if they speak as they have previously on camera. Sad, at a time when the unity of Americans could return to what people all over the world do, express pride in their country, these politicians have left we workers in the dust; again.
Topic: Natalia Poklonskaya invited President Trump to Crimea
Posted: Monday, January 29, 2018 10:47:01 AM
Helenej wrote:
Y111 wrote:
That must be a clever plan of Putin. A honey trap, they call it.

Those dreams. Why should Trump want to have a business lunch with her?

Besides, making such an invitation, she puts herself at risk of having her pretty face scratched by sharp Melanie’s nails.

Really? How harsh, insensitive, and unnecessary. She is our First Lady.
Topic: Fear mongering
Posted: Saturday, December 23, 2017 12:14:06 PM

I could not finish your post beyond "(many) problems with Trump .... How negative a mindset. Besides watching/reading the news, what insights are you bringing to the table? Like everyone else, you don't receive the intelligence that our President is affordable, nor the counsel. On the world stage, we see what we are allowed to see. There is a problem with far-right and far-left groups here in the USA. And we are still a MAJOR player in world politics. Your view is limited as is mine, to what we can surmise from reports and the limited experiences we may have, with terrorism.

Trump, at ,east, stood up and called "radical terrorism" exactly what it is. Our previous Commander in Chief could not even do that. "Boogie" men are created by men, for various reasons. It is a function of human nature and of those in power to obfuscate and further their agenda. Don't sit there and state it is something that Trump is doing as if no other person in power does this. There are MANY here int he US who are neither insane nor fringe.

Long live Trump! Onward and upward, because he is putting words into action and looking out for US, the land of the free and the proud.

Romany wrote:

One of the (many) problems with Trump trying to play in the sandbox with the other kids, is that he has no concept of how the world works, let alone how other countries do.

While its dead easy to sow the panic, fear and hysteria that now grips America the man hasn't the nous to understand that what works in America works because of America's unique society. What works in France, Iran, Russia or, indeed the UK, works because of THEIR unique societies and history.

Trying to whip up the same sentiment towards Islam that he's spread through his own country, is never going to be easy in countries which have not only recovered and rebuilt after total devastation in world wars and invasions, but have lived with "terrorism" for centuries in many different forms.

While most world leaders have tacitly agreed to consider the USA a non-player on the world stage; while China is poised to dominate, Germany can gain more ascendancy, and other countries negotiate to fill in the gaps left behind by the lack of American participation...DT's megalomaniacal attempts to spread his evil influence to other developed countries stand out transparently.

As many sources on this side have reported: Trump has united Britain in a way recent politics and Brexit etc. had no chance of doing. Ironic: Trump likes to invent boogie-men and chimera to frighten people into submission and acceptance. What has happened is that he has made himself into the boogie-man now; and instead of just having to negotiate with one or two politicians, he has the entire country (Except for some equally insane fringe party of lunatics) united in ridicule and determination, against him.

He's revealed the full, abysmal and unplumbed depths of his ignorance and self-involvement. Not a single person capable of rational thought will ever give him the benefit of the doubt again. He's done.
Topic: Many thanks vs Thanks.
Posted: Thursday, December 14, 2017 7:38:43 AM
Koh Elaine wrote:
Many thanks.

What is the difference in meaning between the two terms?


I believe Many thanks to be an older expression. It may be used to express more thanks, as in, Thank you very much.
Topic: Is "take some tea" correct?
Posted: Monday, November 20, 2017 9:35:38 AM
Koh Elaine wrote:
Would you take some tea?

Is "take some tea" correct?


In the States we use, Have some tea. Would you like a cup of tea? Hope this helps.
Topic: I am NOT a bastard
Posted: Wednesday, November 15, 2017 10:28:45 AM
Have you contacted the TFD administration?

TheParser wrote:
1. There is a member who calls himself "Tunaafi."

2. I do not read any posts by this "Tunaafi."

3. This "Tunaafi" has stalked me since he joined these forums.


4. Last night, some friends telephoned me to report that this "Tunaafi" calls me a "bastard" in one of his latest posts.

a. My beloved parents were legally married.


5. My friends tell me that this "Tunaafi" also calls me a "bigot," a "liar," and a "coward."
6. My friends tell me that this "Tunaafi" also begs the administrators to read his post.
7. My friends tell me that this "Tunaafi" also lambasts the administrators for letting me express my opinions.


8. I urge every member, guest, and administrator to read his post.

9. His post is in the thread entitled "Virginia/New Jersey" in the "Politics" forum.

Have a nice day!

Topic: Flashcards
Posted: Wednesday, November 1, 2017 2:12:59 PM
Thank you for your response. I am not at 100 at this point, but will try moving cards to additional sets to see if this works. Any chance the 100 card limit might be increased? Love TFD and want to share these with my sons as they expand their vocabulary.
Topic: Flashcards
Posted: Wednesday, November 1, 2017 7:38:50 AM
This is the message on the page of the card I want to create:

The default set is full. Remove cards or move them to another set to free some space.

I am not sue where the edit button is and I have created additional sets but I am still lost, can you please advise? Thank you!

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