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Translation Help // About Concept of Love Options
Posted: Tuesday, May 26, 2015 12:25:28 PM
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Could someone help me translate the response to this? ^-^ Thank you!

Q: 所以那你的愛情觀是什麼?

A: 自尊心比較强。
但是那是一種你會跟人家告白嗎. 你是哪人馬。
Cliona Chee
Posted: Saturday, June 13, 2015 1:53:44 AM

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This is the translation I made

Q: So what is the concept of love to you?

A: Stronger self-esteem.
If there's a boy in front hear this now, he may be frightened.
But it is a confession you do with others. What is your troops.
( This sentence has errors itself 但是那是一種你會跟人家告白嗎. 你是哪人馬。)
The meaning may be: But are you the kind of people that will confess to someone? Are you a person like that?
I'll say: They would be afraid because I can camouflage myself. ( I don't really understand 'bout this )
So I'll take the result ( win or lose ) of the game serious.
I hope that I'll be the winner in the game of love.
Therefore, sometimes I try not to hurt myself,
Make sure that myself is not the loser in the game,
So I have strong self-esteem.
I'm not that kind of person that's afraid to lose my pride.
But I hope that I wouldn't be weak.
I feel that feeling sympathy for myself is a very poor thing.

Hope it helps!
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