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Topic: "Dad, do not worry. I will be fine for telling the truth".
Posted: Saturday, November 30, 2019 10:13:27 AM
Oscar D. Grouch wrote:
Ursus Minor wrote:
I can't understand why not investigate the Bidens and Burisma Corporation paying enormous salary to Hunter Biden?

While the money paid to Hunter Biden may seem like a lot, how does it compare to what other members of Burisma's board of directors were being paid? Moreover, how does it compare to other large companies, e.g., BP, Chevron, etc?

Truly, you are comparing the millions Hunter Biden was given for access to other crooks? Maybe, the amount he received was less, and due to his ignorance of the pay to play tactics. Could be? either way, it is NO EXCUSE for abusing the system. People talk about Trump as a bully and when some of us post here, we bully one another with replies. WE ALL NEED TO LOOK AT OURSELVES FIRST BEFORE THROWING THE FIRST STONE! Sadly, we cast upon those in power, the ills of our societies as if it is THEIR FAULT NOT OURS. I have felt bullied here, I also have felt bullied where I work, which is a liberally staffed department. Can't we all remember a time when we have been "ONE UPPED" or bullied?

When Obama was running, the bullying started here. If you did not like him, you were somehow racist. If anyone liberally oriented who posts here, cannot understand what is like, I feel sorry for you. It would only indicate a certain degree of insensitivity to my feelings. And sadly,. the feelings of millions. We can debate here, but can we agree that there is a great deal of bullying towards other with who we disagree? I have felt it, and many I know, feel the same way.

God bless all those here who want to make the world a better place!
Topic: Immigration
Posted: Saturday, April 13, 2019 11:33:49 PM
progpen wrote:
And the hits just keep on coming. Captain Sphincter Blossom is inciting violence against one of two Muslim women in Congress.

Just last week, a Trump supporter in upstate New York was charged with threatening to kill Omar. This after the Captain started using 9/11 in personal attacks against a sitting Congresswoman.

Yah, let's use single episode insane persons as REAL evidence of the population at large. That makes sense .... oh my ....
Topic: Immigration
Posted: Saturday, April 13, 2019 11:33:48 PM
progpen wrote:
And the hits just keep on coming. Captain Sphincter Blossom is inciting violence against one of two Muslim women in Congress.

Just last week, a Trump supporter in upstate New York was charged with threatening to kill Omar. This after the Captain started using 9/11 in personal attacks against a sitting Congresswoman.

Yah, let's use single episode insane persons as REAL evidence of the population at large. That makes sense .... oh my ....
Topic: Immigration
Posted: Saturday, April 13, 2019 11:29:52 PM
Hope123 wrote:
progpen wrote:
Hope, it's happening much more often because White Supremacists know the current occupant will back them up.

Intimidation, threats of violence, and violence have become standard operating procedure for the Republican Party now because they know they can get away with it.

I know, Proggy. And the foul wind has blown north with the many White Supremacist groups here in Canada increasing exponentially. Edited to add that a southern US couple have even brought their movie and hateful rhetoric about abortion for Canada's parliamentary officials to view. Canada has been quite fine re this issue so they can go back south and leave us alone.

The Liberals did just get Facebook to remove at least 4 of those groups. Now they need to work on Twitter.

Chrystia Freeland, an influential Liberal MP, believes that foreign influence on our election by using social media - she did not name countries - is about about polarizing people to weaken democracy by getting them to think that all politicians and systems are bad.

WOW! Progpen!!!! You have Trump Derangement Syndrome! Yeah, he's given "the nod" so it's all-out war! Unreal ... you MUST watch
Clinton News Network too! Great ....
Topic: Immigration
Posted: Saturday, April 13, 2019 11:25:57 PM
progpen wrote:
The White House tried to pressure US Immigration officials to release detainees into 'sanctuary cities' to target Trump's personal enemies.

Let's all sit back and let that sink in for a moment.

You get it! They WANT to talk the talk, but not Walk the walk. Simple, you see? Progpen, there are just some people you cannot reason with. You see it differently, much differently than I do. That is only a matter of opinion. Trump is doing what our politicians have failed to do. People here in the USA have looked the other way regarding illegal immigrants for FAR TOO LONG. At least he is trying to do something.
Topic: Immigration
Posted: Saturday, April 13, 2019 11:18:43 PM
Progpen wrote:

You lost me there. As soon as anyone online tries to say they are a decent judge of character just before delivering puerile insults they prove that not only are they fibbing about their background, but are also not a very good judge of character.[/quote]

Not only am factually correct with my professional qualifications, I am a pretty good judge of character. It's that simple.
Topic: Immigration
Posted: Wednesday, April 10, 2019 11:44:12 AM
Hi Hope!

