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Topic: chill / chill out / chillax / unwind / wind down
Posted: Sunday, July 21, 2019 5:34:00 PM
Hello, everyone!

Could you explain me, please, the difference (if any) between these words:

to chill / chill out / chillax / unwind / wind down?

Thank you in advance!
Topic: Shiver, tremble, shudder, quake, quiver, shake
Posted: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 6:45:51 AM
Thank you so much, FounDit and Drag0nspeaker!!! You are the best!
Topic: Shiver, tremble, shudder, quake, quiver, shake
Posted: Monday, July 15, 2019 2:18:21 PM
Hello! I have a few questions about the following words:

TO SHAKE is the most general word.

TO QUIVER is a light degree of shaking
Almost unnoticeable
Due to nerves or excitement
Often used for describing “lips”

TO SHIVER is a bit stronger than quiver
Due to cold, fear

TO TREMBLE is stronger than shiver
Due to fear, nerves, excitement, anger, weakness

TO SHUDDER is stronger than tremble due to fear, horror, disgust

TO QUAKE is stronger than shudder
Due to shock, fear, anger??? (Not sure about these 3)

Do I get the difference and usage of these verbs correctly?
Is the order of them correct? (According to the degree of shaking)

And where would you put SHAKE itself?



Topic: either of / neither of
Posted: Wednesday, April 3, 2019 4:16:55 PM
Thank you very much!
Topic: either of / neither of
Posted: Wednesday, April 3, 2019 7:40:42 AM
I'm a bit confused by the rule of "either of/neither of" because I've read different explanations in different sources and sometimes they contradicted each other...

I know that "Neither of" can take both plural and singular verbs:
Neither of the restaurants we went to was (or were) expensive.

But what about either? In some sources it was stated that it can take only singular, while in some other books I've seen it was used with plural verbs.

So, the question is: Can we say -
Either of the restaurants we went to was (or were) expensive.

Maybe this particular sentence sounds clumsy but it doesn't matter really in this case).

Thank you in advance!
Topic: over the hill
Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 3:24:17 PM
Thank you very much, Drag0nspeaker and thar!!!
I really appreciate your help!)
Topic: over the hill
Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 2:01:47 PM
Hello everyone!

Recently I've seen a video where one blogger said: "I was lacking inspiration. But I’m proud to say that I’m over that hill".
I really liked this phrase and decided to look it up. What I found was something like this:

"used for describing someone who is old and no longer useful or attractive"

and this "no longer young and therefore unable to do things that you could do in the past".

The question is: Can we use this phrase the way it was used in the video?
Meaning she's over this state of lacking inspiration? Because the blogger is YOUNG and I don't really get it Think

Thank you in advance!
Topic: super creative task
Posted: Sunday, February 17, 2019 1:10:53 PM
FounDit, thank you very-very much!

Sure it's Martian, how silly of me! d'oh!
Topic: super creative task
Posted: Saturday, February 16, 2019 4:54:08 PM
Hello everyone!

My brother writes poems and he asked me to translate one of them into English Anxious

Being a loving sister I agreed. It's 1 a.m. and I did my best. I'd like you to read it and tell me if it sounds clumsy or not.
I hope you'll enjoy his style cause I am not really into it Whistle

I used brackets and slashes to give a few options.

Once in a blue dune…
On the floor of the Lyot Crater on Mars lies a field of dunes. One particular dune, seen in this January view, appears turquoise blue in enhanced color & is made of a different composition than the surrounding dune field. Take a look.

Hello, Q! I haven’t written to you before. But this is O.
However, we seem to have long been acquainted in absentia. (We seem to have long been acquainted in absentia, though).

Despite being far away from each other… there should be someone we aren’t far from?
(We are far away from each other but there is someone we aren’t far from?)

Alright, where was I? Today I’ve found a picture on the Web, from Twitter.
Here is what NASA writes. (I don’t overuse social networks, I have other fish to fry / I have other things to do, but may I sometimes enter the corporate blog for god’s sake?)
Turquoise dune… On Mars! Damn it, turquoise dune! I felt unwell downloading the file of my flash-memory. NASA writes: “Special/peculiar rock composition» - what the hell is with it?
(When I downloaded/was downloading the file of my flash-memory, I felt unwell)

I deadly fell in love with this colour, with this picture/shot.
I’ll come/I’m coming, Q, I’ll break away from these clutches (this vise/vice). I am on Mars 5121, sol.
You know as well as I do: Mars is sand. Rusty sand, brown, red, copper.
I’m on my last legs. (I’m falling apart). (I’m also extremely dusty).
The front right wheel is stuck, the manipulator doesn’t bend – the joint has dried up/is dried up/withered.
But if I don’t go, I’ll be such a fool!

I’ll come/I’m coming! I feel this is my happy chance! (I feel… here it is: my happy chance).
What if I was named after it?
Q, have you seen the cartoon with the robot Wall-e? So, listen, it/he is there is me now.

Let’s go together. You’ll have to make/take a lengthy detour but you’re younger, you’re stronger, babe.
I won’t be offended by your refusal. But still? Eh? (Your refusal won’t disappoint me).

I’ve left a mark on google.maps for you.
Turquoise dune… I wonder what it is, olivine?
We were created for science, not for love, Q.
Our job is to drill rock and take pictures, send reports to the authorities, study omnipresent/ubiquitous dusty suspension…
But you know, what science is – it is love.
You and I are the fruits of this great love.
For love we were thrown into these sands and ice, for love they work on us and can’t sleep.
Without love there is no sense/point in looking for traces of water in a desert.
It is impossible to call the unloved - Curiosity.

Look, how they write: it’s not just “blue”, it’s turquoise blue.
I reread it, I’m losing my ability to speak / I’m at a loss of words.
Or is it just interference?
Ok, let's call it a day. See you! Remember: Northern Plain, Lyot Crater. Love you.

Mars rovers speak about themselves in the feminine gender.… It wasn’t planned but apparently something deep «ship’s» has awoken in their nature. Something only a ship will understand. In their native English they use “she” for ships. In the Marsian night 2 female souls are asleep, Curiosity is whistling a lullaby: “Sleep (tight), Opportunity, we’ll find our turquoise blue”.


- I don’t overuse social networks - maybe you have a better word for "overuse". In Russian we say "sit in Instagram, the Internet and so on" and it means "to spend too much time there".
- enter the corporate blog - is it a proper verb?
- the joint has dried up/is dried up/withered - which option is better?
- send reports to the authorities - I mean like "to a boss". does it work here?
- with the robot Wall-e - do I need to use "the" here?
- a lengthy detour - or is it better - big, long?
- Ok, let's call it a day. - is it fine for "I'm finishing now"?
- In the Marsian night - is the preposition correct?

Thank you in advance!
Topic: which one of you do/does, have/has
Posted: Monday, February 4, 2019 6:20:54 AM
Thar, Drag0nspeaker, thank you very much!! You’re my heroes! ❤️
I have no words how to describe how grateful I am for your help!!
Thank you so much for these great full explanations!

It’s perfectly clear for me now.

P.S. There’s a misprint in the title 🤪. It should be “which of you”.

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