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Topic: the shadow of something
Posted: Monday, August 07, 2017 4:35:49 AM
This is a song translated from Swedish into English. I know Swedish version is more accurate, but I don't speak Swedish.
In this song, does 'the shadow of a hope' imply positive or negative? I'm confused because I have the lyrics translated into my language.
At first I thought it was the positive meaning, because, for me, it sounds that "A hope is coming, so I see or feel the shadow behind the hope. The shadow always follows a thing. It shows a hope is coming". But I always feel like it was unnatural for the last line in bold of this song, so now I think it is saying "There is the darkness around a hope, so the hope can't come". It is pretty sad.

+ And Could you check my English if you have time? Thank you!

Darling, summer's coming slowly
I wish you only saw
little Sweden changing shape
houses and streets they are all empty
vacation, and this land is in a state of emergency

A motorway cuts right through the city,
over squares and over concrete
in a sudden storm of hail
forgetting that nights are very short now
my sleep it keeps deceiving me
with my aching heart

(and the summer, it deceives me

with the sadness of my heart)

But darling tonight you did return here
and all was then forgiven
in a rare and happy dream
and right then in the moment when I wake up,
the shadow of a hope is still hanging in my rooms

Darling, I know you are awake now
the signal reaching your world,
but it’s met with no reply
in this heat the air is still and deadly
what if you could see now
how the process looses speed

Darling tonight you did return here
and all was then forgiven
in a recycled dream
and right then in the moment when I wake up,
the shadow of a hope is still hanging in my room

Darling, I found my way from darkness
there's hope a change might come along
but it it will take its time
a new start, and I am thinking new thoughts
but all those things you fell for,
are still a part of me
everything has changed now,
but I still feel the same

Darling tonight you did return here
I got all explanations
in a recycled dream
and right then in the moment when I wake up I see
the shadow of hope leaving from my room
the shadow of hope is leaving from my room

=Finally he gets out of the negative situation if the shadow means negative?

Topic: look you in the eye and look into your eyes
Posted: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 8:19:27 AM
When you were here before,
Couldn't look you in the eye,

This is a part of Creep by Radiohead.
I'm always curious about how English speaking people feel and take this kind of expression, because it seems to sound the same when I translate. It even isn't 'look at you in the eye'. What's the difference from 'look into your eyes'?
Topic: Are they the spoken English?
Posted: Wednesday, June 07, 2017 8:38:00 AM
I know I put on pretty lots of example sentences, but I need to know if they really sounds like the natural spoken English. They are in a book for spoken English which is made in a non-english speaking country. Of course languages are subject and depends on what people try to mean. I know they can be approriate for writing English and perfect for grammar and vocabulary, but please give some more better sentences if you don't think they are appropriate for SPOKEN ENGLISH. Thank you.

1. John's car gained speed as it went down the hill.

2. John caught sight of Jane out there by accident.

3. Tom gave the walnuts a big hit with a bat.

4. Jane tried to put a stop to the conversation.

5. Jane is giving the key a strong twist to open the door of her car.

6. Jane suddenly brought a stop to the conversation.

7. Will I have 24-hour access to the Internet?

8. Daivd has two part-time jobs, which bring in about 50,000 won a day.

9. Tom talked his dad into accepting his suggestion.

10. The traffic was flowing in a steady stream as usual.

11. Jane was keeping a careful watch on the final race.

12. On his arrival home John went to sleep

13. It's a pleasure to lie in the full moon.

14. Tom just had a narrow lead over the rest in the final race.

15. Tom had developed a high tolerance of hard training.

Topic: Questions About The Song's Meaning.
Posted: Monday, May 08, 2017 2:24:12 AM
To talk with the imaginary you,
Sunshine, we sit side by side
You hesitate and move away
Our eyes meeting frequently
Are not free

1. It starts with 'To'. Does it mean 'To talk with the imaginary you' is a noun like "To talk with the imaginary you is sunshine, we sit side by side"? Or is it used without any meaning for just song's lyrics? What do you think?

2. In 'Our eyes meething friquently are not free', is "eyes are not free" another metaphor or an idiom, or this expression has its own different meaning for the song? I think 'free' in here is just the meaning of 'free' as we know. No special meaning.

Thank you!

Topic: The expression
Posted: Tuesday, July 12, 2016 10:34:03 AM
You can't sleep at night. You can't get the night. You float in darkness every night. But it would be just a spot of black far from the sky.

Are they all corrected? If there's anything wrong for grammar and vocabulary, could you correct them?
("You can't get the night" - I'd like it to sound poetic. It means the previous line = "You can't sleep at night".)
Topic: Lyrics from a song
Posted: Monday, July 11, 2016 9:08:16 AM
Thank you, pjharvey! And can I ask a question about your answer?
Is it saying 'There would be hope only when I try' if "In this admission" means 'I admit that I should try' as you say?
Topic: Lyrics from a song
Posted: Monday, July 11, 2016 3:33:30 AM
This song is called "Help" by Hurts and I don't understand some expressions in bold.