And thanks for "taking the bait" as you say. Let me say, I do not know much about the immigration policies of Canada, but one thing I do observe is, that though the percentages are different, so are the true numbers of total immigrants between Canada and the US, e.g. you have a LARGE percentage of immigrants compared to total population, but we, have an overwhelmingly large number of illegal immigrants in the USA, and dare I say, possibly more? I'll take Canada's issues with illegal immigration, and let me be clear, illegal immigration is what I am concerned about. MY brother-in-law would like to immigrate to the USA (from Peru), and has yet, only continues to wait for the government with it's ruthless efficiency, to process his request. We can guess how that will go, and it will underscore how different legal and illegal immigration is. In one day, if you are in Mexico, you can cross into the USA, in certain places unimpeded. Now, all you do is claim to be a victim/refugee and you get to wait here until your case comes up. Many just disappear into the community at large and never show up for a court date (and that is the majority of those caught). This I have an issue with. This, I believe is the type of thing Trump talks about when is discussing illegal immigration. "Whites" vs "browns" is his figure of speech. Take anyone literally, off the cuff, etc, and I'll bet you'll hear a thing or two, and in his case more, that you dislike. But it is a figure of speech because you know what, if you are truly a "fair", kind person, who cares about people, you want the chance for EVERYONE to be EQUAL. Alas, no libs (nor Cons as you called them) I meet express a rat's for the inability of Asians, Africans, and many others who would like to immigrate here and cannot due to the numbers of illegal immigrants.

I don't trust politicians, any of them, including Trump. I only like what he is doing. He is only doing what our previous, ineffective politicians did not have the strength of character to do anything about. The fact that the overwhelming majority of our illegals are Latino has nothing to do with the issue, nor does it for anyone I know. What I do know is, that though you are an above average, sweet woman who is not racist, but neither are the people I know personally. And yet, they have serious concerns about the illegal immigration, and many put their personal feelings about Trump to the side because he is getting things done. Please excuse my jumping topics.

One other thing, you may not have hatred for Trump, but many, many do and with my 20+ years in the Mental Health field and BA in psych, believe me you, I can see through quite a few people easily and I have become a decent judge of character. Many do, I resubmit, have pure unadulterated hatred for Trump. Those persons need to grow up and take a look at that hatred. Many spent 8+ years here in the US projecting their issues particularly of intolerance for views other then theirs, unto those of a different political persuasion. Time to suck it up. Thanks for reading, you are a sweet heart.
Topic: Immigration
Posted: Tuesday, April 9, 2019 12:49:33 PM
Last year I became too busy to keep up with all the fine people of our northern neighbors in Canada. I did however, look up some data, discussion of immigration. Here is part of an article in The Atlantic:

<<As for illegal and irregular immigration, Canadian governments from both ends of the political spectrum have worked—quietly—to ensure there is as little of it as possible. The unspoken underpinning of Canada’s otherwise welcoming immigration policy is a giant and assiduously maintained border wall.

Wait, what? Yes, Canada has a border wall—in a sense. In fact, it has five of them. Four are geographic, the fifth is bureaucratic. All have been extremely effective in sustaining the legitimacy and popularity of Canada’s immigration policy.>>

Canada has not been so inactive as the US news media would have me believe, but the issue of immigration and the differences are apparently stark between our great countries. One distinction I believe, is the greater difference of illegal immigration that the USA deals with. It is a difference which incurs more crime, drugs, etc etc. It appears to me, that Canada like the US, prefer legal immigration. However, the rate of illegal immigration to the US appears to be greater than to Canada.

As an aside, I see that some have begun to share their insights that when Trump got elected (not comically tRump as one who is apparently has issues, uses on this site), their hatred had more to do with them than did the man Trump himself. Watch, there will be more revelations of this type, by those, who took a look into themselves, not those who immaturely inject a needless hatred into political dialogue.

An unexamined life is not worth living--Socrates(?) The first place to start is with ourselves. Take a look at that hatred. It has more to do with yourself than it does with our President Trump.

Topic: Improving TFD
Posted: Tuesday, December 25, 2018 3:44:44 PM
Like anything else, I am sure that improvements can be made to TFD to make it more enjoyable, as well as more lucrative. One suggestions I have is, why not increase the number of games you can play, before the score is reduced. For example, after 5 Grammar Quizzes where we score 10 neurons, extend the number to 10 games/quizzes. Furthermore, for those interested in investing the $$, make the number advance to 20 games/quizzes or unlimited. Doing this with various, or even all the games, will keep players on the website longer. I tried the membership, thinking it would allow for this type of benefit, and sadly, I was mistaken. I asked for my money back. Increasing the membership benefits will make TFD more attractive I believe. This is one scoring method that could be adjusted.

I am unable to play Bookman, it is frustrating to see that others can earn enormous amounts of neurons playing this, and I cannot even earn a 1, because I do not use Apple. I am not solely here to earn neurons as I enjoy the games and learning. However, this inability to play the games, is disheartening to say the least.

Regarding the membership benefits, one may be interested in adding more information about themselves, allowing for this might increase the benefits for members. I am sure there are other ways but why not consider these TFD? I would think they have been suggested by someone previously, but it is worth another look.

I anticipate your response. Thank you TFD!!! Merry Christmas to all and blessings today and throughout the year!

Scott aka Buzzito

Topic: Book-Man: The new game from The Free Dictionary
Posted: Tuesday, December 25, 2018 3:27:51 PM
I presume we who do not use Apple products, will be unable to play this game. Is there any work being done to bring this to a wider audience?

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