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Posted: Friday, March 13, 2015 6:08:07 AM
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For all those who read a lot in a foreign language (English) and have very little opportunity to exercise recalling the right words, it's frustrating to see how many words one understands and how meager is the subset of it that one uses when speaking or writing.

I'm looking for a good game that offers dictionary definitions of words and prompts for the right entry word, giving the initial letter (or more of them, for rare words, if demanded.)
Here is the game that is near to what I'm looking for. But, it has a few deficiencies:

1) it offers a set of a few hundreds of arbitrary choosen words for every level; after some time, one sees that they are recurring in each game; I'd like it to use an entire dictionary;
2) playing it, you feel a constant pressure, because, you're given initially one minute of time, and if you pause and think, time runs out and you have to start a new game; it's not such a fault for a game like this - with a limited amount of words – (I succeeded in playing at the „hotshot“ level for more than an hour, guessed 800 words and earned additional 6 minutes); but, if you could not depend on remembering the same word definition you saw in previous games you played, it would be a fault;

Can anybody suggest a game or activity that would instigate (goad, spur ) recalling right words that are slumbering in our minds after many years of reading?
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