Take my hand and lead the way
Out of the darkness and into the light of the day
And take me somewhere Ill be safe
Carry my lifeless body away from the pain

Cos I know what I've been missing
And I know that I should try
But there's hope in this admission
And there's freedom in your eyes
And we cry away

I'm sick and tired of being afraid
If I cry any more then my tears will wash me away
But when I hear you call my name
I whisper the world that I never thought I'd ever say

And I hope to God you'll listen
And you will keep me safe from harm
Cos I found what I was missing
When I fell into your arms
And we cry away

I can feel the darkness coming
And I'm afraid of myself
Call my name and I will come running
Cos I just need some help

Could you explain them? Thank you.

Topic: My writing from a song
Posted: Thursday, May 19, 2016 8:20:47 AM
I got the idea from a song called 'Brick Shithouse' by Placebo. Can you correct wrong grammar and vocabulary? Thank you!

I'm a man killed. I don't remember anything about my death. All I know is I'm killed by a man whose face I don't remember in a brick shithouse [Or A man killed me whose face I don't remember.] Now my body's up and wandering around in the air. God blessed me. God gave me a chance to see something I didn't know before. I float in the air to know what I don't know.

I first go to my house. Nothing changed in the house. I move my body to the kitchen. Silence. I don't feel silence, now I see the silence. I leave the kitchen to move other room looking around slowly. Mum, your son is here with the soundless body. Try to feel me, not to see me. Now this is how[Or the way] you see me. You still left my broken old LP player in place. As if i'm alive.

I come out of the house. I see a train coming toward me. Why the train doesn't stop. Here I am in front of [Or before] it. I recall one of my friends who killed himself without his two legs after a train accident. My friend, I'm standing right in front of a train with two legs and it passes through me. What's the difference. Now I'm still alive with the dead body, but you killed your breathing body. I leave with my body behind the rail.

Lord, I still can walk, think, remember and cry like now. What's it if it isn't tears running my cheeks? I think to myself staring at the broken corss on the top of the church for ahead.

I keep walking, floating as if I never stop. My body see the breeze, smell the fog and hear the sound of drifting clouds. Nobody is in the field. My body made all of them go? Now I feel the smell of something familiar. I move my body to the place where it tell. Everything feels strange to me until now, but this is the only thing I feel familiar.

I come across a house and come into it. I see a man reading in bed and look around the house. I still feel something. My eyes barely try to look around to find something. Please, the eyes. I can't move my eyes but to hope they will. Please do something. Like you drop the tears. My body wants (to see) something hidden. Don't feel with the body any more, see with the eyes now. And I see my girl walking into the room. She gets into bed and kiss him. I turn around, leave the room and come out.

Now I'm standing in the backyard staring at the brick shithouse and find my eyes deelpy dented down with blood covering and running my face. [~find blood covering my face and running from my eyes that deeply dented down.]
Topic: My long writing
Posted: Wednesday, May 18, 2016 9:14:49 AM
Thank you for the reply, Hope123 and Drag0nspeaker.
And yes, I need you to read proof for my writing! Could you correct my wrong grammar and vocabulary, please?
Topic: My long writing
Posted: Tuesday, May 17, 2016 12:13:48 PM
Could you check my writing if you have time? I know this is a quite long writing. If my post is not propriate here, please let me know so I can delete it.
I got the idea from a song called 'Jackie' by Placebo.

It was a cold and dark night. Jackie was preparing to go sailing, putting on his boots as usual. There was a heavy rain. I remember he said he would be home right after sailing. And he went. I waited for him to come back, but he didn't. It was about 4 a.m. The next day, a light of the sun was on my face when I opened my eyes. I got up and looked around. It was afternoon. I opened each door in the house to check if he had come back from sailing. He wasn't anywhere. I waited days and nights. I listened attentively to every sounds. Footsteps outside the door, the barking of dogs, the creaking of a postman's bicycle and even the boiling of a kettle in my kitchen. All sounds became the sounds of him. Three days later, an young man came and said, "your Jackie's gone. He's lost in the rain". I ran to the beach. Tears were trickling down my cheeks, but I didn't care. I could see only a few of people on the beach, but not Jackie. He had to be there as I believed. I prayed he would be somewhere on the sand, see me, come up to me and say "I'm sorry, the sea was so beautiful that I didn't right come back home", even if it was a silly joke. I stared at the sea where he wasn't at. He left me all alone telling me he would be home. I saw his face in the crowd and heard his voice from anywhere since that day. People used to give me a weird and crazy look whenever I waited him on the shores. I said, "you're all wrong. He knows the sea like the back of his hand. He'll be back sometime, laughing at you", as they stared to the sand. I ran to the sea the next day, the next day, and the next day. I never laid down. Now, I've been dead for twenty years. It feels like yesterday. I've been crying as much as my ghostly tears wash the sand away. I've been waiting all this time for my man to come, take his hand in mine and lead me away to unseen shores where only we know. I cry as much as my salty tears wash the sand searching the shores these long years. I will be walking the sea forevermore till I find my Jackie. Because he has been sailing for a hundred years. / Because he has sailed for a hundred years.

Thank you for reading my writing!

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